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Dateline: Events/Week of July 8, 1995 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Bosnian Serbs advance tanks and infantry on Srebrenica - killing civilians and  taking 32 U.N. peacekeepers hostage.
President Clinton extends diplomatic recognition to the Communist government of Vietnam. Bob Dole said the move was a moral mistake. The President says he hopes the move will help the country and its people to help achieve the freedom for which the American troops once fought.
After six years under house arrest - Aung San Suu Kyl - is freed by military authorities in Myanmar.
The nation’s unemployment rate inched down to 5.6% in June - from 5.7% in May.
Vice President Al Gore says he supports adding a chip or device to television sets to block violent or sexually explicit programs and called on the TV industry to institute a voluntary rating system like that of the movie industry.
President Clinton accused conservative Republican senators of trying to hold welfare reform hostage to extreme political views in demanding that unwed teen mothers be denied assistance.
MTV round-table discussion with Newt Gingrich. MTV billed it as “Newt: Raw.” Newt is promoting his new book - “To Renew America” - copies of which were given to each of the MTV panelists before the show.

Sports news - July 8, 1995

Third straight title - Pete Sampras wins the Wimbledon men’s singles - defeating Boris Becker.

Technology news - July 8, 1995 

Microsoft says it plans to spend $135 million into promoting its upcoming Windows 95 and some are saying - it could be the end of rival Apple. There’s such a buzz about Windows 95… that 35 million copies will be sold in the first six months alone.

Entertainment /Celebrity news – July 8, 1995

Actress Melissa Gilbert (halfpint) is suing the National Enquirer for an article that portrayed her as a deadbeat mother.
Richard Pryor appears at the Comedy Store in Hollywood - this after a standing-room only stint last week.
A baby-sitter who says she made love with Kelsey Grammer when she was 15 - is suing him for $20 million. Her family says Grammer has gathered embarrassing information to keep her quiet in case they tried to publicize the relationship. Grammer is calling it attempted extortion.

Radio news - July 8, 1995

Goodbye Wolfman Jack. About 400 attend the Wofman’s funeral in Belvidere, North Carolina. He was remembered as a man who loved music, his fans, his family.

Music news – July 8, 1995

Phil Spector will oversee his first production project since he produced the Ramones 1980 album - “End of the Century.” He’ll be producing Celine Dion - a French- Canadian singer who became well-known with her 1991 duet with Peabo Bryson on “Beauty and the Beast.”

Top Pop Hit Music Singles – July 8, 1995

I Got 5 on it - Luniz
One More Chance -
Notorious B.I.G.
Waterfalls - TLC
Don’t Take it Personal -
Total Eclipse - Nicki French
Feel Me Flow - Naughty By
You Used To Love me - Faith
Freek “n You (Part 1) -
Scream - Michael Jackson
More music news:
Michael Jackson’s ”Scream” has peaked - but wasn’t a monster hit. Stations are already playing another cut from “HIStory” - “You Are Not Alone” - written and co-produced by R. Kelly, although Epic has not released another single from the
album - as yet.

Television news – July 8, 1995

Outgrowth of O.J. trial - CNN debuts “Burden of Proof” - weekdays. Hosts are Greta Van Susteren and Roger Cossack. Apparently, the network feels the country needs more justice on the airwaves.
Saturday Night Live is getting an overhaul for next season - with many say it needs being re-invented. Last season was a dud. Only two of the current performers - Norm McDonald and Mark McKinney are expected to return.
Auditions are being performed in LA, Detroit, NY, Chicago and Toronto.
Another talkshow - this one pairs George Hamilton with his ex-wife – Alana Stewart. Starts in September.
Jay Leno racks-up big ratings after Hugh Grant appears on the show. It was the actor’s first media appearance since he was arrested for alleged prostitution. 
MTV’s “Real World” is back - season #4 with seven rooming in a house in London. MTV Summer Beach House - this time - not the Hamptons - but in Malibu, where the network has rented a home for summer fun.

Top movies – July 8, 1995

Apollo 13
First Knight
Batman Forever
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Judge Dredd
Bridges of Madison County
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