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Dateline: Week Of July 22, 2002 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

President Bush signs accounting reform legislation into law. It emphasizes greater punishments for wrongdoers. 

At Quecreek Pennsylvania – all nine coal miners are found alive after hours of uncertainty. 

pope john paul speaks church sex scandals july 2002 timeline mrpopcultureIn Toronto – Pope John Paul II speaks about his church’s sex scandals – telling his audience that “the harm done… to the young and vulnerable fills us all with a deep sense of sadness and shame.” 

Secretary of State Colin Powell begins a six-nation tour of Southeast Asia. 

Gaza City - Tens of thousands of Palestinians march to a mass funeral for 15 people killed in a midnight Israeli airstrike. 

Adelphia cable founder John Rigas and his two sons are arrested and accused of looting that company and treating it as their own bank – in yet another Wall St. scandal.  

House and Senate negotiators reach agreement on a bill that will make it harder to file for bankruptcy. Meanwhile – the House approves legislation to create a Department of Homeland Security. 

A string of wife killings has occurred at Ft. Bragg in North Carolina – as 4 army wives have been slain in two weeks – all separate incidences. So far, two husbands of committed suicide. 

A fighter jet performing at a Ukraine air show kills 78 – all on the ground. The jet was a SU-27 and its crew ejected to safety. 

A Fed ex Boeing 727 cargo jet crashed and burned short of a runway at the Tallahassee airport – and all three crew members escaped. The plane was carrying the paperwork of several candidates – rushing to meet a noon filing deadline to run for office in Florida. Gov. Jeb Bush then set a new, later deadline.

The Dow loses 234.68 points – 2.9% in volatile trading – closing below 8,000 for the first time since October 1998.


Sports News – July 22, 2002 

Ernie Els wins the British Open 

CART driver Michael Andretti becomes a majority owner in Team Green – thus becoming a racing car owner.


Technology News – July 22, 2002 

worldcom files for bankruptcy july 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureWorldCom Inc – the second largest long distance phone company, files for bankruptcy protection, brought on in part, by its accounting scandal. 


Radio News – July 22, 2002

Randy Michaels – controversial chief of Clear Channel is leaving the company for the Internet.


Music News – July 22, 2002

“Heaven I Need a Hug” - R. Kelly’s response to his June 5 on child pornography charges is released to radio stations.


Television News – July 22, 2002

rob lowe leaving west wing july 2002 timeline trivia mrpopcultureNBC says Rob Lowe is leaving “The West Wing” next Spring. 

A group of private investors has completed the $136-million purchase of Dick Clark Productions.  





Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – July 22, 2002

CSI – 14.18

Everybody Loves Raymond – 13.28

becker nielson tv ratings july 2002 tv trivia timeline mrpopcultureBecker – 11.41

Dog eat Dog – 11.30

Law & Order – 11.08

Meet My Folks on Monday – 10.98

American Idol on Tuesday – 10.88

48 Hours on Monday – 10.77

Big Brother on Wednesday – 10.21

Law & Order: Criminal Intent – 10.17

Dateline NBC on Sunday – 9.95

Fear factor – 9.73

Primetime Thursday – 9.52

Crime & Punishment – 9.51

Law & Order: SVU – 9.45

American Idol on Wednesday – 9.13 


Top Pop Hits – July 22, 2002 - 

You are Alive - Fragma 

britney spears music billboard charts july 22 2002 trivia timeline mrpopcultureI'm Not a Girl, Not Yet A Woman - Britney Spears                     

Soak up the Sun - Sheryl Crow                                       

Point of view  - DB  Boulevard

 Hold you - ATB                               

Bohemian like you The Dandy Warhols

A New Day has come - Celine Dion                  

Blurry - Puddle Of Mudd               

Somethin' Stupid - Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman

Put Your Arms Around Me - Natural

Overprotected - Britney Spears               

Something - Lasgo                        

The Middle - Jimmy Eat World              

I've Got You - Marc Anthony                 

All You Wanted - Michelle Branch              

Heaven - DJ Sammy & Yanou             


Top Movies – July 22, 2002

Road to Perdition

Stuart Little 2

Men in black II

K-19: The Widowmaker

Reign of Fire

Mr. Deeds

Eight Legged Freaks

Halloween: resurrection

Life & Stitch

Crocodile Hunter: Collision Course

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