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Dateline: Week Of September 15, 2000 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

Nine Cubans are rescued at sea after their single-engine crop duster plane ran out of fuel and plunged into the Gulf of Mexico. 

 After six years – Impendent counsel Robert W. Ray is ending the Whitewater investigation – and finds insufficient evidence they Clinton’s did anything criminal.  

Improve Quality – President Clinton urges Congress to approve $1 billion in grants to states to ease the severe shortage of nursing aides. The business now has a 100% annual turnover. 

President Clinton said he was troubled that former Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee was kept in jail for months without bail and was released after a plea agreement. 

Dick Cheney accuses the Clinton-Gore administration of letting Saddam Hussein “slip off the Hook” by failing to maintain the “robust” weapon-inspection program imposed upon Iraq after the Persian Gulf War. 

hillary clinton whitewater robert ray dec 2000 timeline mrpopcultureFirst Lady Hillary says she has heartened but not surprised that independent counsel Robert W. Ray found insufficient evidence to charge either her or her husband with wrong doing in the Whitewater real estate scandal. 

Initiates lobbying  - President Clinton declared that passage of the patients’ bill of rights is his priority for the final days of the 106th Congress. 

Contrary to some media accounts – the department of Justice is not conducting an investigation of Vice President Al Gore’s campaign fund-raising efforts with Texas trial lawyers. 

George W. Bush and Al Gore agree to three joint debates to be televised next month in prime time. 

The FAA announces that it will order a redesign of vital controls on the Boeing 737 to prevent elusive failure – mainly the rudder control.  


Business News – September 15, 2000 

British Cadbury Schweppes purchases Snapple from Triarc Cos.


Sports News – September 15, 2000 

Athletes from North and South Korea – marched together at the opening ceremony of the Sydney Summer Games. Both countries are technically still at war!


Music News – September 15, 2000

Madonna says in US magazine that the large diamond ring she’s now wearing is from British director-boyfriend Guy Ritchie. 

U2 has a new single out – “Beautiful Day.” 

nsync 2000 tour music trivia timeline sept 15 mrpopcultureOn tour – ‘Nsync “No Strings Attached” tour. 

Live Aid 2000 near Washington. Wiilie Nelson, John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Barnaked Ladies and Crosby, Stills Nash & Young. 

Singer Melissa Etheridge and director Julie Cypher announce they were ending their 12-year relationship.


Television News – September 15, 2000

MTV cancels “Loveline” after four years. 

bernard shaw moderate debate lieberman cheney sept 2000 timeline mrpopcultureCNN Anchor Bernard Shaw will moderate the Oct. 5 talk show-style debate between vice presidential candidates Joseph Lieberman and Dick Cheney. 

TNN – The Nashville Network is going away and will be re-branded as the National Network, It’ll have more general entertainment programming – but gone with be the mostly country music theme. 

Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – September 2000

Sydney Olympics on NBC (Friday) – 27.27

Olympics on Sunday – 23.88

Who wants to be a Millionaire on Tuesday – 21.03

Millionaire on Thursday – 18.53

Monday Night Football – 17.30

Millionaire on Sunday – 16.50

Law & Order – 12.58

Big Brother on Wednesday – 12.54

Dharma & Greg – 12.13

The West Wing – 12.11


Top Movies – September 2000

The Watcher


Bring It On

Nurse Betty

Space Cowboys

What Lies Beneath

The Cell

Almost Famous

Scary Movie


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