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Dateline: Week Of February 22, 2001 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

President Bush asks Congress to pass a large tax cut and says the budget surplus can allow spending more on education. 

Independent reviews of Miami-Dade Country ballots indicated that Al Gore would not have gained enough extra votes to overtake George W. Bush. 

colin powell U.S. will stand by kuwait feb 2001 timeline politics mrpopcultureSecretary of State Colin L. Powell pledges that the U.S. will stand, indefinitely by Kuwait in holding off Iraqi aggression. 

Did you know the U.S. government has spent $110 billion during the last-half century – in energy research? 

President Bush meets with Prime Minister Tony Blair at Camp David. They talked about a missile defense system, saying it could make a lot of sense. 

Roger Clinton, half-brother of former president Bill Clinton, is formally charged with drunken driving and trying to pick a fight in front of a Hermosa Beach (CA) bar. Clinton is a B-movie actor and … singer? 

Roger Clinton, Bill Clinton’s brother, said he promised six of his closest friends, including men he had met in prison, that his brother would grant them pardons before he left the White House. Roger said he was disappointed, that his feelings were hurt when Bill turned his list down.  

More pardon controversy – as Hugh Rodham accepted $400,000 to push successfully for a commutation for convicted drug dealer Carlos Vignali and a pardon for herbal remedy marketer Almon Glenn Braswell. But Rodham returned the money earlier this week at the insistence of the Clintons. 

The British government bans all exports of live animals, fresh meat and milk – all due to the first outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease – the first time in 20 years. 

President Bush conducts his 1st press room briefing. He insisted that last week’s air strikes against Iraq were a success, despite the fact that only 40% of the targets were hit. 

laura bush solo debut as first lady february 2001 timeline mrpopcultureWashington - Laura Bush makes a belated solo debut as first lady, telling two dozen schoolchildren she wants to use her new job to promote her old one – teaching.


Technology News – February 22, 2001 

Sega of America – the video game maker, sues Kmart Corp for allegedly refusing to pay $2.2 million for Dreamcast video game consoles shipped since Sept. 1999. 

The Nasdaq end at a two-year low – at 2.444.96. 


Sports News – February 22, 2001

Patrick Ewing gets a three-minute standing ovation, as the former Knick was there to play against his old team. He’s with the SuperSonics now. Ewing scored 12 points and got five rebounds. 

Passing – Sir Donald Bradman – the Australian cricket star.


Music News – February 22, 2001

Rapper DMX begins serving a 15-day jail sentence in New York for driving without a license. 

courtney love break record contract news february 2001 trivia music mrpopcultureCourtney Love wants to break her contract with Vivendi Universal and expose what she calls the “unconscionable and unlawful” business tactics of the major record labels. 

The record industry says that Napster hurt sales – that shipments of CD singles slid 38.8% after holding even a year earlier. But others say don’t blame it all on Napster with economic uncertainty, a lack of releases by major stars and rising gas prices could have been factors. 

 Year 2001/43rd Annual Grammy Awards – some winners:

U2 record of the year 43rd grammy award trivia timeline mrpopcultureRecord of the year – “Beautiful Day” – U2

Album of the year – “Two Against Nature” – Steely Dan

Song of the year – “Beautiful Day” – U2

Best Pop female vocal – “I Try” – Macy Gray

Best Pop male vocal – She walks this Earth (Soberana Rosa),” -  Sting

Best new artist – Shelby Lynn 

Eminem and Elton John performed the rapper’s “Stan.” Eminem won three Grammys in rap categories. 


Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – February 22, 2001

Survivor II – 28.78 million viewers

ER – 27.13

Grammy Awards – 16.65

friends tv ratings nielsen february 22, 2001 trivia timeline history mrpopcultureFriends – 21.22

CSI – 20.88

Judy Garland Pt. 1 – 20.31

Will & Grace – 18.51

Everybody Loves Raymond – 18.36

Law & Order – 18.24

The Simpsons – 18.12

60 Minutes – 18.01

Who Wants to be a Millionaire on Wednesday – 17.57

Malcolm in the middle – 17.55

The X-Files – 16.86

Just Shot Me – 16.67


Television News – February 22, 2001 

NBC says it will keep its XFL game coverage in prime time – despite sinking ratings. The made-for-TV league – where NBC partnered with the WWF, saw only 3.9 million watching the most recent telecast. 

kelly ripa begins with Regis february 2001 trivia timeline mrpopcultureKelly Ripa is now with Regis Philbin for “Live with Regis and Kelly.” She’s still keeping her acting job as Hayley on “All My Children.” 

On “Saturday Night Live” – Katie Holmes with musical guest – The Dave Matthews Band. 

FBI Agent Fox Mulder returns to the “X-Files” this week. 

Actor Matthew Perry of “Friends” re-enters a alcohol and drug rehabilitation center. 

 MTV changes the “Jackass” disclaimer after complaints by Sen .Joseph I. Lieberman.  This after a 13-year-old boy was badly burned while mimicking a stunt from the show. 

Passing – Actress Gail Fisher, best known as “Peggy” in Mannix. She was 65. 

Passing – Rosemary DeCamp – actress in early TV shows such as the Bob Cummings show and Life of Riley. She was 90.


Top Movies – February 22, 2001


Down to Earth

3000 Miles to  Graceland

Recess: School’s Out

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon


Sweet November


The Wedding Planner

Cast Away

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