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Dateline: Events/Week of February 8, 1997 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The Dow hits 7000 for the first time!

The Immigration and Naturalization Service estimates that there are now 5 million illegal aliens in the country.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright launches a drive to regain public support for U.S foreign policy and that the gravest danger facing the U.S. are isolation and indifference.

 Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-Miss.) said he is “gravely depressed” by President Clinton’s budget because it does not go far enough in cutting spending and taxes. 

Vice President Rosalla Arteaga becomes interim president of Ecuador ending that country’s crisis.

O.J. Simpson civil trial – the jury awards $12.5 million to heirs of each murder victim – a total of $25 million. 

Changing story - James McDougal now tells prosecutors that president Clinton attended a 1986 meeting in which an illegal loan was discussed.

President Clinton’s approval rating is up to 61%. 

Weekly radio address – President Clinton said he released the first of $200 million in grants to provide schools with computers and Internet training. “That’s how we must prepare our children for the 21st century – with the full promise of the Information Age at their fingertips.” 

Saying goodbye - President Clinton joins hundreds at the National Cathedral to mourn Pamela Harriman – former U.S. ambassador to France.

Walter Leroy Moody – convicted of murdering a federal judge during a string of mail bombings that terrorized the South is sentenced to die in Alabama’s electric chair.

The Army suspends Sgt. Major Gene McKinney – its top noncom officer from regular duties, saying it became difficult for him to do his job because of sexual harassment allegations of a subordinate. A second accuser has come forward.

Israel begins freeing is female Palestinian prisoners – some 31 women.


Technology news – February 8, 1997   

 The Gateway Solo 2200 notebook – includes the new Intel 166MHz Pentium processor with MMX technology!


Sports news – February 8, 1997

Bill Parcells has agreed to run the New York Jets for six years in a deal that could net him as much as $20 million.

Glen Rice sets an NBA All-Star game record with 20 points in the third quarter and gets game MVP. The East beat the West 132-120.


Media news – February 8, 1997

Westinghouse will buy two popular country cable channels from Gaylord Entertainment Co for $1.55 billion in a stock transaction. They are TNN – The Nashville Network and CMT - Country Music Television.

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger leaves ICM, but hasn’t signed with anyone else. He’s been with them for 15 years.

Sarah the Duchess of York begins as spokeswoman for Weight Watchers International.

The Clinton Administration clears the way for CNN to open a bureau on Cuba. If Havana agrees, other news organizations will get a green light.


Music news – February 8, 1997

Pat Boone gone radical?? The all-around nice guy has a new album out – “No More Mr. Nice Guy” – a heavy metal album!

Oasis lead Liam Gallagher and actress Patsy Kensit call off their wedding citing intrusive media attention.

Michael Jackson’s wife Debbie gave birth to a boy. They were married Nov. 15. Jackson will be performing at Elizabeth Taylor’s 65th birthday party to benefit AIDS. Taylor is the new baby’s godmother.


Television news – February 8, 1997

Passing – Actress Marjorie Reynolds – best known as the co-star on “Life of Riley.”

On “Saturday Night Live” – Host Neve Campell with musical guest David Bowie. 

The soundtrack to the upcoming “Private Parts” movie starring Howard Stern, will come out February 25 and features tracks by members of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Ozzy Osbourne, Green Day, Porno for Pyros. Stern backs Rob Zombie on one song. The movie debuts March 7.

On “The Simpsons” this week – Homer becomes the voice of Springfield’s newest cartoon hero.

Top TV Shows/Ratings – February 8, 1997

Seinfeld – 33.82

ER – 33.29

Friends – 28.91

Single Guy – 25.20

The Naked Truth – 25.18

Touched by an Angel – 21.94

Movie-Old man – 21.30

60 Minutes – 21.14

20/20 – 19.11

X-Files – 19.11

NBC All star Game – 18.90

Movie-Clear and Present Danger – 18.25

Drew Carey – 18.24

Walker Texas Ranger – 17.02

Dateline NBC – 17.00

Cosby – 16.19

The Simpsons – 15.67

Diagnosis Murder – 15.63

Ellen – 15.51



Top movies – February 8, 1997

Star Wars: Special Edition

Dante’s Peak

The Beautician and the Beast

 Jerry Maguire




The English Patient

Beverly Hills Ninja


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