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Dateline: Events/Week Of November 22, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

China and Japan agree to forge new ties as Japan pledges to recognize Taiwan as part of China’s mainland – and pledges $3.2 billion in loans.

President Clinton advises the House Judiciary Committee that he never committed perjury or obstructed justice in his sexual trysts with Monica Lewinsky.  

A man opens fire in a downtown Seattle bus – killing three.

The Iraqi government pledged not to relent on its standoff with the United Nations over documents on its weapons programs, sending hundreds of people into the streets to protest U.N sanctions.

Atty. Gen. Janet Reno says she will not seek an outside prosecutor to determine of Al Gore lied to federal investigators in the campaign financing probe.

Presidential confidant Webster Hubbell – a former top Justice Department official, pleads not guilty to 15 new federal charges stemming from the 1970’sArkansas land deal known as Whitewater.

Michigan - Dr. Jack Kevorkian is charged with first-degree premeditated murder and with assisting in a suicide after he euthanized a terminally ill man whose last moments were broadcast on national television.

J.C. Penny says it will buy Genovese Drug Stores for $432 million in stock.

Stocks rebound as the Dow hits 9,374.27 – an all-time high.


Sports News – November 22, 1998

Oscar De La Hoya is accused of rape by an 18-year-old woman who seeks $10 million.

Still no NBA as talks are canceled. And it looks like December is cancelled. No action.

Baseball – The Angels sign Mo Vaughn in a 5-year, $80-million deal.


Technology News – November 22, 1998

Long distance companies such as AT&T, Sprint and MCI not are entering the local toll market or long distance local dialing. Calls over – about 12 miles go into this category. Right now  - if you dial a “1” then the area code and number – that gets routed through your local phone company. If you want to use the other guys, you’ll have to dial a seven-digit code (10-1x-xxx) followed by the phone #.

You can get DVD players for about $300.00.

America Online acquires Netscape Communications in a stock swap. The deal is valued at $4 billion.

Nice try - Microsoft calls on the government to end its landmark anti-trust suit, contending that AOL’s purchase of Netscape reveals a healthy marketplace.  

A court decision ordering Microsoft to make its version of Java software compatible with Sun Microsystems design – now assures that Java will remain a standard.


Entertainment news – November 22, 1998

Michael J. Fox (37) tells People Magazine he has Parkinson’s Disease and has had it since 1991. Fox will talk about the disease during a Barbara Walters special on Dec. 4.  

Wow – Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston perform on the “Oprah” show this week. They have a duet from a new movie – “Prince of Egypt."

On a high – Jerry Springer – whose trash-TV show gets big ratings daytimes. Now he’s a fictional host of the movie “The Jerry Show.” In essence, you pay to see a fictional version of the same thing on TV. 


Music news – November 22, 1998

Songwriters Ashford and Simpson become the latest to go public on their songs. They have raised $10 million by selling bonds backed by future royalties on their 250 song catalog. Last year, David Bowie raised $55 million with bonds backed by the future royalties from his first 25 albums.

Get your tickets for the Rolling Stones “No Security” tour for 1999.

This week on CBS-TV – Celine Dion – “These Are Special Times.” “CBS presents Grammy winning superstar Celine Dion in her first network television special ever!”

The Smashing Pumpkins sever ties with Q Prime – the management outfit that has handled them for the past three years. Q Prime represents artists such as Madonna, Metallica, Hole Def Leppard, Bruce Hornsby and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. One of the issues – disappointing sales of 800,000 for the band’s latest album – “Adore.”

They’re hot – The Dixie Chicks – the hottest act in country music right now. Album “Wide Open Spaces” is in the pop top-10.  


Television news – November 22, 1998

Katie Couric, Al Roker and Matt Lauer host NBC’s coverage of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  NBC will also broadcast the original “It’s A Wonderful Life” at midday.

Passing – Comedian Flip Wilson.

Woody Harreslon reprises his “Woody” character for an upcoming “Frasier.”

The All-New World’s Greatest Magic – With John Ritter.

Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – November 22, 1998

CBS – Maggie Winters, Celine Dion Special, Chicago Hope, Dave Letterman

NBC – The World’s Greatest Magic V, Law & Order, Jay Leno

ABC – Two Guys, Drew Carey, Dharma & Greg, 20/20, Nightline

Fox – Movie

WB – Dawson’s Creek, Charmed

UPN – 7 Days, Star Trek Voyager

PBS – Nerds 2.0.1, A Brief History of the Internet.  

MTV – Celebrity Death


Celine Dion special – with Rosie O’Connell and Andrea Bocelli.

World’s Greatest Magic – Hosted by John Ritter.


Top Movies – November 22, 1998

The Rugrats Movie

Enemy of the State

The Waterboy

Meet Joe Black

I Still Know What You Did

The Siege

I’ll Be Home For Christmas




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