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Dateline: Events/Week of October 22, 1997 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Ousted President Pascal Lissouba leaves his hide-out in the Republic of Congo as rebels consolidated their civil war victory.

Microsoft Antitrust news update – October 22, 1997

The Justice Department accuses Microsoft Corp. of stifling competition on the Internet and urged a federal court to fine the company $1 million a day.

Home ownership in the U.S. hits a high of 66%.

The Clinton Administration does an about face and will endorse a Republican plan to reform the IRS. The plan creates an independent oversight board.

U.S. financial philanthropist George Soros announces that he will spend up to $500 million on Russia in the next three years, investing I such projects as improving health care, spreading Internet know-how and helping reform the country’s chaotic armed forces.

Universal Studios says it is selling its major television assets to a company controlled by entertainment mogul Barry Diller.

Passing – Roberto Goizueta – the Cuban immigrant who lead Coca-Cola for 16 years. He was 65.

A crisis in Hong Kong drops the Dow back 2.3%. Hong King has a currency crisis and surging interest rates.

Million Woman March –

Hundreds of thousands of black women gather in Philadelphia to tell the world “We are unified, we are standing.”

 In Washington –  President Clinton and Chinese President Jiang Zemin meet. They politely clashed over human rights with Zemin saying that human rights and freedom are relative terms.

President Clinton called on all public schools to end the “social promotion of poorly performing students even as a joint congressional committee appeared ready to kill his proposal for voluntary national education standards.

A jury in Massachusetts convicts Louise Woodward – a 19-year-old British au pair of murdering an 18-month-old boy who was left in her care.

Weekly radio address – This one includes the President and the First Lady as both urge woman to get early mammogram testing and announce new rules to improve the quality of the lifesaving breast X-rays. “We’re giving women and their families a powerful tool to fight breast cancer.”


Business/Economy news – October 22, 1997

Turmoil in the market as the Dow dives 554 points and traded his halted for the day. Next day – it’s up 337 points.

Sunbeam Chairman “chainsaw” Al Dunlap says its yearlong restructuring is complete and he opened the door to deal makers, saying he is interested in selling, merging or buying a big early next year. Dunlap’s 15-month turnaround of the appliance maker appears to be happening – as the company made money the last quarter.

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc agreed to buy International Dairy Queen Inc for $585 million in cash and stock.

KMPG and Ernst & Young say they will merge and that will create the world’s largest accounting firm.


Sports news – October 22, 1997

The Florida Marlins win the seventh game of the World Series, beating the Cleveland Indians 3-2.


Technology news – October 22, 1997

Intel Corp says it will buy Digital equipment Corps chip-making operations for $700 million. This ends their bitter patent dispute.


Music news – October 22, 1997

Drummer Bill Berry of R.E.M. who was recovering from a brain aneurysm says he has left the band and the rest will continue for now, as a trio. But Berry said, his decision is a personal, not a medical one.  He said he was concerned that the decision would break-up the band, but it won’t and he’s relieved. Berry said he’s just into it the way he used to be.

Johnny Cash (65) announces he has Parkinson’s disease and has canceled all concerts through the end of the year.

Columbia Records will release a two-disc Princess Diana tribute featuring Celine Dian, Barbra Streisand, Bee Gees, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey.


Television news – October 22, 1997

 On “Saturday Night Live” – Chris Farley hosts with musical guests the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

Talkshow - Rosie O’Donnell now conducts “interactive Mondays” where she answers viewer e-mails.

 Chris Spencer is fired has host of “Vibe” and he’s replaced by Sinbad.

He’s back - Marv Alpert will be a guest on the Larry King Show over CNN and he’ll be back on Dave Letterman’s show as a guest as well.

Nickelodeon presents a “Nick or Treat” marathon.

President Clinton offers a message of the importance of volunteering on a “Hang Time” episode – on NBC.

On VH1 – 97fashionawards hosted by Harry Connick Jr. and Ashley Judd. Also appearing - The Rolling Stones, Fiona Apple, En Vogue and Jamiroquai. 

Fox – who’s had a run with extreme reality specials keeps them coming with “Vide Justice’ Crime Caught on Tape.” Don’t miss “The World’s Scariest Police Chases” and “The World’s Deadliest Swarms."

Maria Bartiromo now adds co-anchor duties on “Business Center” over CNBC.

Barbara Walters interviews Barbra Streisand and hubby James Brolin. Catch it Nov. 14.


Friday night television listings/TV guide – October 22, 1997

CBS – Family Matters, Meego, Gregory Hines Show, Step by Step, Nash Bridges, David Letterman

NBC – Players, Dateline NBC, Homicide: Life on the Street, Jay Leno, Conan O’Brien

ABC – Sabrina, Teen Angel, Boy Meets World, You Wish, 20/20, Nightline, Politically Incorrect

Fox – The Visitor, Millennium

PBS – Washington Week, Wall St. Week

VH1 – 8 Track Flashback, Pop up Video, Movie, RuPaul Show

Showtime – Stargate SG-1


Top movies – October 22, 1997

I Know What You Did Last Summer

Devil’s Advocate

Kiss the Girls

Seven Years in Tibet

In & Out

Soul Food


The Peacemaker

L.A. Confidential


Boogie Nights

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