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Dateline: Week Of October 1, 2001 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Taliban’s ambassador to Pakistan says that Osama bin Laden is “under government control in Afghanistan and is being moved around for his own safety.” It’s the first acknowledgement that the government has maintained a direct link with the Saudi militant Afghanistan’s main opposition force (anti-Taliban) and 86-year-old exiled king agree to join in forming a broad-based government open to co-operation with the West.

The Bush administration presents evidence to its key allies that it said links Osama bin Laden to the Sept. 11 attacks. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld is dispatched to the Middle East to consult with allies in the anti-terrorism campaign.

British and U.S. officials say that at least three of the 19 hijackers were associates of Bin Laden’s network, including one man who may have played a part in the deadly bombings of the warship Cole and two U.S. embassies in Africa.

Drawing a line between Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers and its people, President Bush promised $320 million worth of food and medicine to a population ravaged by famine and under threat of U.S military attack.

A New York City comptroller’s report says the New York City’s economy will need more than $100 billion over the next two years to recover from the World Trade Center attacks.

U.S. forces are gathering in Afghanistan for what could be a strike against the Taliban soon.

 Bin Laden - The United States and its allies have frozen more than $100 million in assets around the world since the Sept. 11 attacks. President Bush and his allies have stressed that cutting off the money flow is a key element in their fight against global terrorism.

The number of teens who have started smoking has fallen by one-third in two years. Experts cite a cultural shift and a hike in the price of cigarettes. 

 Mayor Rudolph Giuliani opens a global forum at the United Nations, stressing that the recent attacks against the U.S. violated the United Nations’ founding principals of protecting world peace that that the member states have a moral obligation to act.


Business/Economy News – October 1, 2001

The auto industry reports that car sales declined 8.7% in September. 

The fed cuts the nation’s benchmark rate to 2.5%. 

September was the first month since December 1975, where no Initial Public offerings hit the market. 

Mademoiselle - the 66-year-old fashion and beauty magazine will cease publican because of a slum in advertising aggravated by terrorist attacks in the U.S. The magazine has a circulation of 1.2 million. 

Movie ticket sales rebound this week after several weeks of weak results due to the terrorist attacks.


Technology News  - October 1, 2001

 AOL, the nation’s largest Internet service provider plans to begin using anonymous Web bugs and cookies for the first time to enable the company to better target advertisement clients to its members.

NetZero and Juno have merged to become United On Line.


Music news – October 1, 2001

Janet Jackson cancels her fall concert tour of Europe citing safety concerns.


Television news – October 1, 2001

The 53 rd annual primetime Emmy awards this Sunday. Ellen DeGeneres hosts.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer moves to a new  network this week - - UPN.

TNN launches “America Loves Star Trek,” and explores its enduring popularity.

60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney delivers an apology for a quip about

President Bush several weeks ago. Rooney quoted the president as saying that

America’s enemies in Afghanistan think their harbors are safe but they won’t be safe forever.” Noted Rooney - “Afghanistan is landlocked. It doesn’t have a harbor.” Due to protests, Rooney came around to thinking that “harbor” was a metaphor.

“Saturday Night Live” begins its 27th season with Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. He was  flanked by New York’s police and fire departments. Actress Reese Witherspoon was the show’s guest host. The show stuck to broad comic material and eschewed political humor


Top TV Shows/Ratings – October 1, 2001

Friends - 31.70

ER - 28.70

Everybody Loves Raymond - 22.80

Inside Schwartz - 22.51

CSI - 22.27

Law & Order - 20.68

Will & Grace - 20.64

Frasier - 19.55

Just Shoot Me - 18.60

 JA - 17.81

The Practice - 17.77

Monday Night Football - 17.05

60 Minutes - 16.91

King of Queens - 15.86

Law & Order: SVU - 15.79

Crossing Jordan - 15.74

Judging Amy - 15.60

The Guardian - 15.52

Yes, Dear - 15.18

Alias - 15.04

Education of Max Bickford - 14.64

The West Wing - 14.85

Dateline NBC (Fri.) - 13.85

Ellen Show – 1384


Top Movies – October 1, 2001

Don’t Say a Word - 17.1 million


Hearts in Atlantis


The Others

Rush Hour 2

The Glass House

The Musketeer

Rat Race

Two Can Play That Game

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