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Dateline: Events/Week of November 15, 1996 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

President Clinton agrees to keep American troops in Bosnia until mid-1998 extending his deadline for wrapping up a peacekeeping operation by 18 months.

Harold Nicholson, a former CIA station chief is arrested and charged with betraying American spies and passing a wide range of top-secret information to Moscow.

The Clinton administration sharply cuts relief plans for central Africa, after news of a surge of Rwandan refugees head home.

OJ Simpson takes the stand during his civil trial. 

Susan McDougal, former business partner of President Clinton, is moved from an Arkansas jail to a federal prison in Ft. Worth. She’s been jailed since September 9 for refusing to answer a grand jury’s questions about Clinton’s involvement in the Whitewater real estate project. She was convicted in May of fraud in the first jury trial of the Whitewater investigation and sentenced to two years in prison.

Passing – Alger Hiss, the Harvard-trained lawyer-diplomat show conviction in 1950 for denying under oath that he turned over state department papers to a Soviet agent shattered a promising career and clouded the American political climate for a decade. He was 92.

Mattel Inc announces an agreement to buy Tyco Toys Inc in a $755 stock deal.


Sports news – November 15, 1996

Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz says he will step down after 11 years.


Technology news – November 15, 1996

Game manufacturer Sega releases “Net Link” – a $200 Internet box. It’s supposed to link your TV to the Internet through its “Saturn” game machine. aturn sales of suffered a little against competing game machines from Sony and Nintendo, but its “Virtua Fighter” and “Nights” are considered top-notch. Net Link is a peripheral that plugs into Saturn’s expansion port.

Netscape Communications unveils software that lets publishers and businesses broadcast information to personal computers. The new software is code named Constellation. It lets users get data and documents from any network, either internally at their company or from the World Wide Web.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – November 15, 1996

Bob Hope goes live on the Internet to talk about his more than 60 years with NBC. Don’t miss his special – “Laughing With The Presidents” this Saturday. Hope talks about his friendships with almost every U.S. president From Franklin D. Roosevelt to Bill Clinton. Tony Danza co-hosts.

Elizabeth Taylor’s divorce from Larry Fortensky is completed.


Television news – November 15, 1996

Comedy Central’s “Politically Incorrect With Bill Mahr” moves to ABC-TV January 6.

What MTV is to summer beach houses, it will now be to a winter one. Beginning Dec 2, look for “MTV’s Winter Lodge” from Steamboat Springs, Colo. 

Robert Downey Jr. takes to the “Saturday Night Live” stage this week. He made light of his arrests last summer, stemming from his cocaine and heroin problems. Downey is currently living in a treatment facility. This was his first public appearance since his arrest. 

Both Toyota Motor Sales and IndyCar ask Fox not to re-air the televised special “When Disaster Strikes” – footage of racing deaths. 

Top TV Shows/Ratings – November 15, 1996 

ER – 24.7

Seinfeld – 22.2

Suddenly Susan – 19/1

Friends – 18.8

Single Guy – 16.5

Pandora’s Clock Pt. 2 – 15.6

 Home Improvement – 15.1

Frasier – 14.5

Mad About You – 14.5

Touched By An Angel – 14.3

PrimeTime Live – 14.1

60 Minutes – 14.1

Monday Night Football – 13.7

Dallas: JR Returns – 13.4

Caroline in the City – 13.3

Drew Carey Show – 13.3

NYPD Blue – 13.2

Walker, Texas Ranger – 12.8

Spin City – 12.5

3rd Rock From The Sun – 12.4


Monday night television listings/TV guide – week of November 15, 1996

CBS – Crosby, Ink, Murphy Brown, Cybill, Chicago Hope, Late Show

NBC – Jeff Foxworthy, Mr. Rhodes, Movie, Tonight Show

ABC – Monday Night Football, Dangerous Minds

PBS – Eyewitness, World of National Geographic

Fox – Melrose Place, When Animals Attack II

WB – 7th Heaven, Savannah

UPN – In The House, Malcolm & Eddie, Goode Behavior, Sparks 


On Jeff Foxworthy – After being disciplined, Matt stows away in Florus’ big rig.

On 7th Heaven – The family deals with a carjacking.

On Chicago Hope – Kronk’s wounded childhood friend turns out to be a wanted criminal.


Music news – November 15, 1996

Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder isn’t happy he’s on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. Seems they did it without his participation.

The late Tupac will be seen in the movie “Bullet” co-starring Mickey Rourke. It’s an urban gang tale and was shot in 1994. It’ll be released straight-to-video. 

More Tupac Shakur -  He’ll be showing up in movie theaters. Look for “Gridlock’d,” an urban comedy starring Shakur and Tim Roth. Release should be the first week of February.  

Despite the legal problems of its CEO – Marion “Suge” Knight and the September murder of Tupac, Death Row Records is kicking tail on the pop charts. Here’s a rundown of the hottest sales:

Tha Father – Snoop Doggy Dogg – 479,000 copies last week

The Don Killuminati – 7 Day Theory – 250,000 copies last week.

Passing – Bill Doggett – best-known for the 1950’s hit “Honky Tonk.” He was 80.


Top music albums – November 15, 1996

Bow Down – Westside Connection

The Don Killuminati – Makaveli

Tragic Kingdom – No Doubt

The Day – Babyface

The Hall of Game – E-40

Falling Into You – Celine Dion

Family Scriptures – Mo thugs

The Moment – Kenny G

Romeo & Juliet – Soundtrack

Anthology 3 – Beatles


Popular Hit Singles(top-40) – November 15, 1996

No Diggity – Blackstreet

Never Leave Me Alone – Nate Dogg

Pony – Ginuwine

Falling – Montell Jordan

I’m Still In Love – New Edition

Unbreak My Heart – Tony Braxton

Nobody – Keith Sweat

You Must Love Me – Madonna

Last Night – Az Yet

Bow Down – West Side Connection


Top movies – November 15, 1996

Space Jam


The Mirror Has Two Faces

Set It Off

Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet


First Wive’s Club

High School High

The Ghost and the Darkness

Michael Collins

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