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Dateline: Events/Week of August 1, 1995 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Overcoming Serbian resistance, The Croatian army’s “Operation Storm” rolls through another town occupied by the Serbs in Croatia. Later, the Croatian army claims huge advances.

Florida again - Hurricane Erin cuts across Pensacola then Mobile. The same hurricane swept from Vero Beach to Tampa  - killing two. 

Atty. Gen. Janet Reno defends her decision in 1993 to approve a tear-gas assault on the Branch Davidian compound near Waco, Texas. She said she explored every possible option before agreeing to the plan.

The post office’s governing board announces that any postal employee who brings a gun to work will be fired. The Postal Service has been plagued by a series of highly publicized killings in the past few years.

China expels two U.S. Air Force officers charged with spying on military installations. China says they “sneaked into a number of restricted military zones” and illegally acquired military intelligence by photo or videotape.

Eating tofu and other soybean products can significantly reduce cholesterol levels, so say scientists.

Radio address – President Clinton said that Congressional Republicans are “anti-family” and declared he would not let stand a House-passed bill to chop or kill dozens of social programs.


Business news – August 1, 1995

Disney will purchase Capital Cities/ABC for $19 billion – a merger that will create the biggest media company in the world.

MCI is cutting 3,000 jobs in a restructuring.


Technology news – August 1, 1995

Broderbund Software Inc and Learning Co. – two educational software companies – agree to merge in a $440 million deal.  


Sports news – August 1, 1995

Golfer Woody Austin wins the Buick Open at Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Darryl Strawberry is back – and gets a single as a designated hitter for the Yankees.

NBA Commissioner David Stern says negotiations have broken off with the player’s union and there may not be a basketball season.


Radio news – August 1, 1995

Another deal - Chancellor Broadcasting Co. of Dallas agrees to pay $395 million for Shamrock Broadcasting – whose prominent investor is Roy E. Disney. It’s yet another major media deal involving radio this summer. On July 17 – Evergreen bought Pyramid for $307 million and of course, the Disney/ABC deal (above).  

O.J. Simpson trial star witness Kato Kaelin has a new gig – a radio talk show host on KLSX-FM Los Angeles as the station goes talk. 


Music news – August 1, 1995

NHK-TV in Japan broadcasts a Yoko Ono song – commemorating the 50-year anniversary of the first dropped atomic bomb. It’s another first – as Paul McCartney is playing bass on the video – and was made when he and Yoko made up earlier this year.  The song is “Hiroshima Sky Is Always Blue.”


Entertainment news – August 1, 1995

Passing – Actress Ida Lupino. She was 77.

Cheri Oteri and Will Ferrell will join the “Saturday Night Live” cast. Both are from the Los Angeles-based troupe the Groundlings.


Saturday night television listings/TV guide – week of August 1, 1995

CBS – Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, Touched by an Angel, Walker, Texas Ranger

NBC – 30 Years of National Geographic Specials, Bob Hope: Memories of World War II, Repeat of Saturday Night Live

ABC – Baseball

Fox – Cops, America’s Most Wanted

MTV – MTV James Countdown, Michael Jackson

HBO – Sinbad’s Summer Jam: ‘70’s Soul Music Festival


Bob Hope Special – Bob opens his WWII scrapbook.


Music news – August 1, 1995

David Bowie will launch a solo concert tour – his first in five years. Look for it beginning Sept. 14 in Hartford.


Top pop music hit singles(top-40) – August 1, 1995

I Got 5 On It – Luntz

 Waterfalls – TLC

One More Chance – Notorious B.I.G.

He’s Mine – Mokenstef

Boombastic/In the Summertime – Shaggy

Colors of the Wind – Vanessa Williams

Every Little Thing – Soul for Real

Bomb – Bucketheads

Don’t Take It Personal - Monica

Kiss From a Rose – Seal


Top movies – August 1, 1995


The Net

Apollo 13


Nine Months

Operation Dumbo Drop

Under Siege 2

Free Wily 2



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