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Dateline: Events/Week Of November 8, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 



In The News

President Clinton marks Veterans Day by signing legislation increasing benefits for disabled veterans and survivors of Americans who died serving their country.

President Clinton sends a new wave of military reinforcements to the Persian Gulf. He said that a failure to contain Iraq’s weapons program would give Saddam Hussein an opportunity to rebuild his arsenal within months.

Iraqi President Saddam Hussein said that Baghdad is willing to accept any plan to avoid violence as long as its “legitimate” demands are met.

President Clinton has agreed to pay $850,000 to Paula Corbin Jones to end her sexual harassment lawsuit – ending her 4-year sexual harassment case. 

Sen. Arlen Specter (R-Pa.) call on his colleagues to halt the impeachment process altogether and instead let independent counsel Ken Starr prosecute President Clinton in federal court after his term expires.

Republican - Rep. Christopher Cox says he is withdrawing from the speaker’s race – clearing the way for Rep. Bob Livingston. 

The Dalai Lama – the exiled Tibetan-spiritual leader, sees President Clinton in Washington. He said he needs further talks with Beijing to make sure any new peace offering will win a positive response form the Chinese leaders. Chinese troops have occupied Tibet for nearly five decades. China considers Tibet to be an autonomous region.

Radio address –

President Clinton set into motion a tightening of the Brady law aimed at stopping 5,000 gun shows around the nation from becoming “illegal arms bazaars’ for criminals and gunrunners.

In Jacksonville (Fl.). A 14-year-old boy was arrested for stabbing an 8-year-old girl to death. He then taped her to the bottom of his waterbed. The boy lived just across the street from the girl. Police had searched their house and others in the area. The third time an odor appeared, but the mother believed it was from pets. She got suspicious when they left, and found the girl herself. This after hundreds of volunteers had distributed leaflets with her picture and her parents pleaded tearfully for the return of Maddie. Fliers and yellow ribbons were given out to 70,000 fans at the Jacksonville Jaguars football game. The Jaguar coaches also wore the ribbons.

Before a grand jury - New York book agent Lucianne Goldberg says that it’s her fault Linda Tripp faces criminal charges for secretly tape-recording telephone conversations with former White House intern Monica S. Lewinsky. Those tapes led to the investigation of Lewinsky’s affair with President Clinton. The jury is considering whether Linda Tripp broke Maryland wiretapping law by recording about 20 yours of conversations with Lewinsky. Goldberg said that Ms. Tripp asked her back in Sept. 1997, if recording her calls with Ms. Lewinsky would be appropriate. Goldberg said she had someone research the answer – and it was – yes – it was OK. 

More Internet mania as the stock of AvTel Communications surges $28.75 to close at $31. This after trading for $2-$3 for several months. The surge came after the company announced it would roll out high-speed Internet – known as DSL.


Technology News – November 8, 1998

PC’s – Dell is projected to grow at a 60% pace this year. The current industry leader – Compaq, is expected go grow 23%. The trend is – more direct selling on the Internet.

Microsoft teams with Qualcomm to marry features of mobile phones and computers. 

Now out – Apple’s OS 8.5 – a new version of its operating system. It’s designed for Apple computers with PowerPC processors and at least 16 megs of memory.


Entertainment news – November 8, 1998

Magic Johnson – the ex-basketball star – says he won’t show the movie “Belly” in his LA-area theaters (Baldwin Hills) because he fears gang violence.


Music news – November 8, 1998

She’s hot – Alanis Morissette’s new “Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie” album sold 469,000 copies its first week. It’s a follow-up to the amazing “Jagged Little Pill."

Another box-set is released this week –“Bruce Springsteen: Tracks,” a four-CD boxed set. Contains 56 previously unreleased Springsteen recordings along with 10 that have appeared as B-sides of singles. 


Television news – November 8, 1998

On “Saturday Night Live” – Joan Allen hosts with music guest Jewel.

The WB’s “7th Heaven” gets the network’s highest rating, so far with 9.1 million viewers – beating out rival Melrose Place on Fox. 

Friday night television listings/TV guide – week of November 8, 1998

CBS – Kids Say The Darndest Things, Candid Camera, Buddy Faro, Nash Bridges, Dave Letterman

NBC – Dateline NBC, Law & Order, Homicide: Life on the Street. Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien

ABC – Two of a Kind, Boy Meets World, Sabrina, Brother’s Keeper, 20/20, Nightline

Fox – Brimstone, Millennium

UPN – Legacy, Love boat: the Next Wave

PBS – Wall Street Week, Ballroom Dancing

E! – The Gossip Show, World’s Best Casinos

MTV – 1998 MTV Europe Music Awards


On David Letterman – Donald Trump, Doug Flutie

On Tonight Show – Jennifer Love Hewitt, Zach Wamsley

On Nightline – Hurricane Mitch


Top Movies – November 8, 1998

The Waterboy

The Siege



The Wizard of Oz reissue

Living Out Loud

Practical Magic

John carpenter’s Vampires


Rush Hour


Bride of Chucky

Rush Hour



What Dreams May Come

Apt Pupil

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