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Dateline: Events/Week of August 22, 1995 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Iraq reveals new information about its weapons of mass destruction to the U.N. and from what they say, their programs were larger than thought. Baghdad misled U.N. inspectors for more than four years said Clinton Administration officials.

President Clinton appointed a new peace team for Bosnia-Herzegovina, replacing the three U.S. diplomats killed there over the weekend. He eulogized them as “extra-ordinary Americans who made reason their weapon, freedom their cause and peace their goal."

Russian President Boris N. Yeltsin denounced the NATO bombing raids against Bosnian Serbs as more than 60 NATO warplanes descended on Bosnian Serb-held territory around Sarajevo.  At least 35 were left dead.

U.N. officials disclose that Iraq to rush a nuclear bomb for the Gulf war for use against U.S.-led forces.

At Forney High in Dallas - lightning struck a high school football player during practice injuring him and 15 others.

Democrat Minority Leader Richard Gephardt urged Rep. Mel Reynolds to resign to avoid possible expulsion from Congress after his convictions for sexual misconduct with a minor.

Dorsey Thomas of Palatine, Illinois - a postal worker described by co-workers as a ‘beautiful guy” shot and wounded two men with whom he regularly joked and ate lunch.

American human rights activist Harry Wu is back in the U.S. after China ejected him for spying and stealing secrets.

O.J. Simpson trial – defense attorneys play excerpts which police detective Mark Fuhrman could be heard uttering shocking racial comments. 

Vacation for the Clintons at the Rockefeller family’s JY Ranch in Wyoming.

Whitewater - James B. McDougal pleaded innocent to 19 counts naming him in an indictment that also charged his former wife, Susan and Gov. Jim Guy Tuckers. He is free on his own recognizance.

Swiss officials have ordered Swiss banks to return nearly half a billion dollars in accounts of the late Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos to the Philippines which says the money was plundered from the national treasury.

A pilot project begins this week in Miami. Foreign visitors no longer are required to reveal the U.S. address where they intend to stay. The proposal is intended to streamline airport operations.


Business news – August 22, 1995

Coca-Cola inaugurated its first bottlingplant in northern Vietnam – the first American factory to open in Vietnam since the U.S. restored diplomatic relations Aug. 6.

So what’s Bob Pittman – the radio guy who created MTV up to these days? He’s the new chief executive of Century 21 real estate.


Entertainment news – August 22, 1995

Passing – Evelyn Wood – Speed reading guru. She was 86.

Passing – Actor Gary Crosby – son of Bing. He was 62 and died of lung cancer.


Technology news – August 22, 1995

Around the world and with a lot of hype - Microsoft introduces Windows 95 this week!

Microsoft Corp. confirms it is considering investing in Turner Broadcasting System, which has been rounding up money in a rival bid for CBS.


Music news – August 22, 1995

A cameraman and pilot were killed when their helicopter hit power lines in Northern California. They were working on Meatloaf’s video “I’d Lie For You.”

Just before he died, Jerry Garcia finalized a deal that all Grateful dead albums will be distributed through Arista Records. 

Howard Stern has a second book coming out. This one includes his battle with mental illness and a nervous breakdown.

More hospital drama – ER on NBC, and Chicago Hope on CBS – now ABC will be entering the field with “Life & Death.’

HBO airs the “Concert for the Rock and roll Hall of Fame” live.

The Three Tenors - Lucian Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras will launch their first world tour next year.

Lead singer Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode is back home after he tried to commit suicide last week.  He had slashed a two-inch laceration on each wrist with a razor blade.

Coming out in October – the video “Selena Remembered” featuring interviews and music from the slain singer.

Labor Day Weekend – Don’t miss the first Jimi Hendrix Electric Guitar Festival – in Seattle.

Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – August 22, 1995

Colors of Wind – Vanessa Williams

Gangsta’s Paradise – Coolio

You Are Not Alone – Michael Jackson

Kiss From A Rose – Seal

Boombastic/In The Summertime – Shaggy


Television news – August 22, 1995

Darrell Hammon will join NBC’s “Saturday Night Live”

Dennis Miller will host the MTV Video Music Awards on Sept 7. Performers include Bon Jovi, R.E.M., Live, Alanis Morisette, red Hot Chilli Peppers and Michael Jackson.


Top movies – August 22, 1995

Mortal Kombat


A Walk in the Clouds

Dangerous Minds


Lord of Illusions

Something to Talk About


Apollo 13

Amazing Panda Adventure

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