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Dateline: Events/Week of May 1, 1996 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

In Washington – President Clinton meets with Yasser Arafat for their first meeting at the Oval Office. They discussed the last leg of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and other problems. 

The Senate votes to toughen the country’s immigration laws to stymie anyone attempting to enter the U.S. illegally and to make earning a living difficult for those who have already managed to get here.

President Clinton reveals he will endorse a GOP-sponsored bill providing a sizable tax subsidy for families that adopt children.

President Clinton plays a cameo role in a made-for-television movie – “A Child’s Wish.” The film centers on a dying teen whose wish is to visit the White House and meet the President.

President Clinton vetoes a bill that would limit damages in product liability lawsuits.

The body of former CIA Director William Colby is found in a marshy riverbank in southern Maryland after an eight-day search. Officials believe Colby drowned in a boating accident. 

April unemployment drops to 5.4% - from 5.6% and the lowest in 14 months.


Entertainment news  -  May 1, 1996

Passing – Character actor Jack Weston (71).

Passing – Adam Roarke (58) of a heart attack.


Technology news – May 1, 1996

MFS Communications Co says it will pay $2 billion for Unet Technologies Inc.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – May 1, 1996

ER – 22.4

Seinfeld – 19.7

Movie- The Beast Part 1 – 18.6

Caroline in the City – 18.0

Friends – 16.6

Boston Common – 14.9

 Home Improvement – 14.7

Frasier – 14.6

Movie-She Woke Up Pregnant – 13.4

60 Minutes – 13.2

Walker, Texas Ranger – 13.1

Murder One (Tue.) – 13.0

20/20 – 12.7

Wings – 12.5

John Larroquette Show – 12.4

Movie-Grumpy Old Men – 12.3

NewsRadio – 12.3

Murder, She Wrote – 12.2

Unsolved Mysteries – 21.1

31st Country Music Awards – 12.0’

PrimeTime Live – 11.7

Home Improvement – 11.5

Murder One – 11.3

The Nanny – 11.2



Television news – May 1, 1996

“Sisters” airs its final episode this week.

Kathie Lee Gifford responds to charges that a discount clothing line she endorses for Wal-Mart was made in a Honduran sweatshop. “I immediately called Wal-Mart and said this is obscene if this is happening.”

Tapes last show this week - Phil Donahue says goodbye after 7,000 shows and some 28 years.

“Pulp Fiction” becomes the highest grossing pay-per-view film in history. The movie debuted on pay-per-view TV last October and so far, has grossed $4 million. 


Music news – May 1, 1996

Look for Def Leppard to tour this summer after a new album – their first in four years.

How many artists have made the switch from hip-hop to salsa successfully? There’s one – Marc Anthony. He made the switch back in 1993 with “Ottra Nota.”

Top Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Tracks – May 1, 1996

Evil Empire – Rage Against the Machine

Sixteen Stone – Bush

Tiny Music – Songs From the Vatican Gift Shop – Stone Temple Pilots

Zero – Smashing Pumpkins

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness – Smashing Pumpkins

One Hot Minute – Red Hot Chilli Peppers

Rage Against the Machine – Rage Against The Machine


Radio news – May 1, 1996

Fired WABC talkshow host Bob Grant begins his new gig on rival WOR in New York. You can hear Bob at 4pm.


Top movies – May 1, 1996

The Craft

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

The Quest

Primal Fear

The Great White Hype

Last Dance

The Birdcage

James and the Giant Peach

The Pallbearer

Mulholland Falls

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