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Dateline: Week Of October 8, 2001 In News, Pop, Celebrit, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

The U.S. launches a retaliatory offensive in Afghanistan with intermittent missile and bomb attacks targeting Taliban troops, airstrips and command centers including training camps.  President Bush said earlier – “I gave them fair warning." 

President Bush gives the Taliban another chance to turn over Osama bin Laden, but the reality is – if they don’t – they’ll face years of attacks. And, in a prime-time news conference, President Bush signaled that conflict would be around for the long-haul. 

The House approves a bill that gives law enforcement agencies expanded powers to pursue suspected terrorists. 

The White House wants TV networks to use caution in carrying unedited videos of Osama bin Laden because they are propaganda and could contain coded instruction to operatives. 

The FAA orders sharp restrictions on carry-on baggage and additional searches of passengers as part of an effort to bolster security. 

tom brokaw aid gets anthrax october 2001 timeline mrpopcultureAn aide to newsman Tom Brokaw at NBC New York contracts a rare skin form of anthrax. This is the first time it’s making an appearance outside of Florida. 

A Scandinavian Airlines System airliner taking off from Milan collides with a small business jet. 118 are dead. 

U.S. forces are now using two bases in Pakistan to launch operations – at Jacobabad and Pishin.  

A U.S bomb intended to hit an enemy helicopter in Kabul – instead hits a row of residential buildings. 


Fascinating Facts – October 8, 2001 

O.J. back in court roadside incident october 2001 timeline mrpopcultureO.J. Simpson is back in court – in Florida. He faces felony and misdemeanor charges in connection with a Miami roadside incident. 

NBC will purchase Telemundo for $1.98 billion. 

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani kicks off a Carnegie Hall fund-raiser that included Bill Cosby, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock.



Radio News – October 8, 2001

rush limbaugh will not go deaf october 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureRush Limbaugh will not go deaf thanks to experimental drugs and he will continue to host his radio show. This week on that show, he announced he was going deaf and suffers from a rare inner-ear disease – where the body’s immune system attacks the inner ear and damages the hearing nerve. Limbaugh told listeners he noticed the hearing problem May 29 and since then, he has gone deaf in his left ear, and nearly so in his right. “Hearing aids, the most powerful made, mean nothing. I cannot hear radio; I cannot hear television; I cannot hear music. I am for all practical purposes, deaf – and it’s happened in three months.” 


Music News – October 8, 2001

Look for an Oct. 21 benefit concert – “United We Stand” – an 8-hour event from RFK Stadium. Set to appear – KISS, Aerosmith ‘N Sync, Al Green, James Brown, Al Green, Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin, Mick Jagger. 

mariah carey chats online new movie glitter october 2001 trivia timeline mrpopculture Mariah Carey, recuperating from a physical breakdown – chats online about her new movie – “Glitter.” On chat.msn.com 

Passing – Dougie Millings – the tailor for the Beatles. He was 88.


Entertainment News – October 8, 2001

Comedian Paula Poundstone is sentenced to five years’ probation and six months in drug treatment for endangering her foster and adopted children. 

Walt Disney Co reissues “Snow White” – but this time – on DVD – a first. 


Some bestselling books – October 8, 2001

Lake Wobegon Summer – 1958 - Garrison Kellor

The Corrections – Jonathan Franzen

After the Plague – T.C. Boyle

Can River – Lolita Tademy

Savage Beauty – Nancy Milford

Political Fictions – Joan Didlon

John Adams – David McCullough

Fire – Sebastian Junger


Television News – October 8, 2001

On CBS-TV – “Surviving Gilligan’s Island: The Incredibly True Story of the Longest Three-Hour Tour in History.” You’re kidding – right? 

john walsh 22 most wanted terrorists october 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureJohn Walsh hosts a special edition of Fox’s “America’s Most Wanted” that focuses on the 22 most wanted terrorists unveiled by President Bush this week. 

Passing – Dagmar (7() – who became an overnight sensation during the early 1950’s when she was featured on NBC-TV’s “Broadway Open House” late night variety show with Jerry Lester.




Top Movies – October 8, 2001

Training Day


Don’t Say a Word



The Others

Rush Hour 2

Hearts in Atlantis

Max Keeble’s Big Movie

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