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Dateline: Week Of October 1, In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment Culture, Music & Fascinating Facts 



In The News -

Iraq agrees to allow inspections of areas except presidential sites – to assess whether it is developing weapons of mass destruction.  

A Senate report says the SEC should have caught accounting abuses before the collapse of Enron. 

Sniper (s) at work - Five people are shot to death – in random killings in the Washington D.C. area. 

Philip Morris is ordered to pay $28 billion in punitive damages to a 64-year-old woman with lung cancer. It’s the largest punitive award to an individual in history – but PM is expected to appeal it. 

President Bush gets the backing of bipartisan congressional leaders on a resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq. 

Dock workers are still on strike on the West Coast and there could be federal intervention. 


Technology News – October 1, 2002

AOL issuing amber alerts trivia timeline october 2002 mrpopcultureAOL says it will begin issuing “Amber Alerts” – notices of missing children – now seen in 15 states.


Entertainment News – October 1, 2002

 Penn & Teller sign a multimillion-dollar contract to appear six nights a week at the Rio in Las Vegas – through 2004. 

 Passing – TV director Bruce Paltrow (58) and father of actress Gwyneth Paltrow. He died of pneumonia while traveling in Rome. He’s been married to actress Blyth Danner for 30 years.


Music News – October 1, 2002

In court - Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novselic accuse Courtney Love of trying to control the band’s music catalog. Also this week – Ms. Love settles a suit against Vivendi Universal – and is released from her contract. 

snoop dogg edited muppets movie trivia october 2002 mrpopcultureSnoop Dogg is edited out of an upcoming Muppets TV movie – “A Very Merry Muppet Christmas.” Apparently – someone from the Project Islamic Hope pressured producers to make the cut because of Dogg’s involvement with several porno video projects and his pro-drug persona. 

Passing – Songwriter Mickey Newbury (62) 


Television  News – October 1, 2002 

 Seen on MTV – Madonna and her husband – Guy Ritchie in a 30-minute special promoting their new movie – “Swept Away” starring her and directed by him. 

Fred Armisen and Will Forte replace longtime cast members Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer when “Saturday Night Live” debuts its 28th year this week.  

 Passing – Actress Whitney Blake – best known as the mom in “Hazel.” She was 76.  

Friday night television listings – week of October 1, 2002

CBS – 48 Hours Investigates, Hack, Robbery Homicide Division, David Letterman

NBC – Providence, Dateline NBC, Law & Order: Special Victims, Jay Leno

ABC – America’s Funniest Home Videos, That Was Then, 20/20, Nightline

Fox – Firefly, John Doe

WB – What I Like About You, Sabrina, Reba, Greetings from Tucson

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week, Now with Bill Moyers

HBO – Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

On Jay Leno – LeeAnn Rimes and Brad Garrett.


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – October 22, 2002

Friends – 34.01 million viewers

CSI – 20.47

ER – 26.72

everybody loves raymond tv ratings nielson oct 1 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureEverybody Loves Raymond at 9:30p – 24.04

Everybody Loves Raymond – 23.27

CSI: Miami – 23.10

Scrubs – 22.31

Survivor: Thailand – 21.72

Wil & Grace – 21.45

Frasier – 21.12

Monday Night Football – 19.13

The West Wing – 18.16

Good Morning Miami – 17.45

Without a Trace – 16.21

JAG – 16.13

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 15.79

Hidden Hills – 15.70

Yes, Dear – 15.03

King of Queens – 14.95

 Law & Order: SVU – 14.88

My Wife & Kids – 14.82

American Dreams – 13.91

The Practice – 13.89

The Guardian – 13.81

Boomtown – 13.45

60 Minutes – 13.25

NYPD Blue – 13.17


Top Movies – October 1, 2002

The Tuxedo

Sweet Home Alabama

By Big Fat Greek Wedding


One Hour Photo

The Banger Sisters

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever



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