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Dateline: Events/Week Of March 8, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

Attorney’s for Paula Corbin Jones unveil their allegations against President Clinton – some 700 pages.

China’s top banker says that the country is prepared to send $1 trillion on infrastructure projects in the next three years and loosen controls on lending to spur the country’s huge domestic market.

 Passing – James B. McDougal – one of the key figures in the continuing Whitewater saga who initially defended, but later turned against the Clintons – dies in prison. He was 57 and had a long-term heart ailment.

A Minnesota judge orders the nation’s major cigarette companies to turn over 39,000 confidential documents that they waged a long, bitter and expensive battle to keep secret.

Rep. Joseph P. Kennedy announces he is pulling out of politics.

A federal judge in Washington orders the government of Iran to pay $247.5 million in damages to the family of an American student killed in a 1995 suicide bombing in the Gaza Strip – allegedly carried out by a terrorist group based out of Tehran. 

President Boris N. Yeltsin (67) cancels his appointments and retreats to his country home, suffering from what the Kremlin called an “acute respiratory disorder.

Vice President Al Gore takes Russian Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin to Northern California to tour part of silicon valley and high-tech companies.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright asks the European Allies to seek action on the Kosovo violence – just before a six-nation meeting in London. 

Passing – Beatrice Wood – considered the mother of Dada. She was 105.

United States health officials announce that cancer is on the decline – reversing nearly 20 years of escalating cases.

Oil prices plunge to 9-year-lows – $14.29 per barrel.

Troopergate - David Brock – reporter and author – says in the next edition of Esquire magazine – he publicly apologizes to President Clinton about his role in breaking the Troopergate expose, which turned out – featured sensational allegations by Arkansas state troopers of womanizing by Clinton when he was governor of that state. “The troopers were greedy and had slimy motives.” Brock asserted that he wasn’t hot for the story in the name of serious journalism, but that he wanted to pop Clinton “right between the eyes.”


Mike Tyson In Trouble Again – March 8, 1998

Two women are suing Mike Tyson for $22.5 million – claiming they were traumatized when he verbally and physically abused them in a Washington restaurant after his sexual advance was rejected.


Technology – March 8, 1998

Microsoft unveils tools that make it easier for software developers to write Windows applications in Microsoft’s version of the Java language. Sun Microsystems Inc. which developed the java language, has sued Microsoft, alleging it hijacked the language to create a version that works only on Windows computers.


Radio news – March 8, 1998

Police beating Rodney King appears on Howard Stern’s show to debut his new rap record label called Straight Alta –Pazz and a new rap single (not his though) called “Do It How U Wanna” by rap group Stranded.


Music news – March 8, 1998

Snoop Doggy Dogg signs with a new label – No Limit Records – but he still is under contract to Death Row Records – for at least two more albums. No Limit is owned by Master P.

Don’t miss the George Strait Country Music festival- which kicks-off in Tempe, Arizona. With Straight – Tim McGraw Faith Hill, John Michael Montgomery, Lee Ann Womack, Lila McCann and Asleep at the Wheel.


Television news – March 8, 1998

On “Saturday Night Live” – Julianne Moore and musical guests the Backstreet Boys. 

The FCC will deploy V-chip technology in TV sets beginning 2000.

Keenan Ivory Wayans’ talk show on Fox is cancelled this week. It was on for about six months.

The Cartoon Network presents “the 50 Greatest Cartoons of all Time” marathon this weekend.

 Passing – Actor Lloyd Bridges. He was 85. 

E! Entertainment television which last summer – expanded its news operations – is cutting them back. “E! News Daily!” will return to its original half-hour format.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – March 8, 1998

ER – 20.36

Seinfeld – 26.92

Veronica’s Closet – 22.95

Touched by an Angel – 22.52

Friends – 21.60

Just Shot Me – 20.98

The X-Files

Magic’s Secrets Revealed 2 – 19.79

60 Minutes – 19.18

Movie-To Live Again – 19.11

Frasier – 18.34

The Simpsons – 17.79

Home Improvement – 17.55

Drew Carey Show – 17.09

King of the Hill – 17.07

20/20 – 16.41

Dateline NBC (Tue.) – 16.19

NYPD Blue – 16.10

Garth Brooks Special – 15.73

Magic’s Secrets Revealed – 15.57


Top Movies – March 8, 1998


U.S. Marshals

The Wedding Singer



The Big Lebowski

Good Will Hunting

As Good As It Gets

Dark City

The Borrowers

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