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Dateline: Week Of June 25, 1999 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

The federal parliament in Belgrade votes to end Yugoslavia’s 3-month-old war and lifts curbs on civil liberties.

The Clinton Administration says that the booming economy will allow the government to shore up Social Security and pay off the federal debt within 15 years.

President Clinton wants to remove Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic from power. Covertly? CIA? Lets see.

About 5,000 Serbs gather in Cacak, Yugoslavia in the first major public protest against Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic’s rule since NATO ended its 11-week air war.

The House approves a constitutional amendment that would allow congress to ban the burning or other desecration of the American flag, but it could be doomed in the Senate.

Passing – Allan Carr – producer of the movie “Grease” and the Tony award-winning musical “La Cage aux Follies.” He was 62.


Sports News – June 25, 1999

NBA Champs – The San Antonio Spurs defeat the NY Knicks in game 5 – their first championship. 


Music news – June 25, 1999

Whitney Houston is back on concert tour after five years. She’s appearing first at Chicago’s Arie Crown Theatre.

For the first time – Eric Clapton reveals he was once so addicted to drugs that he abused his wife, Patti Boyd. They were divorced in 1988.  

So far, Britney Spears’ “… Baby One More Time” is the best-selling album of 1999 so far with 3.6 million copies sold.

Michael Jackson concert in Seoul to benefit needy children. 54,000 attended.

EM Latin sings boxer Oscar de La Hoya to a recording contract.

Wayne Newton has filed a $20 million countersuit against Tony Orlando claming he was slandered by him and that Orlando couldn’t draw an audience. This from their Branson theater partnership


Top Music Albums –June 25, 1999

Millennium – Backstreet Boys

Ricky Martin - Ricky Martin

Wild Wild West soundtrack

Austin Powers soundtrack

 Californication – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Enema of the State – Blink 182

Mirrorball – Sarah McLachlan

…Baby One More Time – Britney Spears 

Tarzan soundtrack


Top Pop Hit Music – June 25, 1999

Last Kiss – Pearl Jam

If You had My Love – Jennifer Lopez

No Pigeons – Sporty Thievz

It’s Not right But It’s OK – Whitney Houston

Hardest Thing – 98 Degrees

Fortunate – Maxwell

Happily Ever After – Case

Where My Girls At – 702

Give It To You – Jordan Knight

Chante’s Got a man – Chante Moore


Television news – June 25, 1999

Sports announcer Marv Alpert is back on NBC – two years after he was fired for pleading guilty in a sex case. He’ll announce NBA games for the network. Fox was also interested in Alpert.

VH1 - So far, more than 50 “Behind the Hits” programs have already aired featuring the likes of Shania Twain, Tony Orlando, Boy George and producer’s say they can make about 150 shows before running thin – but that updates can be done.

Drew Barrymore hosts NBC’s  “Saturday Night Live” and on CBS – it’s the Howard Stern Radio Show.

Tuesday night television listings/TV Guide – week of June 25, 1999

CBS – JAG, 60 Minutes II, JAG, Dave Letterman

NBC – 3rd Rock From The Sun, NewsRadio, Just Shoot Me, Will & Grace, dateline NBC, Jay Leno

ABC – Home Improvement, The Hughleys, Spin City, NYPD Blue, Nightline

Fox – Guinness World Records: Prime Time, Fox Files

UPN – Moesha, Clueless, Malcolm & Eddie, Between Brothers

MTV – TRL, Real World, BIOrhythm,, Loveline

VH-1 – Before they were Stars, Behind the Music, Where Are They Now?


On Dave Letterman – Lyle Lovett, Mira Sorvino.

On Jay Leno – Cher, Sean Connery.


Top Movies – June 25, 1999

Big Daddy


Austin Powers

The General’s Daughter

Star Wars

Notting Hill

The Mummy


An Ideal Husband

The Matrix

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