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Dateline: Week Of May 15, 2000 In News, Pop, Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Tech & Fascinating Facts


In The News -

Fans leaving the Winston (NC) stock car race and streaming across a pedestrian bridge over a four-lane highway, heard two loud cracks, then an 80-foot section of the bridge snapped in half and onto the highway outside Lowe’s Motor Speedway. 107 were injured. 

54 soldiers – some of whom are U.N peacekeepers taken hostage by rebels in Sierra Leone, are freed. 

giuliani drop out of u.s. senate race trivia timeline may 15, 2000 mrpopcultureMayor Rudolph Giuliani dropped out of the U.S. Senate race against Hillary Rodham Clinton, saying the pressures dealing with prostate cancer would prevent him from devoting full attention to his campaign. 

Medicare fraud - Columbia/HCA Healthcare Corp, which operates 220 facilities in 22 states – has agreed to pay the government $745 million to settle civil charges that it systematically defrauded the Medicare program for years. 

President Vladimir V. Putin names his new Cabinet, reappointing most ministers from President Boris n. Yeltsin’s government, but reducing the number if ministries and government agencies. 

President Slobodan Milosevic seized control of independent radio and TV stations in Belgrade so-called opposition media. The police also padlocked the newsroom of Blic, Yugoslavia’s largest circulation independent newspaper. Outlets are getting out their pro-democracy message on the Internet and BBC. 

The reassembled skeleton of a 67-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex goes on display in Chicago – at the Field Museum of natural History. 

Philadelphia - A pier holding a new open-air bar collapsed and plunged into the Delaware River killing at least three. The pier held the new bar, Heat. 

Estrogen city - Thousands of mothers and family members amass for the Million Mom March in Washington – for tighter gun controls. 

At the touch of a button, the Clinton campaign accidentally sent out the personal e-mail addresses of hundreds of reporters and members of the campaign’s inner circle. The addresses appeared a the top of a message intended to offer an update on a visit the first lady was planning to Manhattan. The list was then forwarded to Internet gossip maven Matt Drudge, who posted a report about it on his site.  

Palestinian police and Israeli soldiers fight deadly gun battles on the West Bank and four are dead. 

slobodan government opposition supporters news update may 15, 2000 mrpopcultureMore than 20,000 opposition supporters chanting “Rebellion!” and “Disobedience” defied threats by Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic’s government massing to demand free and fair elections and an end to his war on dissent.

The Federal Reserve Board raises its interest rate by a half-point – to 6.5%. 

Another Hollywood “madam” – Jody “Babydoll” Gibson – will get 3 years in prison for her high-priced prostitution ring.  

Bobby Frank Cherry and Thomas Blanton Jr. – are charged with murder in the infamous 1963 bombing of a black Birmingham church that killed four young girls.


Fascinating Facts – May 15, 2000 

Disneyland says it will open its “California Adventure” theme park in February. The park occupies the old parking area of Disneyland at Anaheim.


Some best- selling books – May 15, 2000

Like Normal People – Karen E. Bender

Bedwulf – Seamus Heaney

Le Mariage – Diane Johnson

Blonde – Joyce Carol Oates

Which Lie Did I Tell? – William Goldman

A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering genius – Dave Eggers

The Operator – Tom King

Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Went Into the Real World – Maria Shriver


Technology News – May 15, 2000 

Carsdirect.com files an IPO to raise about $172 million.


Music News – May 15, 2000

matchbox 20 Mad season offers internet music player trivia music may 2000 mrpopcultureMatchbox 20’s “Mad Season by Matchbox 20,” is the first album to bundle music with an Internet music player and will be available on AOL.  

On NBC-TV – “25 years of #1 Hits – Arista Records 25th Anniversary Celebration.” With Whitney Houston, Santana, Barry Manilow, Kenny G. Brooks & Dunn, Annie Lennox, Sarah McLachlan, Puff Daddy, Monica, Alan Jackson, Deborah Cox. Aretha Franklin. 


Top music albums – May 15, 2000

Mission: Impossible-2 soundtrack

Supernatural – Santana

My Name is Joe – Joe

No Strings Attached – ‘N Sync

no doubt music billboard chart may 15, 2000 trivia timeline mrpopcultureGuerra de Estados Pesados – various artists

Skull and Bones – Cypress Hill

Brand New Day – Sting

Unleash the Dragon – Sisqo

Return of Saturn – No Doubt


Entertainment News – May 15, 2000

Comedian Dana Carvey is suing a surgeon in San Francisco for a botched open-heart surgery. The surgeon said that Carvey has an “unusual anatomy’ and that his blood vessels were in atypical positions. Carvey is in full health after the blockage removed in a subsequent angioplasty, but it took six months. 

Passing – famed hair stylist Michel Kazan – created the bouffant for Jackie Kennedy.


Television News – May 15, 2000

michael j fox departure sin city abc-tv update timeline may 15, 2000 mrpopcultureABC is airing promos on the departure of Michael J. Fox on “Spin City.” It’s a one-hour episode. 

This Sunday night – two TV movies compete: “The Linda McCartney Story” on CBS and “Growing Up Brady” with Barry Williams on NBC. The latter is described as “the Sexy Story Behind the Scenes… the affairs… the secrets… the scandals… THE BRADYS! 

NBC agrees to hike the stars’ fees on “Friends” – and that comes to roughly $44 each or $750,000 per episode.


Top Movies – May 15, 2000


Battlefield Earth



The Flintstones

Center Stage

Where the Heart is


Love and Basketball

Held Up

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