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Dateline: Events/Week Of February 1, 1998 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment  & Fascinating Facts 


In The News

President Clinton’s job approval rating hits 68% - his highest yet.

President Clinton unveils the first balanced-budge proposal in 30 years and sends Congress a $1.7 trillion federal spending plan.

The 1992 Olympic games open at Nagano, Japan.

President Clinton denies that he tried to get his personal secretary to provide misleading testimony about Monica Lewinsky’s visits to the Oval Office. He accuses his foes of orchestrating “unlawful” news leaks from a grand jury investigation and says he’ll never resign as President.  

The standoff over Baghdad’s refusal to allow unconditional U.N. weapons inspections moves into another phase – with possible airstikes lurking.

It seems, everyone wants to take out Saddam Hussein with many calling for his elimination as Iraqi leader – from columnists to congressional leaders.

President Clinton orders 2,000 Marines to the Persian Gulf while rejecting the notion that U.S. military strikes against Iraq would be aimed at killing President Saddam Hussein. “Would the Iraqi people be better off it there were a change in leadership? I certainly think they would be,” said the President at an appearance with visiting British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


Technology News – February 1, 1998 – Bill Gates Hit With A Pie

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates is hit with pie in the face. He was arriving for a meeting with Belgian business and government leaders when a prankster hurled the pie at him. He was led into a side room to clean up. When he emerged, he appeared a little embarrassed. Police arrested two, one of whom distracted Gates. Police confirm the pie was thrown by Noel Godin, a Belgian known for throwing pies at famous people.  


Health/Medical news – February 1, 1998

Researchers say they have tracked down the oldest specimen of the virus that causes AIDS, to shortly after the end of WWII, a decade earlier then believed. The first-known strain is traced to a Bantu man.

Meantime the number of AIDS deaths in the United States dropped 44% in the first half of 1997, compared to the same period in 1996. 


 Entertainment News – February 1, 1998

 Actor Daniel Baldwin’s condition is upgraded to stable after an apparent cocaine overdose. 

Two celebrity photogs (paparazzi) are found guilty on misdemeanor false imprisonment charges by a judge who branded their actions “outrageous.” They had pursued actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Schriver outside their child’s preschool last year. Schwarzenegger had just been released from the hospital after open-heart surgery and Maria was five months pregnant.


Radio News – February 1, 1998

KYSR-FM (Star 98.7) Los Angeles hires the Denver morning team of Frosty, Stillwell and Jaime White for mornings. 


Top TV Shows/Ratings – February 1, 1998

Seinfeld – 33.19

ER – 32.84

Veronica’s Closet – 26.55

Friends – 25.27

Just Shoot Me – 24.65

Touched By An Angel – 24.10

 60 Minutes – 21.98

Movie-The Love Letter – 20.92

Music Awards – 18.36

Movie-The Lake – 17.12

Dateline NBC (Mon.) – 16.59

Home Improvement – 16.42

Soul Man – 16.12

Drew Carey – 15.80

Law & Order – 15.59

3rd Rock From The Sun – 15.39

King of the Hill – 15.20

20/20 (Fri) -  15.01

Walker, Texas Ranger – 14.56

Promised Land – 14.46

Diagnosis Murder – 14.42

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch – 14.35

PrimeTime Live – 14.22

The Simpsons – 14.18

Dharma & Greg – 13.55

Working – 13.49


Television news – February 1, 1998

NBC hires former O.J. Simpson prosecutor Marcia Clark as a legal analyst.


Music news – February 1, 1998

 The November 22 hotel room death of INXS lead singer Michael Hutchence is declared a suicide. Hutchence was in a severe depressed state due to a custody battle between his girlfriend, Paula Yates and her ex-husband, musician Bob Geldof.

Electronic music is featured each week on MTV’s “Amp.” Also, MTV’s “120 Minutes” which for the past 12 years has defined pop music trends, is still going -  late Sunday nights.   


Top movies – February 1, 1998


Great Expectations

Good Will Hunting

Spice World

As Good as it Gets

Desperate Measures

Wag the Dog

Deep Rising


Hard Rain

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