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Dateline: Events/Week Of May 1, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Historic Treaty – The Senate approves to expand the North Atlantic Treaty Organization by admitting the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland into the alliance. 

Leaders of the European Union agree to launch a single and shared currency in 11 of their countries on January 1, 1999.

Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski is sentenced to four life terms in federal prison.

Kenneth W. Starr obtains the indictment charging Susan McDougal, the jailed former business partner of President Clinton and his wife, for refusing to testify about the group’s past Arkansas land deals.

A federal judge rejects President Clinton’s use of executive privilege to prevent questioning of top aides about aspects of the Monica Lewinsky controversy.

The State Department says Iran is the worst sponsor of terrorism, carrying out 13 assassinations in 1997. This despite the election of a more moderate government last year.

Federal regulators fine SabreTech Inc $2.25 million for improperly handling oxygen generators blamed for a fire aboard the Valuejet plane that crashed into the Florida Everglades in 1996.

Passing – Eldridge Cleaver (62) – former Black Panther.


Medical/Health News – May 1, 1998

The FDA approves the first commercial surgical blue. It’ll be used to help control bleeding during certain surgeries or trauma.


Business News – May 1, 1998

Chrysler Corp. and German luxury carmaker Daimier-Benz announce they have agreed to a $40 billion merger.


Sports News – May 1, 1998

NASCAR - Mark Martin wins the California 500.

Kentucky Derby is won by Real Quiet with jockey Kent Desormeaux.


Technology News – May 1, 1998

Apple says it is coming out with a new kind of personal computer – the iMac (Internet Mac). It will offer the performance of Windows-based PC’s that sell for much higher prices, plus, it has a whole new look. Price should be around 1295.  

Disney agrees to purchase the rest of Starwave Corp. from founder Paul Allen.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – May 1, 1998

Merlin Part 2 – 33.46

Seinfeld – 33.32

ER – 30.21

Veronica’s Closet – 23.54

Friends – 23.15

 Just Shoot Me – 22.77

Touched By An Angel – 19.54

Frasier – 19.31

X-Files – 18.24

Movie-Last Don 2 Part 1 – 17.81

60 Minutes – 17.07

Dateline NBC (Tue.) – 16.48

King of the Hill – 15.27

The Simpsons – 14.80

Drew Carey – 14.71

20/20 - 14.57

NYPD Blue – 14.41

PrimeTime Live – 14.34

Law & Order – 14.26

Most Dangerous Magic – 14.03

JAG – 14.02


Television news –May 1, 1998

“The Wizard of Oz” has its last network airing as CBS-TV broadcasts the classic for the final time. It’ll go to Ted Turner’s cable channels.

Charles Gibson says farewell to his “Good Morning America” viewers. He’s leaving to become an anchor and correspondent for ABC’s magazine programs.

KNBC-TV and KTLA-TV Los Angeles broadcast tight shots of a man who shot himself to death on a freeway overpass.


Music news – May 1, 1998

George Harrison goes to court to stop the sale of a 1962 recording of the Beatles singing drunkenly in a British club.

Gary Glitter, best known for his 1972 hit “Rock and Roll Part II” is charged in London with five counts of child sexual abuse occurring between 1976 and 1983.  He already faced faces 50 counts of taking indecent photographs of juveniles. 

The high school in Irmo, SC cancels an Indigo Girls concert because members Emily Sailiers and Amy Ray are lesbians.

Carly Simon is undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. She had a malignant tumor removed last October and her doctor says she’s doing well.

Guitarist John Frusciante returns to the Red Hot Chill Peppers. He’ll replace Dave Navarro. Frusciante originally left the group in 1992.  


Top movies – May 1, 1998

He Got Game

City of Angels

The Big Hit

Les Miserables

Black dog



The Object of my Affection

Lost in Space

Sliding Doors

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