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Dateline: Events/Week of August 1, 1996 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Tougher welfare - President Clinton says he will sign landmark welfare reform legislation, calling it the “last best chance to fundamentally change the system.” “Today we have a historic responsibility to make welfare what it was meant to be – a second chance, not a way of life.” Among other things, the legislation requires welfare recipients to work within two years of applying for benefits.

Campaigning – Republican hopeful Bob Dole proposes a 15% across-the-board cut in income tax rates as a centerpiece to invigorate the nation’s economy and hopefully, his bid for the presidency.

A jury recommends that Richard Allen Davis be put to death in the kidnapping and murder of 12-year-old Polly Klaas.


Health/Medical news – August 1, 1996

Medical – The FDA approves Tripedia – a whooping cough vaccine with far fewer side effects. It causes 50% to 90% fewer cases of fever, welling and other side effects. 


Sports news – August 1, 1996

Gold Medal - Michael Johnson wins both the 20 and 400-meter race – the first to do so.

The Summer Olympic games end in Atlanta.

General Mills says instead of producing a single box of Wheaties commemorating the Summer Games, they’ll make five. One will include the seven gymnasts.


Technology news – August 1, 1996

Two standards for the new DVD? DVD could be delayed after Philips and Sony say they’ll license their own videodisc patents. Continued delays are placing a burden on manufacturers who want to begin producing DVD players. 


Television news – August 1, 1996

Dennis Rodman will make a guest appearance on NBC’s “3rd Rock From The Sun” in September.


Music news – August 1, 1996

‘’Rapper Ice-T is developing a TV series called “Players.” In it, the government enlists the aid of convicted criminals who fight crime. Ice-T would also star.

Rapper Hammer files suit against his former lawyers, claiming they mismanaged his money, sabotaged business deals, committed legal malpractice and force him into bankruptcy. Hammer’s real name is Stanley Burrell.

Another solute to the Grateful Dead - Bottles of the wine “Dead Red” are headed to stores.

Notorious B.I.G. is arrested and arraigned on drug and weapons charges after police allegedly found almost 50 grams of marijuana and several firearms at his Teaneck, NJ home.

New Wine Soluting “The Grateful Dead” –

New “Dead Red” wine – a solute to “The Greatful Dead” and the first release by Celebrity Cellars – a brainchild of Barbra Streisand’s manager Martin Erlichman. He’s close to signing deals with other artist for their own varieties of wine.


Top Rap Music Albums – August 1, 1996

The Score – Fugees

It Was Written- Nas

E. 1999 – Bone Thungs N-Harmony

Getting It Album No. 10 – Too Short

All Eyez On Me – 2Pac

N.W.A.’s Greatest Hits

Licensed To Ill – Beastie Boys

Mr. Smith – L.L. Cool J.

Stakes Is High – De La Soul

The Final Tic – Crucial Conflict


Top movies – August 1, 1996

A Time To Kill

Independence Day


Chain Reaction



Courage Under Fire

Nutty Professor


Adventures of Pinocchio

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