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Dateline: Events/Week of December 1, 1995 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Start of military involvement in Balkan region - President Clinton says he has formally approved the immediate deployment of an advance force of American troops to Bosnia.

In Germany – President Clinton tells 4,000 troops of the 1st Armored Division and their families why he is ordering their unit to Bosnia this month. “Without you, the door will close, the peace will collapse, the war will return, the atrocities will begin again."

Republicans on the Senate Whitewater investigating committee says First Lady Hillary made misleading public statements that minimized the extent of the legal work she did for Arkansas savings and Loan, owned by James McDougal, her partner in the Whitewater real estate deal.

Chris V. Wade – a real estate broker for the failed Whitewater resort is sentenced to 15 months in prison and ordered to pay $112,000 restitution to the U.S. bankruptcy Court. 

Breast Cancer drug Tamoxifen provides little benefit beyond 5 years and the National Cancer Institute now says taking it past that time could be harmful.

The Clinton Administration begins deploying part of a 20,000-member U.S. ground force in Bosnia. 

France announces that it will resume an active role in NATO and its military affairs after being absent for nearly three decades.

Israeli prosecutors formally charged confessed assassin Yigal Amir with the premeditated murder of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.

The Dow Jones leaps to a record 5,139.52 as bonds are lower. 


Sports news – December 1, 1995

The Broncos win 31-23 over Jacksonville as QB John Elway compensated for a poor special teams showing with four touchdown passes.

Dennis Rodman grabs 20 rebounds in 38 minutes in Chicago as the Bulls beat the Knicks 101-94.

Dallas Maverick center Roy Tarpley, already banned once by the NBA for cocaine use, is thrown out of the league again for using alcohol. The contract that was to pa him $23 million over the next five seasons was nullified.


Music news – December 1, 1995

Unique video channel – The Box. Viewers call a 900 number – punch a code and for 99 cents to $2.99 – order one of 300 available videos. The Box slogan – “Music Television You Can Control.”

VH1 conducts its first Fashion and Music Awards show. Stephen Weber hosted with performances by Tina Turner, the Pretenders. k.d. Lang and Elton John and the artist formerly known as Prince. 


Top music albums this week – December 1, 1995

The Beatles Anthology 1 – Beatles

Daydream – Mariah Carey

Fresh Horses – Garth Brooks

Waiting to Exhale – Soundtrack

The Ghost of Tom Joad – Bruce Springsteen

Jagged Little Pill – Alanis Morissette

Something to Remember – Madonna

Christmas in the Aire- Mannheim Steamroller

Dogg Food – The Dogg Pound


Top pop music hit singles(top-40) – December 1, 1995

One Sweet Day – Mariah Carey

Exhale – Whitney Houston

Hey Love – LL Cool J

Set U Free – Planet Soul

Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio

Fantasy – Mariah Carey

You’ll See – Madonna

Tell Me – Groove Theory

Ridin Low – L.A.D.


Television news – December 1, 1995

Bill Cosby has signed a multiyear, multi-series deal with CBS that will begin with a comedy series. Cosby’s last two shows – one as a detective and one a game show – both failed.

Comedy Central’s “Politically Incorrect” with Bill Mahr will move from NY to Los Angeles.

ABC says it will launch a 24-hour news channel by early 1997.

O.J. Simpson says he will grant his first interview with CNN’s Greta Van Susteren and there will be no ground rules.

Candace Gingrich – half-sister of Newt Gingrich, makes her acting debut in the Jan. 18 episode of “Friends” where she plays a minister at a lesbian wedding.

CBS cancels “New York News” starring Mary Tyler Moore and Gregory Harrison.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – December 1, 1995

Seinfeld – 19.4

Frasier (Thur.) – 17.8

Friends – 16.8

Home Improvement – 16.7

Monday Night Football – 15.7

Frasier – 15.4

MYPD Blue – 15.4

Grace Under Fire – 14.8

Frasier at 9:30p – 14.6

Coach – 14.4

Caroline in the City – 14.3

Chicago Hope – 14.3

National Geographic Special – 14.2

Dateline NBC (Wed.) – 14.1

Movie-Shadow of Doubt – 14.1

Walker, Texas Ranger – 13.9

60 Minutes – 13.8


Top movies – December 1, 1995

Toy Story



Money Train

Ventura: When Nature Calls

The American President

It Takes Two

White Man’s Burden

Get Shorty

Nick of Time 

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