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In The News

Riots in Northern Ireland shatter the area’s peace process. It started with a Protestant parade in the Catholic region of Belfast. One is dead.

Richard Lee Guthrie Jr. – a member of a right-wing extremist group of bank robbers, was found dead of an apparent suicide in a country jail in Kentucky.

Britain’s Prince Charles and Princess Diana announce that they have agreed on terms of a divorce that will strip Diana of her royal title but award her for a settlement rumored to include a lump sum of $25 million.

The House passes a measure that defines marriage as a heterosexual union only and limits marriage rights for gay men and lesbians.

The House votes to allow the government to issue guidelines on repetitive stress injuries, the nation’s fastest-growing workplace health problem.

Defense Secretary William J. Perry told a senate committee that he and his top military commanders had underestimated the threat of terrorism before last month’s deadly truck-bomb attack in Dhahran.

Hurricane Bertha lashes San Juan with winds of 85mph as well as the Virgin Islands.

The Galileo spacecraft sends back detailed pictures of the Jupiter moon after its six-year journey through space. Scientists are elated.

Passing – Melvin Belli – the San Francisco lawyer called “the King of Torts.” He was 88.


Sports news – July 8, 1996

Daryl Strawberry, who was 0 for 10 since being signed by the Yankees – breaks out of his slump with two two-run homers in a game against the Orioles.

All-Starr game – Mike Piazza gets MVP as the National League trounces the American League – 6-0.

Boxing at Madison Square Garden – Andrew Golota is disqualified in a heavyweight fight against Riddick Bowe for throwing four low blows. A melee then erupted.

At Wimbledon – Richard Krajicek wins his first Grand Slam title.

Shaquille O’Neal signs a seven-year $95 million deal with the LA Lakers. Meanwhile - Michael Jordan resigns with the Chicago Bulls – but for only a year. For $30 million.  


Music news – July 8, 1996

Don’t miss the Cranberries “Free to Decide” world tour ’96-‘97.

MTV is launching M2 – another channel -  featuring older music - on August 1.

The nation’s six largest makers of compact discs have been accused of scheming to keep CD prices artificially high – even though costs have come down. The cost of making a CD use to cost $3 in 1983 and costs less than $1 now, yet the minimum advertised price of a CD around $11.80 and $16.98 retail.

The fifth annual H.O.R.D.E. rock festival kicks-off its 40-city tour in Wisconsin.


Top Heavy Metal music albums – July 8, 1996

Down on the Upside – Soundgarden

Lead – Metallica

Mellon Callie and the Infinite Sadness – Smashing Pumpkins

Evil Empire – Rage Against the Machine

Music for Our Mother Ocean – various artists

Sixteen Stone – Bush

Electricherryland – Butthole Surfers

Tiny Music… Sounds From the Vatican Gift Shop – Stone Temple Pilots

311 – 311


Television news – July 8, 1996

Concerned callers called CNN after watching reporter Jeff Lock standing in gale force winds as Hurricane Bertha reached North Carolina’s coast. The Weather Channel would steal this idea later.

MTV announces plans for a weekly show hosted by Dennis Rodman and is developing a variety show starring “singled out” co-host Jenny McCarthy.

Kathleen Sullivan, who anchored the E! Daily News with Steve Kmetko – is out.


Top movies – July 8, 1996

Independence Day

Nutty Professor


Hunchback of Notre Dame


The Rock



Mission: Impossible

Cable Guy

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