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Dateline: Week Of November 8, 2000 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Election Mess Update

Florida mess - Hopes are fading for a quick resolution as to the outcome of the presidential election. It seems that George Bush’s margin is dwindling as some votes get recounted. The chairman of Gore’s campaign threatens to sue, if necessary, to block bush from taking the White House and demands a hand count of several thousand ballots.

Election officials in Palm Beach County order a manual recount of 460,000 ballots after a limited had recount showed Al Gore picking up 19 votes.

George W. Bush loses a federal court fight to block a hand count of hundreds of thousands of disputed presidential ballots in Florida.


Business/Economy News – November 8, 2000

The Nasdaq slips below the 3,000 mark for the first time in more than a year, probably because of disappointing earnings from HP. 


Technology News – November 8, 2000

Pets.com is about to shut down – the first publicly traded dot-com to be shut down completely.

Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica Sklar have a new baby girl. Her name is Sascha – the first for the couple who were married last December.


 Music news – November 8, 2000

 Monica will star in “Love Song,” a new TV movie to air on MTV in December.

Madonna’s sold-out London concert at the Brixton Academy will be broadcast live over the Internet at . Don’t miss it.


Radio news – November 8, 2000

ABC drops the Sunday “Drudge Report” heard on 135 stations Drudge told the Washington Post – “I se it as punishment for daring to report on ABC’s activities.”


Television news – November 8, 2000

After 33 years as host of “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, Fred Rogers tapes his last episode next month. He’s 71.

Bernard Shaw, a staple on CNN for 20 years will leave the network after his contract expires in February.

Drew Carey is doing it again – his “Drew Carey Show” will be live with the cast doing three different performances for East, Mountain and Pacific time zones.

Top TV Shows/Ratings – November 8, 2000

ER – 27.81

Friends – 24.43

Millionaire on Wednesday – 20.37

Everybody Loves Raymond – 20.33

Monday Night football – 19.89

Will & Grace – 19.68

Millionaire on Sunday – 18.62

Frasier – 18.62

West Wing – 18.47

Cursed – 18.42

Millionaire on Tuesday – 18.13

The Practice – 18.08

Just Shoot Me – 18.04

Millionaire on Thursday – 17.99

Law & Order – 17.60

Becker – 16.72

The Simpsons – 16.18

60 Minutes – 16.13


Sunday night television listings/TV Guide – week of November 8, 2000

CBS – 60 Minutes, Touched By An Angel, American Tragedy Part 1 (see ad)

NBC – Dateline NBC, Ed, Movie

ABC – Movie, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, the Practice

Fox -  Futurama, the Simpsons, Malcolm in the Middle, X-Files

WB – Jamie Foxx, the PJ’s, Steve Harvey, Nikki Grosse Point

UPN – Star Trek: Voyager, Maximum Exposure

PBS – Nature, The Railway Children

HBO – Sex and the City


Steve Harvey – Steve believes he is dying.

X-Files – Mulder is missing and the search continues (part 2).


Top Movies – November 8, 2000

Charlie’s Angels

Little Nicky

Men of Honor

Meet the parents

Red Planet

Legend of Bagger Vance

Remember the Titans

Pay If Forward

Billy Elliot


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