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Dateline: Week Of March 1, 2001 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

A 6.8 earthquake rocks the Seattle area and so far one is dead. 

Near San Diego – A 15-year-old boy opens fire n the campus of Santana High School – killing two and injuring thirteen. 

The Senate votes to overturn new rules that were supposed to be the first federal standards for ergonomics in the workplace. 

Suicide bombing - An explosion rips in Jerusalem around rush hour – killing four. 

A Florida National Guard plane flying members of a Virginia unit back home – crashes in central Georgia – killing all 21 aboard. 

Despite pleas from an outraged world, Afghanistan’s ruling Taliban has destroyed most of the ancient relics from the nation’s pre-Islamic past, including parts of two towering statues of Buddha. 

Dublin cancels its St. Patrick’s Day parade and Dolly the cloned sheep was put under protective quarantine as European health authorities stepped up efforts to contain a potentially disastrous outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease among farm animals in Britain. 

Technology News – March 1, 2001

nintendo hard core game conkers march 2001 trivia mrpopcultureNintendo Co. introduces its first hard-core game with “Conker’s Bad Fur Day.” It tells the story of a squirrel who passes out after drinking too much and awakens in a world inhabited by a group of foul mouthed characters.  

Hopes of staying alive - Napster promises a federal judge that it will block access to at least 1 million copyrighted song titles. 

Amazon.com pushes into music downloads and offers free songs from hundreds of artists.


Entertainment News – March 1, 2001

Jennifer Lopez signs with designer Andy Hilfiger to create he own clothing line.


Music News – March 1, 2001

Online music provider MP3.com willfully infringed copyrights belonging to record label Tee Vee Toons, a federal judge said in a ruling that also may limit how much the label can recover in an upcoming trial.  

eminem two movie deals march 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureEminem – hot from three Grammy Award – has two movie deals pending. But his marriage has fizzled as his wife Kim has filed for divorce. 

Britney Spears will do an HBO concert – “Love From The MGM Grant in Las Vegas on November 18.





Top Music Albums – March 1, 2001

1 – The Beatles

Hotshot – Shaggy

No Angels – Dido

2001 Grammy pop Nominees

 WWF The Music V5 – Jim Johnston

snoop dogg music rap billboard chart march 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureThe Last Meal – Snoop Dogg

Save the Last Dance Soundtrack

J. Lo – Jennifer Lopez

All that You Can’t Leave Behind – U2


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – March 1, 2001  

Survivor II – 31.32

ER – 25.57

CSI – 23.72

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on Sunday – 1953

Movie-Amy and Isabelle – 19.39

The West Wing – 18.09

Everybody Loves Raymond – 18.08

The Simpsons – 17.55

JAG tv nielsen rating march 1, 2001 news, trivia timeline mrpopcultureMillionaire on Thursday – 17.50

Temptation Island – 17.47

Malcolm in the Middle – 17.03

Will & Grace – 15.94

JAG – 15.94


Television News – March 1, 2001

jeopardy adding clue crue trivia march 2001 timeline mrpopculture“Jeopardy” is adding a new feature – The Clue Crew – four correspondents who will travel around to tape video clues for the show’s questions. 

Looks like “Crossing Over” with medium John Edwards is a hit on the Sci-Fi channel. 

New on CBS-TV beginning this week – “Big Apple.” FBI. NYPD. Same side of the law. World’s apart.


Top Movies – March 1, 2001

The Mexican


See Spot Run

Down to Earth

Crouching tiger, Hidden Dragon



Recess: School’s Out

3000 Miles to Graceland

Sweet November

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