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Dateline: Events/Week of October 15, 1997 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Oregon becomes the first state where doctor-assisted suicide for dying persons becomes legal.

The Justice Department accuses Microsoft of stifling competition on the Internet and urges a federal court to fine the company $1 million a day. They allege that Microsoft has run afoul of a 1995 antitrust settlement by forcing computer makers to equip their PC’s with its Web browsing software or risk being denied its Windows operating system.

Chevron says it has agreed to sell 450 service stations in Britain to Shell, completing its plans to withdraw from the retail gas business in Britain.

Vice President Al Gore hails the lesbian lead of “Ellen” and other TV shows and characters as making important contributions to society during a speech in Hollywood. “When the character Ellen came out, millions of Americans were forced to look at sexual orientation in a more open light.” The Christian Coalition assailed Gore’s comment as “nothing ore than craven pandering to the Hollywood left” and “way out of the mainstream of what most American families want to see on prime-time television.” 

Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones becomes a formal party to the investigation of the crash that injured him and killed Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed and their driver. By joining the probe as a civil party, Rees-Jones – the accident’s only survivor, will have access to all court papers. Rees-Jones spent more than a month in a French hospital and was under heavy anesthesia during operations to repair his jaw.

Despite the emphasis on safe sex to prevent AIDS, genital herpes has increased fivefold since the late 1970’s among white teens and doubled among whites in their 20’s.

Lawyers for Paula Corbin Jones seek answers from President Clinton on whether he had sex with women other than his wife when he was governor of Arkansas and whether he appointed one of them to an Arkansas judgeship.

Passing – Roberto C. Goizueta – whose 16-year leadership of Coca-Cola transformed the once-floundering soda maker into one of the world’s richest franchises. 

Passing – Author James A. Michener (90).


Some best-selling books – October 15, 1997

A Child’s Night Dream – Oliver Stone

The Angel of Darkness – Caeb Carr

Cold Mountain – Charles Frazier

Book – Whoopi Goldberg

The Royals – Kitty Kelley

Diana: Her True Story In Her Own Words – Andrew Morton

Angela’s Ashes – Frank McCourt 


Technology news – October 15, 1997

Apple Computer reports that it lost $161 million – worst than expected.


Sports news – October 15, 1997

It’ll be the Cleveland Indians and the Florida Marlins in the World Series.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – October 15, 1997

ER – 32.13

Seinfeld – 30.15

Veronica’s Closet – 26.10

Home Improvement – 24.21

Friends – 23.98

Touched By An Angel – 22.94

Movie-Final Descent – 19.86

Monday Night Football – 19.18

 Union Square – 1913

NYPD  Blue – 18.64

Home Improvement – 17.74

Soul Man – 17.44

Hiller and Diller – 17.41

Drew Carey – 17.40

60 Minutes – 16.78

10/20 – 15.12

Ellen – 15.08

Walker, Texas Ranger – 15.03

Dharma & Greg – 14.87

Working – 14.57

Law & Order – 14.28


Television news – October 15 1997

Universal Studios announces that it is selling its major television assets to a company controlled by mogul Barry Diller. The new company is to be named USA Networks Inc.

 Don’t miss the Sci-Fi channel’s 12-hour “Lost in Space” marathon on Saturday. You’ll see favorite shows as chosen by viewers, cast interviews and a sneak preview of the upcoming film version.

In roughly over a month, CBS has lost more than half its Saturday morning kids audience since switching from animated shows to live-action and more educational-leaning programs. For kids ages 2-11, Nickelodeon leads Saturday mornings (about 2 million) followed by Fox, ABC, WB and CBS.

Speaking of “Ellen” earlier, ABC has added parental discretion advisories to the show.

Passing – Audra Lindley – best know for her portrayal of Helen Roper on “Three’s Company.” From complications of leukemia. She was 79. 

Sunday night television listings/TV guide – October 15, 1997

CBS – 60 Minutes, Touched by an Angel, Movie

NBC – Baseball, American Pie, Movie

ABC – Movie, Movie

WB – Pinky & The Brain, Parent ‘Hood, Jamie Foxx, Unhappily Ever After, Tom Show, Alright Already

Fox – World’s Funniest Animals, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, X-Files

PBS – Nature

Comedy Central – Sinbad: Brian Damaged


Touched by an Angel – A small farming town devastated by drought brings God to court.

