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In The News

Sarajevo still in siege after 38 months. Nine people are killed on mortar and sniper attacks in Sarajevo. Among the dead were several children.

The Supreme Court says that high school students may be forced to undergo routine random urine tests to see if they are using illegal drugs.

Francisco Martin Duran is sentenced to 40 years in federal prison for the shooting attack on the White House last October. He had tried an insane plea, but the judge didn’t buy it.

Medical Passing – Dr. Jonas Salk – the legendary immunologist who discovered the first polio vaccine. He was 80.  

In his first interview since his arrest, Timothy J. McVeigh – one of the prime suspects in the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, tells Newsweek magazine that he first heard about the attack from the highway patrolman who stopped him that morning for driving without a license plate – thus – he is pleading innocent. 

America’s trade deficit climbed to a record high of $11.37 billion in April. 

The American shuttle Atlantis and Russian space station Mir link up – creating the largest single spacecraft ever to orbit earth.

Recouped from blunder? - O.J. trial – One more time – With jurors watching prosecutor Chris Darden asks O.J. to slip on those gloves again. Although the gloves appeared snug, Simpson was able to get tem on both hands without much trouble. The gloves were the same size and style as the bloody ones found on scene.

In Arkansas – President Clinton accuses the “extreme right wing” of torpedoing surgeon general nominee Dr. Henry Foster Jr. and pushing legislation that would roll back abortion rights.

Webster L. Hubbell, a close friend of President Clinton and a former top Justice Department official – is sentenced to 21 months in prison for defrauding the Arkansas law firm where he and First Lady Hillary once worked together.

House Minority Leader Richard A. Gephardt urges a group of talkshow personalities to boycott a banquet honoring former Watergate figure G. Gordon Liddy. The national Assn. of radio Talk Show Hosts will give Liddy its annual Freedom of Speech Award. Gephardt says the award “Is not only wrong, but outrageous.”

Tight security – By letter - the Unabomber threatens to blow up a jet out of Los Angeles International Airport, but later said it was a prank.

In Southfield, Michigan -  Dr. Jack Kevorkian begins a clinic and was present on site for the death of a Missouri woman with Lou Gehrig’s disease. It was the 24th death he attended.

On the West Coast – the longtime Long Beach Navy shipyard will be shutting down – and the area will lose 3,000 jobs.

Passing – Former Chief Justice Warren E. Burger – conservative who led the Supreme Court for 17 years. He was 87. 


Technology news – June 22, 1995

PC war is on with two fierce competitors – Compaq and Packard Bell.

AT&T in a mailing to 175,000 True Reward customers, mistakenly provided the toll-free number to a sex chat line.


Sports news – June 22, 1995

Steve Coleman of the NJ Nets is arrested after a dispute with police who asked him to move his pickup truck which was blocking traffic outside a Detroit nightclub.

IBF super-middlweight champ Roy Jones Jr. defeats Vinny Pazienza in a 6th round TKO.


Entertainment/Celebrity/Movie news – June 22, 1995

John Tesh – the new co-anchor of “Entertainment Tonight” is so busy – he had to turn down an invitation from President Clinton this week. His latest album, “Live at Red Rocks,” just went gold (500,000 copies). He co-hosts with Mary Hart.

Singer George Michael agrees to a deal with Dreamworks SKG. He’ll release his first record in over five years. He’s been in a dispute with Sony.

Hugh Grant, just arrested for alleged lewd conduct in Hollywood with a prostitute, is staying out of sight. His girlfriend, Elizabeth Hurley, says she is feeling “very much alone” and has not made a decision about their future.

Passing – Lana  Turner (75) – Favorite “sweater girl” for WWII GI’s.

Michael Douglas and wife Diandra are splitting after 18 years of marriage.


Music news – June 22, 1995

Michael Jackson’s “HIStory” hits #1 with 391,000 copies sold its first week. That puts it ahead of Jackson’s “Dangerous.”

After public pressure over song lyrics labeled anti-Semitic – Michael Jackson says he will go back into the studio and change some words to “They Don’t Care About Us.” 

Garth Brooks says – in a symbolic gesture – says he plans to bury the master recording of “The Hits.” Where? Beneath his new star on the Hollywood walk of fame. The original tapes of the album’s music will remain in the Capitol records vaults.  “The Hits” was supposed to be limited edition – 6 million have been sold and 4 million remain in stores.

Pearl Jam cancels its U.S. tour – moments after a San Francisco concert where member Eddie Vedder left the state ill. He sang just seven songs and left the stage.

Steve Van Zandt of the E Street Band has been doing some solo projects. He just recorded an album of his own with Adam Clayton of U2 and drummer Jason Bonham. He’s also written a musical and produced songs for Meat Loaf’s next album. . He’s also touring with Bon Jovi and has written a song for the new movie “Nine Months.” Steve said there’s a hiatus from Springsteen because he’s writing now. Of Springsteen he said, “It might be a solo record. If he needs me to help him make a new E Street record or anything else for that matter, I am there. He is now, always has been and always will be my priority.”

Doug Morris – former chief of domestic music for time Warner is canned – fired. He then sues the company for $50 million – saying he was fired without cause. Many say Morris was putting out bad music – smut music – pornographic music with some of the rap releases of late.

“The Kingsmen” – famous for “Louie Louie” in late 1963, are awarded ownership of all its recordings on Sceptor-Wand records. The company breached its contract with the band, when it didn’t take care of royalties owed.

Top music albums this week – June 22, 1995

HIStory – Michael Jackson

Pocahontas - soundtrack

Cracked Rear View – Hootie & The Blow Fish

Pulse - Pink Floyd

Friday – soundtrack

Batman Forever soundtrack

Throwing Copper Live

II – Boys II Men

Forever Rhea – Chris Isaak

Sixteen Stone – Bush

Crazysexcool – TLC


Top Pop Hit Music Singles(top-40) – June 22, 1995

Scream – Michael Jackson

Don’t take It Personal – Monica

I Get5 en it – Luniz

One More Chance – Notorious B.I.G.

Total Eclipse – Nicki French

Waterfalls – TLC

I’ll Be there For You – Method Man From Yesterday Have You ever Really Loved A Woman? – Bryan Adams

Freak ‘N You (part 1) – Jodeci

I’ll Be There For You- Method Man From Yesterday Freak Like Me – Adina Howard



Television news – June 22, 1995

The new buzzword is “Extreme.” It began on MTV with MTV sports – Now ESPN is taking the cue – and the word is Extreme. This weekend - Look for its Extreme Games – eight days of competition in nine categories – this weekend. Chris Fowler and Suzy Kilber bring you al the Extreme action.

 HBO is featuring Tracy Ullman in a new comedy series – “Tracy Takes On…”

Fox is putting up something called “Mad TV” up against “Saturday Night Live” beginning in the fall. It’s the first time SNL has had direct competition from a rival network. Mad-TV is described as parody city – anything is game!

Thursday night television listings/TV guide – week of June 22, 1995

CBS – Burke’s Law, Eye to Eye, 48 Hours, David Letterman

NBC – Mad About You, Hope & Gloria, Seinfeld, Friends, ER, Jay Leno

ABC – Movie, Day One, Nightline

Fox – Martin, Living Single, New York Undercover

PBS – National Geographic, Mystery!, Charlie Rose

MTV – Michael Jackson: History in Music Video


On Seinfeld – An ex-classmate questions Jerry’s “fastest runner” status/claim.

On Jay Leno – Kevin Bacon. 


Top movies – June 22, 1995


Batman Forever


Bridges of Madison County



Die Heard With a Vengeance

Crimson Tide

Forget Paris


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