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In The News

 ValuJet Airlines agrees to suspend all flights immediately until it corrects “several serious deficiencies” found during an intensive inspection by the FAA.

After a two-week crackdown by Chinese officials that resulted in the closing of 15 pirate compact disc factories, the United States withdraws threatened sanctions against $2 billion worth of products made in china, averting a trade war.

In a sworn affidavit requested by the Senate Whitewater Committee, First Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton denies knowing how her missing law firm billing records turned up in the White House living quarters. Her attorney, David Kendall, accused the Republican-controlled panel of carrying out a “last-minute hit-and-run smear.”

Eleven weeks after Unabomber suspect Theodore John Kaczynski was arrested in his remote Montana cabin, a federal grand jury in Sacramento indicts him in four bombings including ones that killed a Capitol lobbyist and a local merchant.

Nancy Gemmell, a former longtime White House employee, tells a congressional committee that after President Clinton was inaugurated, young students and volunteers without full security clearances were allowed to work in an office that handled hundreds of sensitive FBI background reports.

California - in a blow to the state’s tough “three strikes” law, the California Supreme Court decides that judges have the power to spare defendants lengthy sentences by overlooking prior convictions.

In his weekly radio address, President Clinton directs the Justice Department to devise a nationwide plan to track child molesters and sex offenders. He endorsed the idea of such a nationwide registry as the logical “next step” to laws that require states to track sex offenders and to notify communities when a child molester is released from prison.


Medical/AIDS News Update – June 15, 1996

AIDS -  a record number of broadcast and cable programs take part in the “Fourth Annual Day of Compassion” this week. The campaign features television programming highlighting compassion and support for people affected by AIDS and HIV. It is the largest media event ever for AIDS awareness. 

After 10 years of research, scientists identify a key molecule that allows the AIDS virus to infect human cells, a discovery that promises a new approach to treating the disease and that yields insight into why some are more resistant to the virus.


Bestselling Books – June 15, 1996

The Tenth Insight: Holding The Vision - James Redfield

A Crown of Swords - Robert Jordan

 The Runaway Jury - John Grisham

How Stella Got Her Groove Back - Terry McMilian

The Intruder - Peter Blauner

The Fourth Estate - Jeffrey Archer

Outrage: The Five Reasons Why O.J. Simpson Got Away With Murder - Vincent Bugliosi

The Zone - Barry Sears with Bill Lawren

Bad Gold My Way - Leslie Nielsen and Henry Beard

Hit and Run: How Jon Peters and Peter Guber Took Sony for a Ride in Hollywood - Nancy Griffin, Kim Masters

The Dilbert Principle - Scott Adams

Falling Up - Shel Silverstein  


Technology news  - June 15, 1996

Netscape Is The Dominant  Browser

Netscape Communications Corp’s Internet Browser is now used by 38 million people, making it the most popular software of its kind. Netscape’s Navigator, released in December 1994, is more popular than other well-known software products including Microsoft Corp’s Word, Excel and Office programs and International Business Machines Corp’s Lotus 1-2-3 says Netscape. Microsoft’s Office is used by 22 million people, Microsoft Excel by 30 million and Microsoft Word by 21 million.


Sports news – June 15, 1996

250,000 turn out at Grant Park to cheer for the NBA champion Bulls. Michael Jordan graciously acknowledged the adulation from a crowd in which barefoot people in T-shirts mingled with businessmen in buttoned-down shirts and suits. “When I leave this city and when I leave this earth, there’s one thing that I will know. That I’ve been in a city that truly loves me and I love them.”


Music news – June 15, 1996

Jefferson Holt resigns as the manager of R.E.M. Sources say that Holt was asked to leave after members of the group investigated allegations that he sexually harassed a female employee at R.E.M’s Athens, Ga office. Holt denies he had ever sexually harassed anyone and said the decision to part with R.E.M. was mutual.

“KISS” gets together for a reunion concert at the KROQ (Los Angeles) “Weenie Roast” - the station’s fourth. Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley Ace Frehley and Peter Criss returned for their first costumed KISS show since 1983. 

Becky Lee Meza (10) is cast to play the young Selena in an upcoming movie from Warner Brothers. She’ll star alongside Jennifer Lopez (Money Train).

George Martin - the Beatles producer, is now known as “Sir George Martin” after receiving knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. 


