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Dateline: Week Of February 1, 1999 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

The White House unveils a $1.77-trillion budget plan for the next fiscal year that promises surpluses.

The Senate rejects a bid by House prosecutors for live testimony by Monica Lewinsky, but votes to allow excerpts of her videotaped deposition.

Monica S. Lewinsky’s testimonial video takes the stage at President Clinton’s impeachment trial. Did she or didn’t she?

Life support – Death is imminent for Jordan’s King Hussein as his family gathers to say goodbye.

A federal jury in Portland (OR) rules that an Internet site featuring blood-dripping fetuses and so-called “wanted” posters targeting abortion providers constitutes a real threat and orders over $100 million in damages.


Sports News – February 1, 1999

The NBA-shortened basketball season prompts the organization to release commercials with the slogan such as “I Still Love This Game.” The NBA says more are coming.

The Denver Broncos defeat the Atlanta Falcons in Superbowl XXXIII at Miami – 34-19. Denver quarterback John Elway is named the game’s most valuable player.  


Technology News – February 1, 1999

Lycos will launch a new service providing links to more than half a million online songs using MP3 technology. Lycos says they’re the first major search engine to provide such a comprehensive listing.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – February 1, 1999

Super Bowl XXXIII (Fox) – 83.72

Super Bowl Postgame – 44.72

Family Guy – 22.0

Friends – 20.21

The Simpsons – 19.11

Frasier – 18.21

Jesse – 17.08

ER – 16.78

Drew Carey – 16.48

20/20 – 15.61

Movie – Shawshank Redemption – 15.58

Providence – 15.28

Everybody Loves Raymond – 15.28

Whose Line Is It Anyway? – 14.70

Becker – 14.68

20/20 (Fri.) – 14.64

Veronica’s Closet – 14.55

Home Improvement – 14.50

Diagnosis Murder -  13.80


Passing – Huntz Hall (78) – rubber-faced actor, best known for his appearances in The Dead End Kids/Bowery Boys films.

Television news – February 1, 1999

Julianna Margulies says she is leaving top-rated ER at the end of next season. She says she wants to go back to the stage and make some independent films.

Fox’s “Family Guy” gets off to a terrific start. Didn’t hurt that it followed and was promoted heavily by the Superbowl.

MTV kicks-of season #2 of its “Celebrity Deathmatch.” It’s Al Pacino vs. Robert de Niro with Marlon Brando as referee. 

Fox’s “Melrose Place” and ABC’s “Home Improvement” will conclude their runs in May.

George Carlin is back for his 11th solo concert on HBO. Look for it this weekend.

Gene Siskel, half of the popular “Siskel and Ebert,” is taking time out to recuperate from brain surgery. “I’m in a hurry to get well because I don’t want Roger to get more screen time than I.”


Music News – February 1, 1999


A posthumous solo album from INXS’s Michael Hutchence is set for release in a few months. He was working on new material before he hung himself in a Sydney hotel room a few years ago. 

The Backstreet Boys are featured in a pay-TV event this week from Orlando. 


Top movies  – February 1, 1999

She’s All That

Patch Adams

Varsity Blues

A Civil Action

Shakespeare In Love


The Thin Red Line

You’ve Got Mail

At First Sight

The Prince of Egypt

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