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Dateline: Events/Week Of May 8, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

The Senate approves legislation that would restructure the IRS for the first time in decades – including taxpayer’s rights.

Londoners voted overwhelmingly in favor of electing their own mayor for the first time in history, a powerful figure likely to cut a political profile second only to Prime Minister Tony Blair.

In Japan – thousands of weeping youngsters swarm to a Buddhist temple in Tokyo to morn rock star Hideto “Hide” Matsumoto – who committed suicide.

The FAA grounds older 737 jet planes until they can be inspected for wiring defects.

India conducts three underground nuclear tests – and U.S intelligence failed to provide any kind of warning.

Radio address – President Clinton calls on Congress to approve measures aimed at helping caregivers – and that child-care workers have no criminal backgrounds.

Cabbies stage a one-day protest in NY because Mayor Giuliani wants mandatory drug tests, tougher regulations and increased fines for traffic violations for cabbies.

NY State – Five frozen, fertilized human eggs that have been in legal limbo since the couple who created them divorced must be donated to research despite the woman’s desire to use them to have children – so said the state’s highest court.

The Oklahoma City bombing judge orders convicted conspirator Terry L. Nichols to pay the U.S. government $14.5 million in restitution and will sentence the former farmhand on June 4. 

Press Secretary Mike McCurry accused journalists of bias in covering the Clinton Administration controversies and added the public believes in the presumption of innocence.

Minnesota - The Tobacco industry agreed to pay $6.6 billion to settle a massive lawsuit.

Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic rejects foreign mediation to end escalating violence in the southern Kosovo province.

Passing – Alice Faye – musical star of the 1930’s. She was 83.

Despite three years of billion-dollar mail profits, the Independent Postal rate Commission reluctantly agreed to a post office request to raise the price of stamps by a penny.


Businesss/Economy News – May 8, 1998

Sunbeam Chairman “Chainsaw” Al Dunlap says he intends to announce plans for putting his own stamp on recently acquired companies – Signature Brands USA and First Alert Inc. Look for restructuring.

SBC Communications will buy Ameritech Corp in a deal valued at $56 billion.

PepsiCo Inc accuses Coca-Cola of trying to monopolize the independent distribution system that delivers soft drink syrup to restaurants, movie theaters, sports venues and other locations.  

Unemployment dips to 4.3% - a 28-year low.


Sports News – May 8, 1998

Atlanta’s Chipper Jones hits a grand slam as the Brave beat the Padres 6-4. 


Music news – May 8, 1998

James Taylor’s “Hourglass” tour. 

Shania Twain is touring for the first time.

Tori Amos is touring “plugged” ’98.


Television news – May 8, 1998

Countdown to “Seinfeld” finale and now the show has a website – seinfeld.com.

Some 39 million viewers watched this week’s show.

Geraldo Rivera tapes his last show “Geraldo.” He’s going to NBC.

On “Saturday Night Live” – David Duchovny and Puff Daddy.

The Fox Family Channel has a new show for old “Mr. Bill” called “Ohhh, Noooo!!!!.”

First Lady Hillary guests on the Rosie O’Donnell show this week.

The season finale of “7th Heaven” drew 9.3 million viewers – the highest ratings ever for the WB.

 Don’t miss “Jeff Foxworthy: Totally Committed” on HBO this weekend.

Don’t miss MTV’s “Celebrity Deathmatch” – new beginning this week. They’re animated fantasy battles between the famous.


Top movies – May 8, 1998

Deep Impact

City of Angels

He Got game


Les Miserables



The Big Hit

Black Dog

The Object of My Affection

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