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Dateline: Week Of August 22, 2000 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts


In The News - 

George W. Bush says he welcomes prime-time debates with Democratic rival Al Gore and is not shying away from such debates.

The Supreme Court halts Californians from legally giving marijuana to those who are sick or ill.  California passed an inititive four years ago that allowed seriously ill patients to obtain marijuana with a doctor’s recommendation and since, those who demonstrated a medical need were given the weed.

president clinton warns nigerians on AIDS august 2000 timeline mrpopculturePresident Clinton warns Nigerians that their impressive new democracy will be imperiled unless it gets AIDS under check “AIDS can rob a country of its future,” said Clinton in Abuja, Nigeria.

South Korea - 63 former North Korean spies return to their homeland after decades in prison.

Russian President Vladimir Putin assumed political responsibility for the deaths of 118 sailors after their nuclear submarine Kursk sank. He vowed to save Russia’s military from the post-Soviet “disintegration” that he said was promoted by some of his leading critics.

 NY mayor Rudolph Giuliani is peeved at billboard ads taken out by PETA. They show him wearing a milk mustache and asking” “Got prostate cancer.” It’s tasteless and inappropriate to exploit my illness and it also takes advantage of my position as the mayor for advertising purposes,” said the Mayor. PETA is trying to link drinking milk with prostate cancer.

Publishers Clearing House agrees to reform $16 million to customers under a settlement. The company had used deceptive sweepstakes promotions to get customers to buy magazines.

Guadalupe Buendia – a Mexican political boss, is arrested on charges that she masterminded a riot last week that left 15 dead.

The blast that took TWA flight 800 down, is believed to be that of a sparked or short circuit in the fuel tank. 

The GOP yanks an attack ad against Al Gore. It showed a video clip of gore appearing to comment on the Monica Lewinsky affair with President Clinton when it was actually from an NBC interview years before the scandal broke.

China releases Bei Ling – the Boston-based editor of a dissident literary magazine and sent him back to the United States.

A Gulf Air Jet from Cairo crashes in to Persian Gulf – four miles short of Bahrain International Airport, killing all 143 on board.

Technology News - August 22, 2000

Nintendo enters the market for Internet-ready video game devices with “GameCube.”

Sports News – August 22, 2000

dennis rodman website cameras following him august 2000 trivia sports timeline mrpopcultureDennis Rodman launches a website that uses cameras to follow him around in his house. It’s at rodmantv.com.

Radio News – August 22, 2000

The Justice Department approves the $23.8-billion merger of Clear Channel Inc. and AMFM Inc. into the largest radio broadcaster in the United States. After the merger, Clear Channel would own/operate about 900 stations. In July, Clear Channel and AMFM agreed under government pressure to sell 99 radio stations and so far, have divested 85 of the stations.  



Entertainment News – August 22, 2000

Lisa Wayans files for divorce from husband Damon, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

brad pitt london premiere movie snatch trivia aug 22, 2000 timeline mrpopcultureBrad Pitt is mobbed by fans at the London premiere of his movie “Snatch.”

Woody Allen and his wife Soon-Yi Previn have adopted a second daughter.

“Mamma Mia” – a big hit play based on Abba hit songs, will launch in the U.S. Look for it November 15 in San Francisco. It’s been huge in London and Toronto.

David Letterman salutes “Survivor” with a special top-10 list 


Music News – August 22, 2000

Pop singer Monica will star in MTV’s third original movie. Look for “Love Song” in December. 

Dr Dre (Andrew Young says the accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCooper has ripped him off for $20 million.

Passing – Songwriter/producer Jack Nitzsche. He was 63.


Top Pop Hits – August 22, 2000

Incomplete – Sisqo

Doesn’t Really Matter – Janet Jackson

No More – Ruff Endz

Callin’ Me – Lil’ Zane

 Wifey – Next

Daily – TQ

nsync music billboard chart august 22, 2000 trivia timeline mrpopcultureBent – Matchbox Twenty

 I Need You – LeAnn Rimes

It’s Gonna Be Me – ‘N Sync

Bounce With Me – Lil’ Bow Wow


Television News – August 22, 2000

Incredible – The finale of “Survivor” gets 51.59 million viewers! That was followed by the CBS special ”Survivor: Reunion” with 38.77 million viewers. The finale awarded contestant Richard Hatch $1 million.

CBS has another reality show on the air – “Big Brother” in which the winner will be awarded $500,000 in September. The ratings haven’t been nearly as high as “Survivor” – but better than summer reruns.

Mike Wallace interviews Chinese President Jiang Zemlin for a “60 Minutes” interview. It’ll air on Sept. 3


Top Movies – August 22, 2000

Bring It On

The Cell

Space Cowboys

The Original Kings of Comedy

The Replacements

What Lies Beneath

Nutty Professor II

Autumn in New York

The Art of War

The Crew

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