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Dateline: Events/Week of February 22, 1997 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Clinton defends his practice of inviting wealthy donors to the White House, but the Republicans want an investigation. Clinton says the sleepovers are “entirely appropriate.”

 Serbian opposition leader Zoran Djindjic is now mayor of Belgrade – ending 52 years of Communist rule.

Whitewater independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr completes a report which rules out foul play in the death of Vincent Foster. He was not a murder victim.

The shuttle Discovery makes a nighttime landing at the Kennedy Space Center – in a rare night landing. Its crew repaired the Hubble telescope.

President Clinton takes the night off  and watches Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls play the Washington Bullets.

Scottish scientist say they have cloned an adult mammal by inserting DNA from a single sheep cell into an egg, implanting it in a surrogate mother and raising it to adulthood. 

The FBI issued a rare nationwide alert for a rental truck believed to be loaded with the same diesel fuel and fertilizer ingredients that produced the 1995 explosion that killed 168 in Oklahoma City. The truck contained only baking soda.

A Palestinian opened fire on the observation deck of the Empire State Building – A Danish musician was slain and six others wounded. The gunman killed himself.

Multi-millionaire John E. DuPont was convicted of murdering Olympic wrestler David Schultz, but jurors also ruled he was mentally ill.

Americans’ confidence in the U.S. economy held close to a seven-year high in February even as signs emerged that consumers are concerned about a possible slowdown later in the year. 

Passing – American Federation of Teachers President Albert Shanker. He was 68.

The FDA declares that high doses of certain standard birth control pills are a safe and effective way to prevent pregnancy when used as “morning after” pills following unprotected sex.

A new poll from Pew Research says President Clinton is drawing high arks for his job performance despite swirling questions over campaign financing, Whitewater and his personal life. Another Teflon president?


Business/Economy News – February 22, 1997

McDonald’s Corp. will launch its biggest nationwide promotion ever, featuring 55-cent sandwiches, down from about $1.95 for a Big Mac, but franchisees must approve the plan.

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp plans to acquire a 50% stake in EchoStar Communications Corp. for $1billion cash.


Music news – February 22, 1997

39th annual Grammy Awards – some winners –

Record of the year – “Change the World” – Eric Clapton (produced by Babyface).

 Album of the Year – “Falling Into You”  Celine Dion

Song of the Year- “Change the World” written by Gordon Kennedy, Wayne Kirkpatrick and Tommy Sims.

Best new artist – LeAnn Rimes

Pop album – “Falling Into You – Celine Dion

Female pop vocal – “Un-Break My Heart” – Toni Braxton

Male pop vocal – “Change the World” – Eric Clapton


Michael Jackson testifies via videotape saying he is not involved in the daily operations of his NeverLand ranch. Five ex-employees say they were fired or forced to quit after cooperating in a grand jury probe into child molestation claims against the singer.


Television news – February 22, 1997

On “Saturday Night Live” – Alec Baldwin, Tina Turner and Howard Stern.

On HBO – a George Carlin marathon.

It’s Fox-TV’s “28th Annual NAACP Image Awards” hosted by Arsenio Hall and Patti LaBelle.

Another HBO special – “Rodney Dangerfield’s 75th Birthday Toast.”

 No more letter-turning for Vanna White. As of this week, she merely touches a monitor to reveal a letter on “Wheel of Fortune.”

Look for “Here’s Donny…” a 30-minute talk segment featuring Donny Osmond on VH1 starting next month.

Top TV Shows/Ratings – February 22, 1997

Seinfeld – 33.83

ER – 33.20

Schindler’s List – 33.05

Movie-Asteroid Part 2 – 30.91

Friends – 28.26

The Naked Truth – 26.72

The Single Guy – 25.66

20/20 – 21.97


Top movies – February 22, 1997

The Empire Strikes Back: Special Edition

Star Wars: Special Edition

Absolute Power

Dante’s Peak

Vegas Vacation

Fools Rush In

That darn Cat


Jerry Maguire

The English Patient

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