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Dateline: Events/Week Of November 8, 1999 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Y2K - President Clinton offers assurances that extensive efforts by all major sectors of the U.S. economy to fix the Year 2000 computer problem have paid off and there will be no major national breakdowns on Jan. 1.

Russian warplanes pound the capital of Chechnya and attack convoys on its roads.

End of visit - Nearly 10,000 give a farewell round of applause to Pope John Paul II in Tbilisi, Georgia.

The death toll hits 362 from Turkey’s massive 7.2 earthquake.

President Clinton conducts a virtual town hall – embracing the Internet for an historic online chat.  The event was hosted by the Democratic Leadership Council and by . He took delight in saying that – when he took office – 1.3 million computers were connected to the Internet – compared to 56 million now.

Bin Laden at it again - Six rockets were launched in a coordinate attack on U.S. and United Nations offices in Pakistan and hours later, Pakistan’s military leader offered to mediate between the United States and Afghanistan’s Taliban rulers over suspected terrorist Osama bin laden.

Acting on orders from Prime Minister Ehud Barak – Israeli police and soldiers began evacuating Havat Maon – an illegal Jewish settlement on the West Bank – much of it with force.

In New York – television ads begin running – Hillary Clinton for the senate.

The senate approves a measure to raise the $5.15-an-hour federal minimum wage by $1 by early 2002.


Medical/Health News – November 8, 1999

The U.S. Food and drug Administration warns consumers not to buy or take the diet supplement Triax Metabolic Accelerator because it contains a potent thyroid hormone that can cause heart attacks and strokes.


Business/Economy/Wall Street News – November 8, 1999

IPO’s are hot. United Parcel services’ IPO pushed its stock up $18.25 to $68.25.

Donald Trump – who is considering running for President for the Reform Party – has an idea – gouge the rich in order to save Social Security, erase the national debt and slash taxes for working Americans. Trump is proposing to slap the wealthy –with a onetime 14.25% tax on their entire net worth. Trump says his plan would raise $5.7 trillion.

The Nasdaq hits another high – closing at 3,143.97.


Sports News - November 8, 1999

Tiger Woods does it again – winning his fourth consecutive event on the PGA Tour. This time – he won the American express Championship. He also becomes the first to win $6 million in one year on tour.  


Technology News – November 8, 1999

RealNetworks admission last week that it surreptitiously used its software to record data, including music preferences from millions of Internet users causes a backlash – and three class-action lawsuits.

Bill Gates tells shareholders that Microsoft Corp. “is wiling to go a long way”’ to address the government’s concerns over its business practices, but can’t accept limitations on its ability to develop software.

In time for holiday shopping - Amazon says it is going beyond selling books and is adding software, video games, home improvement products and gifts.

Microsoft unveils a plan to sell Internet connections through 7,000 Radio Shack stores. Stores will feature boutiques featuring regular modem connection to DSL and other products such as WebTV, Windows CE hand-held computing devices and a soon-to-be-announced Internet terminal.


 Entertainment /Celebrity/Movie News – November 8, 1999

Jodie Foster says “no” to the “Hannibal” sequel – “Silence of the Lambs.”

Japan’s “Pokeman” – which began as a Nintendo game Boy than a cartoon – and now -  a movie! There are 151 Pokemon characters – but only 20 are in the movie. 

Burger King is having trouble with its multi-million $ Pokemon promotion. Many restaurants simply ran out of Pokemon toys tied to the Warner Bros. movie.

Jerry Seinfeld says he is engaged to Jessica Sklar – a public relations executive he began dating last summer. They began dating last summer – just after she returned from her honeymoon with hubby Eric Nederlander.


Television news – November 8, 1999

On A&E’s “Biography” – its “Body Slam” week. Tuesday – Owen hart. Wednesday – Mich “Mankind” Foley; Thursday – Jesse Ventura and Friday – Andre the Giant. “They’re big. They’re bad. And they stick to the script.”

On “Saturday Night Live”  - Garth Brooks.

Brandy Norwood (20) is hospitalized for dehydration. Better known as “Moesha” – she’s been working hard.

Conan O’Brien takes his late night NBC show to Los Angeles this week. Guests include – Jennifer Love Hewitt, Lisa Kudrow, Ben Afflect, Jay Leno, Denise Richards, Arnold Schwarzeneger and Rage Against the Machine plus Smash Mouth. Don’t miss this week!

Tuesday night television listings/TV Guide – week of November 8, 1999

CBS –JAG, 60 Minutes II, Judging Amy – Dave Letterman

NBC – Just Shoot Me, 3rd Rock, Will & Grace, Just Shoot Me, Dateline NBC, Jay Leno

ABC – Spin City, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Drew Carey Show, Once and Again

Fox – Ally, That ‘70’s Show, Party of Five

UPN – S. McNasty, Dilbert, The Strip

Pax -  Chicken Soup for the Soul

WB – Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel


On Dave Letterman – Don Rickles.

On Jay Leno – Roma Downey, David Willey’s science experiments.


Top Movies – November 8, 1999

Pokemon: the First Movie (debut) – $10.6 million in business.

The Bone Collector

House on Haunted Hill

The Bachelor

The Insider

The Best Man

Double Jeopardy

American Beauty

The Sixth sense

Music of the Heart

Fight Club

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