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Dateline: Week Of August 8, 2000 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts 


In The News -

al gore selects joe lieberman running mate august 1, 2000 trivia politics timeline mrpopcultureAl Gore selects U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut to be his running mate. Lieberman thus becomes the first Jew in U.S. history to be part of a presidential ticket. 

Firestone Tires launches a giant tire recall – as some 6.4 million tires are being recalled. 

A bomb explodes during the evening rush hour in Moscow in a pedestrian underpass. Eight are dead. 

In Nashville – Al Gore and Joseph I. Lieberman vow to expand America’s prosperity renew its “moral center” and lead the way toward a more tolerant society. 

Past affairs - President Clinton, seeking to distance himself from Al Gore, tells a group of ministers – “I’m trying to totally rebuild my life.” 

As delegates arrive in Los Angeles - Getting ready for the Democratic convention – President Bush goes after George W. Bush, saying it’s absurd to suggest his economic policies weren’t vital. 

FEMA Director James Lee Witt tours fire-blackened Montana where flames had swept through the small town of Wickes. 

president clinton tours fire-damaged idaho timeline trivia aug 2000 mrpopcultureTouring fire-damaged Idaho – President Clinton toured an area near the Payette National Forest by helicopter seeing firsthand one of dozens of blazes raging through 11 Western states. 

 President Vladimir V. Putin pledges to carry out a reform of the military that may decide the future shape of the country’s nuclear. 

Police have arrested 104 people as they sat down in front of the White House to protest the crippling decade-old international sanctions against Iraq. 

The West Nile virus has spread to a wider geographical area this year, with infected birds or mosquitoes identified in four Eastern states.


Sports News – August 8, 2000

Jerry West is leaving/retiring from the Los Angeles Lakers – a team which he has been associated with for 40 years. 


Technology News – August 8, 2000

1,600 companies adopt bluetooth standard trivia timeline august 2000 mrpopcultureSoon to be introduced - over 1,600 companies are now committed to the universal Bluetooth standard. Bluetooth is a wireless technology that links electronic devices together. One of the first devices is a wireless cell phone headset. 

David Jackson – is donating his squatted address to the campaign – for free. He’s a regular guy, who selected Lieberman as Gore’s running mate – and bet right. 

Online racism in France – as a court calls for a team of experts to examine ways of blocking French Internet users from using U.S-based Yahoo! Why? Back in April – two Paris-based human rights groups filed suit against Yahoo for hosting auctions of nazi objects, including Nazi medallions, swastika-emblazoned battle flags and other Third Reich paraphernalia. In France, it is illegal to sell or exhibit anything that incites racism.  

News Corp. agrees to buy BHC Communications and its 10 Chris-Craft TV stations for $5.5 billion in stock. 


Entertainment News – August 8, 2000

New baby - Dylan Michael Douglas is born to Catherine Zeta-Jones and dad Michael. 

Macaulay Culkin (20) and his wife of two years, Rachel Miner (19) have agreed to separate.


Music News – August 8, 2000

madonna gives birth baby boy august 2000 trivia music timeline mrpopcultureMadonna gives birth to a baby boy. His name is Rocco Ritchie. 

Don’t miss LeAnn Rimes, Seal, Christina Agullera as they join Tiger Woods’ “Tiger Jam III” in Las Vegas to benefit hi foundation. 

Warner Bros. music group. Sony Music entertainment, Universal and EMI are among those sued for compact disc price fixing. Prices should have gone down as the technology got better, but the groups colluded in price fixing – not go below a minimal level – so contends the suit.



Television News – August 8, 2000

Nick Jr. debuts the cartoon "Dora the Explorer.” The character actually debuted on nrckjr.com in July. Dora goes inside a computer for her adventures. 

jennifer aniston sunbathing topless published news aug 2000 trivia timeline mrpopcultureActress Jennifer Aniston who stars on “Friends” is suing Celebrity Skin for printing photos of her sunbathing topless in her backyard. 

Top TV Shows/Ratings/TV Guide – August 8, 2000

Survivor – 27.41

Who Wants to be a Millionaire on Sunday – 23.71

Millionaire on Tuesday – 21.43

Millionaire on Thursday – 18.12

Big Brother on Wednesday – 17.44

60 Minutes – 13.38

Everybody Loves Raymond – 13.32

The Practice – 12.30

becker tv ratings nielsen august 1, 2000 trivia timeline mrpopculture Becker – 12.00

Hall of Fame Game – 10.81


Top Movies – August 8, 2000

Hollow Man

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

Space Cowboys

Coyote Ugly

What Lies Beneath


Scary Movie

The Perfect Storm

Disney’s The Kid

The Patriot 

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