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Dateline: Events/Week of May 8, 1996 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Mexico and the U.S. sign pacts curbing drug trafficking, population and Mexican migrants.
Whitewater defendant James B. McDougal, denies the charges against him and insists his name was forged on critical prosecution documents, saying he is innocent on all counts. 
On videotape – President Clinton denied any knowledge of a criminal conspiracy in his Whitewater investment partners James and Susan McDougal and current Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker. 
The Postal Service says it has had another profitable quarter – and is now $1.7 billion in the black.  
Secret videotapes showing army tactics against terrorists were bought at a garage sale by a BBC journalist. Part of the tapes were shown on the BBC. 
A federal appeals court in Philadelphia rejected a proposed $1.2 billion settlement of thousands of asbestos claims against 20 firms.  
A ValueJet DC-9, taking off from Miami and bound for Atlanta, - crashes minutes after taking off It was trying to return to Miami when the pilot reported smoke in the cockpit. All 109 on board are dead. The crash puts the airliner under scrutiny and raises questions about its future.   
Divers find the black box and body parts at the crash site of ValuJet flight 592. 
In Detroit - Jack Kevorkian attends another suicide while on trial for earlier deaths. 
Eight climbers were believed to have perished on Mt Everest after a ferocious blizzard caught the climbers off guard.  
Two Marine Corps helicopters collided during nighttime exercises killing 14 and injuring two others  near Camp Lejeune, NC. 
Speech at Penn State – President Clinton called on Americans to join Neighborhood watch committees and proposed a $500 federal reward for high school students who perform exceptional volunteer work. 
O.J. Simpson took his campaign to revive his image, arriving in Britain for a TV show and an Oxford appearance. 
Passing – Don McNeill – known for his 1940’s-1960’s “Breakfast Club” broadcasts over ABC radio. He was 88. 
Timothy Leary, who planned to have his head frozen after he died, severs his ties to Cryonics advocates. Leary is ill with prostate cancer – and his days are numbered. 

Television news – May 8, 1996

Young Broadcasting Co. says it will pay $385 million to purchase KCAL-TV (Channel 9) in Los Angeles. Seller is Walt Disney Co. 

Technology news – May 8, 1996 

AOL said it is profitable again – earning $15.1 million in the first three months of the year, contrasted with a net loss of $3.3 million during the same period a year ago. 

Sports news – May 8, 1996 

It’s found the LA Dodger center fielder Brett Butler has tonsil cancer and he may be out the rest of the season. 

Music news – May 8, 1996

A judge says - Rapper Tupac Shakur – now on bail as he appeals a sex abuse conviction and probation violations can avoid jail if he stays out of trouble for four months and organizes a benefit concert for underprivileged children. His sentence is delayed until September 12. 
Criminal charges have been filed against Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen for allegedly slamming his wife Stacey’s head against a wall and trying to choke her during an argument at Los Angeles International Airport. 

Television news – May 8, 1996

All three networks have committed to free prime air time to the major presidential candidates. 
On “Saturday Night Live” – Christine Baranski hosts with musical guests The Cure.

Top TV Shows/Ratings – May 8, 1996 

ER – 23.4
Seinfeld – 22.0
Movie-the Best Part 2 – 19.5
Friends – 18.0
The Fugitive – 16.4
The Single Guy – 15.8
Turning Point – 14.2
Barbara Walters Special – 13.7
Home Improvement – 13.4
Mad About You – 13.4 

Top movies – May 8, 1996 

The Truth About Cats and Dogs
The Craft
Primal Fear
The Quest
The Birdcage
The Great White Hope
James and the Giant Peach
Original Gangstas
The Pallbearer
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