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Dateline: Week Of December 1, 2001 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

In Afghanistan – Mullah Mohammed Omar – a Taliban leader agrees to yield his regime’s last stronghold, Kandahar.  

Two Palestinian suicide bombers strike in Jerusalem – killing 12. 

Sir Peter Blake – yachtsman and an America’s Cup Winner – is shot and killed as he tried to fend off hooded pirates who boarded his research vessel at the moth of the Amazon. 

Little Rock - Bill Clinton broke ground on a presidential library that promises to document both his triumphs and scandals. 

pat robertson retiring christian coalition december 2001 timeline mrpopculturePat Robertson announces that he is retiring as president of the Christian Coalition. 

Israel calls a timeout in its military assault on the Yasser Arafat’s security forces just hours after another suicide bomber blew himself up in downtown Jerusalem. 

In Afghanistan - Three U.S. Green Berets are dead in a friendly fire bomber dropping. 

Tree lighting - President Bush dedicates the national Christmas tree to those who died on Sept. 11 and to GI’s who have died in the line of duty.  

Secret Service agents have arrested a man concealing a large knife as they patrolled near White House gates. He’s William Thomas Duncan. President Bush was in the White House at the time, but was in no danger.  

In Philadelphia – former mob boss Joseph “skinny Joey” Merlino is sentenced to 14 years in prison for racketeering. 

The U.S. agriculture department said that a new study found little risk of mad cow disease turning up in American cattle, but as a precaution, the government plans to test more cattle and band the use of spinal column material in processed meat.  

David Ramsey – a former Georgia sheriff is arrested and charged with killing the man who ousted him from office – Derwin Brown. 

The Bush administration ordered tons of PCB’s removed from New York’s upper Hudson River, clearing the way for huge dredging operations. General Electric Co. dumped 1.3 million pounds of PCB’s into the river before the federal government banned the pollutants in 1977. The dredging will cost the company $500 million. GE released PCB’s from its plants in Fort Edward and Hudson falls, about 40 miles north of Albany.  

Federal authorities search the suburban Miami home of O.J. Simpson during a predawn raid while investigating an international drug ring and the theft of satellite TV programming. 

The Commerce Department reports that – the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks has yielded a 1.1% decline of total output during the third quarter. That was much worse than the .4% predicted. 

Robert Tools – the first person to receive a fully implantable artificial heart has died. He had the heart for almost five months. 


Burger King Lord of the Rings Promotion – December 1, 2001 

Burger King has a Lord of the Rings promotion in 10,000 restaurants around the world. The new movie opens December 19!


Enron Update – December 1, 2001

Enron Corp has laid off 4,000 employees at its Houston office and is trying to line-up financing. The company just filed for chapter 11 BK protection.


Sports News – December 1, 2001

 17-year-old Tom Tryon becomes the youngest player to earn a PGA tour card.


Technology News – December 1, 2001

 excite search engine will cease december 2001 trivia timeline internet mrpopcultureSearch engine Excite will cease operations on February 28 after AT&T withdrew its $307-million for its assets.  

Bob Pittman has been elevated from co-chief operating officer to the sole COO for AOL.


Music News – December 1, 2001

Members of Destiny’s Child say they will go their own ways – for now. Looks like Beyonce Knowles may be the superstar as she already has a feature role in the upcoming Austin Powers sequel. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams may cut solo albums. But, let’s see. 

Passing – Grady Martin – Nashville guitarist and legendary session musician in that city. He was 72. 

heather mills says never a beatles fan december 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureHeather Mills – soon to be Mrs. Paul McCartney tells a German magazine she knows next to nothing about the Beatles and was never a fan. 

LeAnn Rimes ends her yearlong legal standoff with Curb records and sings a new contract. 

George Harrison’s wife, Olivia, says his ashes were scattered at the Ganges River in India. 

Maturing? Nickelodeon and Radio Disney won’t play Britney Spears new “mature’ single – “I’m a Slave 4 U.” 


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – December 1, 2001

Carol Burnet Show (Special) – 29.80 million viewers

everybody loves raymond tv ratings nielsen december 1, 2001 timeline trivia mrpopcultureEverybody Loves Raymond – 24.26

The West Wing – 20.86

Friends – 20.66

Law & Order – 20.22

Becker – 19.92

CSI – 18.21

Monday Night Football – 17.96

Survivor: Africa – 17.80

Fear Factor – 17.24

Yes, Dear – 16.55

Frasier – 16.42

King of Queens – 16.23

Judging Amy – 16.06

JAG – 15.99

The Practice – 15.93

Christmas at Rockefeller Center – 15.23

Movie-Brian’s Song – 15.23

Law & Order: SVU – 14.40

Inside Schwartz – 14.26


Television News – December 1, 2001

ABC News shuts down its Spanish simulcast of its “World News Tonight.” The translation service was available via the secondary audio program channel on television sets. 

On TNT – “Call me Claus” starring Whoopi Goldberg. 

yasmine bleeth pleads guilty cocaine december 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureActress Yasmine Bleeth pleads guilty in Detroit to possessing less than 25 grams of cocaine and to driving while impaired. 

ABC pays $130-million to air two Harry Potter movies! The first will air in 2004.





Top Movies – December 1, 2001

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

Behind Enemy Lines

Spy Game

Monsters Inc.

Black Night

Shallow Hal

Out Cold

Domestic Disturbance



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