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Dateline: Events/Week of May 22, 1996 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole urges states to toughen statutory rape laws to decrease teen pregnancy and said the federal government should give states freedom to require drug testing.

Federal agents make a series of arrests after an investigation of China’s two main site-controlled arms exporting companies for smuggling automatic assault weapon into this country.

President Boris N. Yeltsin paid respects to the memory of dissident Andrei D. Sakharov saying “Sakharov was the first teacher in democracy for me and for the while of Russia.”

President Boris N. Yeltsin and Chechens agree to halt all military hostilities  - just in time for Yeltsin’s re-election bid.

President Clinton picks Rep. Pete Peterson (D-Fla.) as the first U.S. ambassador to Hanoi.

The Republican-controlled House votes to give minimum wage workers a 90-cent-per-hour raise over the next several years.

James B. McDougal and his former wife Susan McDougal and Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker are convicted in a $3 million conspiracy to defraud to federally backed financial institutions.

After 15 days, the ValueJet Flight 592 flight recorder is found. An investigator says the fire was spreading through the forward section and passengers struggling to breath – just before it went down. 

Islamic militants execute seven kidnapped French monks kidnapped two months ago in the worst massacre of foreigners there since 1993.

First Lady Hillary says that it would be terrific if she and the president had another child and that they also have been discussing the possibility of adoption.

Weekly radio address – President Clinton honored the men and woman in the U.S. armed forces. “Today the men and women of America’s armed forces are the best trained, best equipped, best prepared in the world, and I am determined to keep that way."

Disney and McDonalds confirm a 10-year promotional alliance. 

O.J. Simpson’s mail-order video which he proclaims his innocence is a sales flop. About 40,000 total have been sold in three months. 


Technology news – May 22, 1996

CompuServe announces that the online service will shift most of the content of the World Wide Web by the end of the year.


Music news – May 22, 1996

Don’t miss the 1996 World Music  Awards over ABC-TV. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Natalie Cole host. Diana Ross received the Legend Award for her career achievements and Michael Jackson got best-selling album for “”Thriller” – one of five awards he received.

Michael Jackson’s “HIStory” World Tour” opens Sept. 7 in Prague with stops in Budapest, Bucharest, Moscow, Warsaw, Zaragoza, Casablanca and Cairo.


Television news – May 22, 1996

Capital Cities/ABC now says it wants to begin a 24-hours newschannel.

Frank Gifford shows up at a New York factory carrying envelopes stuffed with $300 apiece for garment workers who said they were never paid to produce thousands of blouses for Kathy Lee’s clothing line.

“Moesha” star Brandy ushers high school basketball star Kobe Bryant to his prom. He attends Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia Kobe who is 18, decided to enter the NBA draft after breaking Wilt Chamberlain’s high score record in the area.

“Good Morning America” has a new set and look with a larger living room, modern kitchen and duplex loft. 


Top movies – May 22, 1996

Mission: Impossible


Spy Hard


The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The Craft

Toy Story

Primal Fear

The Birdcage

Heaven’s Prisoners

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