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Dateline: Week Of July 25, 1999 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

NATO troops are searching for clues to the killers of 14 Serbian farmers in a Kosovo wheat field.

Reform Party founder Ross Perot urged his party to remain united and continue to fight for a balanced budget, term limits and campaign reform.

Two flatbed trucks under police escort transported twisted wreckage from the John F. Kennedy Jr. plane crash to a Coast Guard hanger at Otis Air Force Base. The wreckage will be examined in detail.

The U.S. and Vietnam complete three years of negotiations and agree to normalize trade relations. 

It was a large turnout of world leaders at the funeral of King Hassan III in Morocco.

A federal judge said the government could introduce parts of 22 secretly recorded phone conversations to try to prove that Henry Cisneros lied to FBI agents about payments to former mistress.

Lying under oath is a no no – A federal judge who found President Clinton in contempt of court last April levied a penalty of $90,686 against him – making him the first President ever assessed for such a payment.

New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani lunches with Republicans in Arkansas! 

Linda Tripp is indicted on two felony charges related to secretly taping her phone conversations with Monica Lewinsky.

Citizens lose - California Gov. Gray Davis and civil rights organizations end the litigation surrounding proposition 187 – giving illegal aliens (mostly Mexican in California)  social security – free public schooling and subsidized health care – everything that California citizens voted against.  

Cary Stayner – a motel handyman admits to killing four women in the Yosemite Park area.

Day trader Goes Berserk –Kills Nine – Week of July 25, 1999

He was a daytrader – Mark Barton – upset over big financial losses opens fire on fellow investors and office workers in Atlanta – killing nine and wounding 13. He was hunted for six hours before killing himself. Later- a woman and two children believed to be his – were also found dead – with a total of 12 dead.


Technology News – July 25, 1999

America Online said it would work closely with Apple to develop new enhancements to it Instant Messenger software to serve users of Apple’s Macintosh computers.

Dell Computer announces that it is bundling a year of dell-branded Internet access with some desktop and notebook computers. Dell, like competitor Gateway, will offer the service for $129 a year after the first 12 months. Most ISP’s offer unlimited Internet access for about $20 a month (dial-up of course).

EBay Inc reports a batter-than-expected profit for the second quarter.

Etoys has a big gain in sales – but its losses are even bigger – losing $20.8 million or 21 cents last quarter.

Compaq is cutting 7000 jobs or 10% of its workforce after reporting a second-quarter loss of $184 million.


Top Pop Music Hits – July 25, 1999

Bills Bills Bills – Destiny’s Child

Day the World Went Away – Nine Inch Nails

Genie in a Bottle – Christina Aguilera

Tell Me It’s real – K-ci and Jojo

Wild Wild West – Will Smith

No Pigeons – Sporty Thievz

Summer Girls – LFO

Last Kiss – Pearl Jam

Jamboree – Naughty by nature

Fortunate – Maxwell


Top Music Albums – July 25, 1999

Ricky Martin – Ricky Martin

Significant Other – Limp Bizkit

Enema of the State – Blink 182

Mirrorball – Sarah McLachlan

Astro Lounge – Smash Mouth

Can’t stay Away – too short

Baby One More Time – Britney Spears

Californication- Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Supernatural – Santana


Music news – July 25, 1999

Passing – Anita Carter – member of the legendary Carter Family. She was 66.

Wow – “The Elvis Presley Collection” – a big box set with 30 CD’s and over 500 songs – Just $429.98.

Sheryl Crow – “Hard Rock Live” on VH1 starting July 31!

Woodstock ’99 at Rome New York. On the second day – some 225,000 attended and the weather – hot – around 90. One death was reported due to a heart attack. Performing – Dave Matthews band, Counting Crows, Alanis Morissette and Metallica.

Sunday – a different story at Woodstock ’99. It was a violent finale with looting, arson and rioting. Hundreds of youths set a dozen bonfires, they tour down light towers. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers closed. The crowd began getting rowdy as a peace advocacy organization began passing out candles. The last song played by RHCP was “Fire” – then it all began.    


Television news – July 25, 1999

On Showtime – a new episode of “The Hoop Life.”

HGTV celebrates the triumphs of America’s restoration heroes with a new weekly series, “Restore America” hosted by Bob Vila.

Passing – Martin Agronsky – hosted “Agronsky & Company” from 1969 to 1986. He was 84.


Top Movies – July 25, 1999

The Haunting

Inspector Gadget

American Pie

Eyes Wide Shut

Big Daddy

Lace Placid

Wild Wild West


The Wood

Star Wars

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