Hollywood news - here are the top Hollywood talent agencies:

Creative Artists Agencys (CAA)

International Creative Management (ICM)

William Morris Agency

United Talent Agency


Top movie video rentals – June 15, 1996


Get Shorty


The American President



Leaving Las Vegas

The Money Train




Radio news – June 15, 1996


Westinghouse says it plans to acquire Infinity Broadcasting Corp for $4.5 billion. The deal would create an 83-station radio giant with an estimated $1 billion in revenues. Infinity President Mel Karmazon is considered the best at what he does in radio. He is credited with giving Howard Stern is break after he was fired by WNBC in 1986, he put him on the air at Infinity’s WXRK (92.3) and syndicated him to 13 markets. Other Infinity talent includes Don Imus. The deal creates a radio network about three times the size of its nearest competitor. It would also give Westinghouse a dominant position in the top 10 radio markets, where it would hold 69 stations, including markets like Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.  


 Television news – June 15, 1996

 Barbara Walters will conduct the first television interview with convicted murderers Lyle and Erik Menendez, June 28 on ABC’s “20/20.”

Garry Shandling will resume productions next month on the HBO series - “The Larry Sanders Show.” The show has been on hiatus since last year so Shandling could work on movie projects. 

Top TV Shows/Ratings – June 15, 1996

NBC Postgame NBC-Sunday - 18.9

NBA Finals (Sun) - 18.8

NBA Finals (Wed) - 18.1

NBA Finals - 17.2

Seinfeld - 14.1

NBC Tip-off (Wed) - 12.6

 Caroline in the City - 12.4

ER - 12.3

Home Improvement - 12.2

Dateline NBC (Tue) - 11.6

Coach - 11.1

20/20 - 11.1

Grace Under Fire - 1.1

Friends - 10.9

PrimeTime Live - 10.9

The Single Guy - 9.9

NBA Top-Off (Fri) - 9.8

Dateline NBC (Weds) - 9.7

NBA Tip-Off (Sun)

Walker, Texas Ranger - 9.6

Frasier - 9.5

The Nanny - 9.4

NYPD Blue - 9.4

Sings - 9.3

Cybill - 9.0

Movie - Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves - 8.8

Mad About You - 8.8


Tuesday Night television listings/TV guide – week of June 15, 1996

CBS - The Client, Movie

NBC - 3rd Rock From The Sun, NewsRadio, Frasier, Wings, Dateline NBC, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno

ABC - Home Improvement, Disney’s Most Unlikely Heroes, Home Improvement, Coach, NYPD Blue. Nightline

FOX - Movie “Son-in-Law”

UPN - Moseha, Minor Adjustments, The Paranormal Borderline

PBS - Frontline, Nature Perfected, Charlie Rose

BET - Caribbean Rhythms, Screen Scene, Rap City, South Bank Show, Movie

SCI-FI - Friday the13th, Twilight Zone, Monsters, Quantum Leap, Something is Out There, Friday the 13th 

 MTV - Beach MTV-Daisy Fuentes, Beach House Nights, Buzzkill, Rockumentary, Singled Out, Beavis and Butthead, Alternative Nation.



Top pop singles music(top-40) – June 15, 1996

Theme From Mission: Impossible - Larry Mullen Jr./Adam Clayton

Crossroads - Bone Thungs-N-Harmony

You’re Making Me High - Toni Braxton

You’re the One - SWV

Fastlove - George Michael

All The Way Live - Coolio

Touch Me, Tease Me - Case

How Do U Want It - 2Pac

Delinquent Habits - Tres Delinquent

Why I Love You So Much - Monica


Some top music albums – June 15, 1996

Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morissette

Load - Metallica

The Score - Fugees

Gettin’ It (Album Number Ten) - Too Short

Tragic Kingdom - No Doubt

Down On The Upside - Soundgarden

E. 1999 Eternal - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Falling Into You - Celine Dion

New Beginning - Tracy Chapman

The Nutty Professor - soundtrack


Top Country music albums – June 15, 1996

Blue Clear Sky - George Straight

Woman in Me - Shania Twain

Borderline - Brooks and Dunn

Hits - Garth Brooks

Greatest Hits - Alan Jackson

Music for all Occasions - The Mavericks

High Lonesome Sound - Vince gill

Fresh Horses - Garth Brooks

Hits - Garth Brooks

Spirit - Willie Nelson


Top movies – June 15, 1996  

The Cable Guy - Jim Carey, Matthew Broderick, George Segal

The Rock- Sean Connery, Nicolas Cage, Ed Harris, Michael Biehn, William Forsythe

Mission: Impossible - Tom Cruise

Twister - Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton

Dragonheart - Dennis Quaid

Eddie - Whoopi Goldberg

The Phantom - Billy Zane, Treat Williams, Kristy Swanson, Catherine Zeta Jones, James Remar, Patrick Mcgoohan

Spy Hard -

The Arrival - Charlie Sheen

Moll Flanders - Robin Wright, Morgan Freeman

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Eraser - Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Caan, Vanessa Williams, James Coburn

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