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Dateline: Week Of September 1, 1999 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Israel and the Palestinians announce an agreement on a stalled peace plan that gives land and prisoners to the Palestinians. 
Near Richland Iowa - A house explosion during a family reunion kills at least seven, with six others in the hospital. 
Massacre of pro-independence supporters - Indonesia imposes martial law in East Timor in the wake of bloodletting by gangs, in opposition of independence supporters. 
 President Clinton and the First Lady agree to purchase a five-bedroom, 5,232 square-foot Dutch Colonial house at Chappaqua, NY in Westchester County. 

Fascinating Facts – Beanie Babies Will End – September 1, 1999 

Tyco announces on its website that “all Beanies will be retired” at the end of this year. A list of new Beanie Babies on the site concludes with a bear named “The End.”

Technology News – September 1, 1999

 Apple Computer introduces a new version of its desktop computer – the Power Mac G4. Apple says it outperforms any computer using the Pentium III chip. 
CBS Corp. says it will receive a 30% stake in movie Internet site operator Big Entertainment in exchange for $105 million of advertising over seven years. 

Top TV Shows/Ratings – September 1, 1999 

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (Sun.) – 22.41
Millionaire (Thur.) – 16.76
Millionaire (Tue.) – 16.30
Millionaire (Fri.) – 15.27
60 Minutes – 15.26
Millionaire (Wed.) – 15.20
Touched by an Angel – 13.22
NFL Football – 13.12
Dateline: NBC (Mon.) – 12.98
Will & Grace – 12.27
Ellen Foster – 11.95
Best Commercials Never Seen – 11.59
Frasier – 11.41
Movie - Die Hard 3 – 11.37
Dharma & Greg – 11.32
Friends – 11.20
The Practice – 11.06

Television news – September 1, 1999

Passing – Allen Funt (84) – creator of “Candid Camera.”
Sam Donaldson is stepping down as ABC-TV’s lead White House correspondent. 
Have you seen “Celebrity Deathmatch” – the claymation series on MTV? Seen in full claymation form – Madonna vs. Michael Jackson and others. The show pits the best and worst of Hollywood, NBA and NFL against one another. 

Music news – September 1, 1999

Breaking through on the country charts – Kristyn, Kelsi and Kassidy Osborn, better known as Shedaisy. Shedaisy is drawn from an American Indian word meaning “my sisters.”
Scott Weiland, lead for Stone Temple Pilots is sentenced to one year in county jail for a third violation of his probation from a 1997 drug possession case.    
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