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 Dateline: Week Of October 22, 2002 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

DC area sniper arrested – As police arrest 41-year-old John Allen Muhammad and a 17-year-old youth – Lee Body Malvo. Muhammad was once an Army sharpshooter. 

More than 100,000 demonstrators march around the White House to protest President Bush’s stance on Iraq. 

At least 100 captives held by Chechen militants perish after a police rescue operation in Moscow.  

British police arrest Abu Qatada – a Muslim cleric with ties to terrorists across Europe. 

A Palestinian suicide bomber kills three on the West Bank. Earlier this week – 14 were killed in an Israeli bus attack sparked by an SUV packed with high explosives. 

jeb bush debate florida news timeline october 22 2002 mrpopculture Holding a slim lead, Florida Gov. Jeb Bush comes out swinging in a debate with his rival – Bill McBride. McBride Bush said, “Can’t be al things to all people.” 

Sen. Paul Wellstone (D-Minn.) is killed in a plane crash in Minnesota – his home state. He is among 8 dead including his wife and daughter.  

The New York Times is purchasing the Washington Post and taking control of the International Herald Tribune, which is based out of Paris. 

President Bush campaigns across the South, working to keep the GOP’s edge in the area. 

PLO President Yasser Arafat named a new Cabinet – but they closely resemble his old one. 

vladmir putin tough terrorist measures news oct 22 2002 timeline mrpopculture Russian President Vladimir V. Putin promises tough anti-terrorist measures as Muscovites morn the deaths of more than 100 hostages from a gas used by security forces during a controversial weekend rescue operation. 

Hurricane Kenna slams into Mexico – north of Puerto Vallarta. 40,000 fled the area.  

Kathryn Gannon – ex-porn star is sentenced to three months in prison for insider stock trading. Her con-conspirator – was James McDermott Jr. Gannon says the jail sentence will only help her – as a movie will be made out of all of this. 

Actor Robert Blake agrees to do a TV interview from jail – against his lawyer’s advice! Blake is charged with murder, two counts  of soliciting murder and conspiracy in the May 4, 2001 fatal shooting of his wife – Bony Lee Bakley. 



Technology News – October 22, 2002

Amazon.com revenue is up 33% last quarter – but it still lost $33 million. 

Listen.com reaches deals with Vivendi and Warner Music Group – two major record companies that will let subs make copies of some of the songs on the site’s online jukeboxes. 

ComScore Networks Inc – a market research firm – says that Internet retailing is growing – totaling $17.9 billion in the third quarter – a 2.3% increase from the previous three-month period. 


 Top toys expected for this 2002 holiday season:

Barbie as Rapunzel

Disney Toddler Princesses

Bratz Fun ‘n’ Glow

Dora the Explorer Dolls

Harry Potter: Basilisk play set

Rescue Heroes

LeapPad Learning System

Spider-Man: Dual Action Web Blaster

Star Wars Light Lightsabers


Sports News – October 22, 2002

Seventh game - The Anaheim Angels win the World Series, beating the San Francisco Giants 4-1.  


Entertainment News – October 22, 2002

Passing – Actor Richard Harris. He was 72. 


Radio News – October 22, 2002

Giant Clear Channel has a third quarter profit of $213 million or 34 cents a share.


Music News – October 22, 2002

shakira wins 5 mtv latin video music awards october 2002 timeline trivia mrpopcultureInaugural MTV Video Music Awards Latin America – Shikira wins five awards. 

The Statler Brothers say they will stop traveling. After 38 years, they’re calling it quits, but will still record. 

Shot Dead - Jam Master Jay, part of Run DMC, is shot and killed. He was shot once in the head. His real name – Jason Mizell – and he was married with three children.  

Passing – Record producer and engineer Tom Dowd. He was 77.


Television News – October 22, 2002

NY - Five thousand camp out on Wall St – all to audition for the second season of “American Idol.” 

NBC cancels “Providence.” 

E! 13 more episodes ann nicole show oct 2002 timeline trivia mrpopculture E! Entertainment orders 13 more episodes of “The Anna Nicole Show.” 

Tennis’ Serena Williams plays a kindergarten teacher in this week’s episode of “My Wife and Kids.” 

The Discovery Channel has a new policy – it will now block shows it buys from appearing on rival National Geographic Channel. 

TV Land presents a Bob Newhart marathon! 

CBS debuts four new anchors on “The Early Show.” They are Harry Smith, Hannah Storm, Julie Chen and Rene Syler. 

New era as the NBA will show more games on cable than regular TV. Most of it is on TNT and ESPN and some games will be on ABC. 


Top Movies – October 22, 2002

Jackass: The Movie

The Ring

Sweet Home Alabama

Red Dragon

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Brown Sugar

The Transporter

Ghost Ship


The Tuxedo

Jonah – A Veggie Tales Movie

Tuck Everlasting.

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