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Dateline: Week Of April 1, 1999 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Three U.S. army soldiers patrolling the terrain of Macedonia’s border with Yugoslavia are captured. Later, President Clinton learns the three will be tried by Yugoslavia immediately and expresses outrage. He declares that Milosevic will be held responsible for soldier’s safety. Washington is calling the trial unlawful.

NATO allies scramble to commit troops and humanitarian aid, as a crash of people flee Kosovo, overwhelming the region.

With Yugoslavia continuing its ethnic cleansing campaign to empty Kosovo of ethnic Albanians, President Clinton vows to punish the Serbian military without mercy, so that it will have no choice but to allow refugees to return. The number of displaced Kosovo Albanians has just topped 850,000.

Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic declares a cease-fire in ravaged Kosovo, but the U.S. and its allies reject the truce offer and continue their airstrikes.


Technology News - April 1, 1999

Sun Microsystems unveils new products that will work with Sun rival Microsoft and particularly, Windows NT.

Officials arrest programmer David L. Smith (30) from New Jersey, and charge him with launching the Melissa e-mail virus that spread across the world over the past week. The virus is responsible for tying up many corporate networks and shutting down e-mail sites. 

Yahoo Inc. will pay an estimated $5.7 billion in stock to buy webcasting company broadcast.com.


Business News – April 1, 1999

BP Amoco agrees to buy Atlantic Richfield Co in a stock swap worth $26.8 billion.


Entertainment News – April 1, 1999

 Passing – Gary Morton, husband of the late Lucille Ball. (74).


Top TV Shows/Ratings – April 1, 1999  

NCAA Basketball – 26.3

Movie-The Secret Path – 22.33

Touched By An Angel – 18.71

Friends – 18.68

Frasier – 17.79

Jesse – 17.33

Drew Carey – 17.02

ER – 16.28

Dateline NBC (Fri.) – 16.14

Dharma & Greg – 15.88

Dateline NBC (Tue.) – 15.73

Veronica’s Closet – 15.48

 60 Minutes – 15.46

JAG – 15.31

The Norm Show – 14.56

20/20 (Wed.) – 14.53

Providence – 14.23

It’s Like You Know – 14.20

Home Improvement – 14.11

20/20 (Fri) – 13.87

Just Shot Me – 13.31

Movie-Something to Talk About – 13.07

Spin City – 13.04

World’s Most Amazing Videos – 12.98

Dateline NBC (Wed.) – 12.88

Simpsons – 12.86

Law & Order – 12.30

Everybody Loves Raymond – 12.25

Will & Grace – 12.23

60 Minutes Ii – 12.09

20/20 (Mon.) – 1.89

Sabrina – 1.85

Nash Bridges – 11.35

King of Queens – 11.17


Television News – April 1, 1999

 The Sopranos concludes its 13-episode season with more viewers than ever – some 5 million. It’s a nice stat, considering HBO is in about 25% of homes, compared to the networks. 

CBS says it will acquire syndicator “King World” in a $2.5 billion deal.  

Pokemon – The WB is adding more Japanese import Pokemon cartoons this fall. Look for the network to add it weekdays from 7 to 8am in addition to weekday afternoons at 3:30 and Saturday mornings. The last ratings did the trick!

A change to ABC-TV’s TGIF family line-up as it shelves Ashley and Mary Kate Olsen’s “Two of a Kind” and adds “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza” to Friday nights.


Radio news – April 1, 1999

 New York’s Cousin Bruce Morrow celebrates 40 years in radio. Chicago’s Steve Dahl hits 20 years in the business.

Arbitron, the radio ratings company, says that persons using radio continues to decline. Average persons listening (total 12+) fell to 16.2%, down from 16.9%. 


Music news – April 1, 1999

Passing – Blues guitarist Joseph “Mighty Joe” Young. (71).

Rappers Missy “Misdemeanor” Elliott and Busta Rhymes are teaming up for an animated cartoon based on their personalities.

Trend? – A band called the Flaming Lips purchase 500 sets of headphone radios, to be loaned to fans at concerts so they can hear a better mix. 

Mo Thugs, formerly of Thugs-N-Harmony has gone solo with a new album – “Ghetto Cowboy.”

Leann Rimes, Mary J. Blige and TLC join Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, Cher and Brandy for VH1’s “Divas Live ’99.” Look for it April 13.  

On pay-per-view this week, don’t miss the Paris Concert for Amnesty. The bill includes Bruce Springsteen, Alanis Morissette, Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, Shania Twain, Asian Dub Foundation, Radiohead, Peter Gabriel, Tracy Chapman and others. 

Teen pop idols the Backstreet Boys headline the Showtime concert “Backstreet Boys: Coming Home” on Sunday.


Top movies – April 1, 1999

The Matrix

10 Things I Hate About You

The Out-of-Towners

Analyze This

Forces of Nature


Shakespeare in Love

Doug’s 1st Movie

Life is Beautiful

The Mod Squad

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