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Dateline: Week Of April 1, 2001 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

In Belgrade - Former Yugoslav President Stobodan Milosevic surrenders to authorities and is imprisoned. It ends a 40-hour standoff between his bodyguards and police. 

A U.S. Navy spy plane and a Chinese fighter collide over the South China Sea. The American aircraft had to make an emergency landing on China’s Hainan Island while the Chinese jet crashed. All 24 crewmembers aboard the EP-3 U.S. reconnaissance plane were unhurt, but no contact with them has been established. 

The Senate approves a broad change in campaign finance rules. It includes the first ban on unlimited donations to political parties – so called ‘soft-money” donations.

The Chinese government grants U.S. officials a first and second meeting with the 24 crewmembers of an American spy plane stranded in southern China.

The House passed a bill that would repeal the estate tax – but two years longer than President Bush had sought.

In Amsterdam – Four gay couples exchange rings and vows at City Hall becoming what rights groups called the world’s first homosexuals to wed legally. The ceremony capped a 15-year campaign to award gay couples equal rights under civil law.


Business/Economy News – April 1, 2001

Energy troubles in California – as PG&G – one of the state’s two major utility companies, files for bankruptcy as its debts surpass $9 billion and as negotiations with governor Gray Davis go nowhere.  Like others in the state – PG&E has been squeezed tighter in the past year as wholesale cost of electricity has risen tenfold and more.

The unemployment rate etched up to 4.3%.


Technology News – April 1, 2001

Yahoo, Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment announce the outlines to sell music online. 

Creative Technology Inc drops the price of its Nomad Jukebox mp-3 player to $269 – the lowest price for a portable mp-3 player so far. About 3.3 million mp-3 players were sold last year and the market is expected to grow to nearly 26 million in 2005. 


Entertainment /Movie/Celebrity News – April 1, 2001

Nicole Kidman tells the Sydney Morning Herald that the weeks since her split with Tom Cruise have been the toughest of her life and that her miscarriage earlier this year had been “very evasive” as far as the media and her treatment.

Regis Philbin is named as grand marshal for the next Rose Bowl parade.


Top DVD rentals – April 1, 2001

Remember the Titans

Meet the Parents

Almost Famous


The Contender.


Top Pop Hit Music – April 1, 2001

Get Over Yourself – Eden’s Crush

All For You – Janet Jackson

Stranger In My House – Tamia

Missing You – Case

 Request Line – Black Eyed Peas

What Would You Da – City High

Bizounce – Olivia

Look at Us – Sarina Paris

It’s Over Now – 112

Bow Wow – Lil’ Bow Wow


Music news – April 1, 2001

MTV apologizes after two 14-year-old girls were sprayed with excrement by performers on the taping of “Dude this Sucks.”

Marion “Suge” Knight, behind bars since October 1996 for a California state probation violation stemming from his involvement in an assault at a Los Vegas hotel – has a few more months to serve. His “Death Row Records” is still going strong.

No wonder why they are ticked-off – AOL Time Warner, Bertelsmann, EMI and Sony have received an estimated $80 million in settlements from mp3.com but none has shared the money with their recording artists.

HBO Special – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band concert. 


Radio news – April 1, 2001

Premiere Radio begins syndicating Jay Leno’s joke highlights from the previous night’s “Tonight” show – in “Last Night on the Tonight Show w/Jay Leno.”


Television news – April 1, 2001

An Italian American legal group sues the producers of HBO’s “The Sopranos,” claiming that it “suggests that criminality is the blood or n the genes of Italian Americans.”

CBS News anchor Dan Rather apologizes for taking part in a recent Texas Democratic Party fund-raising event – which was in violation of CBS News’ ethical standards.

NBC’s “3rd Rock From the Sun” will end its six-year run with one-hour finale on May 22.

Sunday night television listings/TV Guide – April 1, 2001

CBS - 60 Minutes, Touched by an Angel, Movie

NBC – Dateline NBC, Movie

ABC – Disney movie, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, The Practice

UPN – Maximum Exposure, Star Trek Voyager

Fox -  The Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, X-Files

WB – Jamie Foxx, The Oblongs, Steve Harvey, Nikki

PBS – Nature, Masterpiece Theatre

HBO – The Sopranos

VH-1 – Behind the Music


The Oblongs (debut) – A family living near a toxic dump site, develops physical and emotional abnormalities. (cartoon)

X-Files  - Mulder’s death investigation is re-opened after a man’s reappearance.


Top Movies – April 1, 2001

Spy Kids

Someone Like You



The Brothers

Enemy at the Gates

Exit Wounds

Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon


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