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Dateline: Events/Week Of June 1, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

With personal bankruptcies at a record 1.3 million last year, Congress wants to push for a bankruptcy overhaul. Overall, it’ll make it harder to file for BK.

White House lawyers withdraw President Clinton’s controversial claim of executive privilege in The Monica Lewinsky investigation.

Monica Lewinsky fires lawyer William Ginsburg and hires Jacob Stein and Plato Cacheris – two prominent Washington attorneys’s to represent her. 

The Supreme Court deals Independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr a blow, and refuses his request for a ruling that could have forced White House Lawyers and Secret Service officials to answer prosecutor’s questions before a grand jury in the Monica Lewinsky case.

The nation’s jobless rate is at 4.3% - the lowest in a generation. 300,000 new jobs were created last month.

Victory Gallop wins the Belmont Stakes.

 Passing – Sam Yorty – three-term Los Angeles mayor. He was 88.


Sports News – June 1, 1998

The Chicago Bulls do it again. By defeating the Indiana Pacers, they earn another trip into the NBA champion series. 


Top TV Shows/Ratings – June 1, 1998

NBA Playoffs (Sun.) – 30.57

NBA Playoffs (Fri.) – 19.96

NBA Payoffs (Wed.) – 17.69

Seinfeld – 16.70

Dateline NBC (Sun.) – 15.35

20/20 (Mon.) – 15.34

60 Minutes – 14.72

Movie-Deaf Man Heard – 14.45

ER – 14.26

Home Improvement – 14.23

Veronica’s Closet – 13.87

Dateline NBC (Mon) – 13.78

PrimeTime Live – 12.77

Touched by an Angel – 12.74

Friends – 12.56

Just Shot Me – 12.51

NBC Tipoff (Wed.) – 12.33

NBC Tipoff (Fri.) – 12.20

Drew Carey – 12.18

20/20 – 11.80

Movie-Sex, Drugs, Consent – 11.72

48 Hours – 11.72


Television news – June 1, 1998

CNNs “NewsStand,” a collaboration between CNN and Time Warner’s Time, Fortune and Entertainment Weekly magazines. Of course, CNN is owned by Time Warner.

CNBC cancels the Charles Grodin talk program.  


Music news – June 1, 1998

Brandy is making the rounds on her new album “Never Say Never” which has advance orders of 1.5 million. She says, “It’s always been my dream to make music that everyone can relate to. I’m very grateful… I don’t take any of this for granted.. I feel like I’ve just won the lottery.” “I know that I’ve grown up. I’m not the same person I was at 15 that I am at 19. I know a lot more about life in terms of relationships. I know about love, I know about friends turning their backs on you, and I know what it is to be alone, with no one around you telling you what to do. I think that’s a big part of growing up.”  

Lisa Marie Presley signs with Java Records. When will her first album be out? 

Former Stone Temple Pilots lead Scott Welland cancels his first four solo shows after his arrest for heroin possession in New York.

Ginger Spice announces she is leaving the Spice Girls, but the group will go on without her.


Top movies – June 1, 1998


Hope Floats

Deep Impact

The Horse Whisperer


I Got The Hook-Up

Almost Heroes

The Quest For Camelot


Fear/Loathing In Las Vegas

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