Jamie Fox – Jamie’s mom agrees to sing with him at a fundraiser.


 Music news – October 15, 1997

Chumbawamba’s “Tubthumping” – a bright, catchy tune, is actually a song about the underdog – so says the song’s lead singer Dunstan Bruce. “It’s a song for al those people who only get a chance to express their opinion when they stand up in a public drunk and start mouthing of about something or when they’re singing on the way home from the pub. It’s a song for people who really don’t have a voice.”

MSNBC airs live coverage of John Denver’s memorial service in Aurora, Colo. A&E is set to rebroadcast a two-hour 1995 special “John Denver, The Wildlife Concert” on Saturday.

John Denver died without a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, although it was approved and paid for some 15 years ago. He’s sure to get it posthumously.


Top music albums – October 15, 1997

You Light Up My Life – Leann Rimes

Evolution – Boyz II Men

Soul Food – Soundtrack

Bridges to Babylon – Rolling Stones

Time Out of Mind – Bob Dylan

Butterfly – Mariah Carey

Aquarium – Aqua

The Dance – Fleetwood Mac

Collection of Hits – Trisha Yearwood

Greatest Hits Collection – Books & Dunn

Now Way Out – Puff Daddy & The Family

Pieces of You – Jewel

When Disaster Strikes – Busta Rhymes

Spice – Spice Girls

Yourself Or Someone Like You – Matchbox 20

Back in Business – EPMD

Middle of Nowhere – Hanson

Men In Black – Soundtrack

The Big Picture – Elton John

Potishead – Portishead

Everywhere – Tim McGraw

My Way – Usher

Floored – Sugar Ray

Surfacing – Sarah McLachlan

Loaded – Brotha Lynch Hung

Carrying Your Love With Me – George Straight

ESPN Presents Jock James Vol. 3 – Various Artists


Top Pop Music Hits(top-40) – October 15, 1997

You Make Me Wanna… Usher

Candle In The Wind 1997 – Elton John

Honey – Mariah Carey

How Do I Live – LeAnn Rimes

Semi-Charmed Life – Third eye Blind

All Cried Out – Allure/112

Mo Money Mo Problems – Notorious B.I.G. / Puff Daddy

My Live is the SHHH! – Somethin’ For the People Featuring Trina & Tamara

Building A Mystery – Sarah McLachlan

Invisible Man – 98 Degrees

2 Become 1 – Spice Girls

The One I Gave My Heart To – Aaliyah

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

What About us – Total

You Should Be Mine (Don’t Waste Your Time) – Brian McKnight/Mase

Up Jumps Da Boogie – Magoo and Timbaland

Butta Love – Next


Top pop music hits in Britain – October 15, 1997

Candle in the Wind 1997 – Elton John

The Way You Look Tonight – Elton John

Got ‘Til It’s Gone – Janet Jackson

Sunchyme – Dario G.

Sama De Janeiro – Bellini

Stand By Me – Oasis

Angel of Mine – Eternal

Raincloud – The Lighthouse Family

As Long As You Love Me – Backstreet Boys

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

Oh La La la – 2 Eivissa


Top Country Music Tracks – October 15, 1997

How Do I Get There – Deana Carter

Go Away – Lorrie Morgan

Everywhere – Tim McGraw

This Night Won’t Last Forever – Sawyer Brown

How Your Love Makes Me Feel – Diamond Rio

The Fool – Lee Ann Womack

In Another’s Eyes – Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks

Honky Tonk Truth – Brooks & Dunn

You and You Alone – Vince Gill

Love Gets Me Every Time – Shania Twain


Top Rap Music Tracks – October 15, 1997

Up Jumps Da Boogie – Magoo and Timbaland

I Miss My Homies – Master P/Pimp G and the Shocker


Top Modern Rock Tracks – October 15, 1997

Fly – Sugar Ray

Walkin On The Sun – Smash Mouth

Tubthumping – Chumbawamba

Hitchin’ A Ride – Green Day

Everything To Everyone – Everclear

Criminal – Fiona Apple

The Rascal King – Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Don’t Go Away – Oasis


Top movie video rentals – October 15, 1997

The Devil’s Own

The Saint

Donnie Brasco

Sling Blade

The English patient

Father’s Day


Top movies – October 15, 1997

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Devil’s Advocate

Kiss the Girls

Seven Years in Tibet

In & Out

Soul Food


The Peacemaker

L.A. Confidential


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