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Dateline: Events/Week of May 8, 1995 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Two Republicans in Congress tell President Clinton that there will be harsh consequences if he fails to persuade Russian leaders at the Moscow summit to give up their plan to sell a nuclear reactor to Iran. The summit is this week.

Shells fired by rebel Serbs slammed into a Sarajevo suburb, killing at least eight and injuring 40.

World leaders converge on Paris and Berlin for the 50th anniversary of Victory in Europe. At Arlington, VA – President Clinton praised ever veteran of the conflict as “a hero who carried the banner of justice into the battle for freedom.”

President Clinton demanded immediate congressional action on his anti-terrorism package, disregarding republican warnings that an FBI promotion could stall the legislation.

 A second man – Terry L. Nichols – a former Army buddy of accused bomber Timothy McVeigh is charged with blowing up the federal building at Oklahoma City.

U.S. marshals arrest Steven Garrett Colbert – a chemist – in connection with the Oklahoma City bombing case.

Weekly radio address – President Clinton pledges swift retaliation against Japan if it keeps up its trade barriers against U.S. cars. Later, The White House announced plans to retaliate with trade sanctions and said it will take its case before the untested new World Trade Organization.

Former President George Bush quits the National Rifle Association to protest a fund-raising letter that labeled federal agents as “jackbooted thugs.”

New York’s famed Rockefeller Center files for Chapter 11 because of a slow market. The Center is now controlled by Japanese partnerships.

Passing – Evelyn Norton Lincoln – personal secretary to John F. Kennedy. She was 85.

Dr. Jack Kevorkian attended the suicide of an Arizona man who suffered from Lou Gehrig’s disease.


Music news – May 8, 1995

An appellate judge rules that Rapper Tupac Shakur, convicted to a prison sentence for sexually abusing a woman in New York City – rules he can be freed while he awaits a decision on his appeal. He’ll require $1.4 million in bail.


Entertainment news – May 8, 1995

O.J. Simpson trial star witness and pretty boy Brian (Kato) Kaelin now has him entertaining in Las Vegas – a two-week stand at Balley’s. He’s the opening act for comedian Louie Anderson – who is rehearsing Kaelin. 


Television news – May 8, 1995

On Dave Letterman this week – Bruce Willis, Hugh Grant, Brett Butler, Jimmy Smits, Martin Short, Wynton Marsalis, Bronson Pinchot, Terence Trent D’Aarby.

This week – season finale of “Saturday Night Live” with host David Duchovny and musical guest Rod Stewart.


Top TV Shows/Ratings – May 8, 1995

Movie-Jurassic Park – 23.3

ER – 22.4

Friends – 20.7

Seinfeld – 20.0

Home Improvement – 18.2

Buffalo Girls Part 2- 16.9

Ellen (Tue.) – 15.9

Home Improvement (Tuesday) – 15.6

Grace Under Fire – 15.5

Coach – 14.8

NYPD Blue – 14.6

60 Minutes – 14.5

Special-David Copperfield XVI – 14.4

Hope & Gloria – 14.0

Movie-If Someone had Known – 14.0

20/20 – 14.0

PrimeTime Live – 13.6


Top movies – May 8, 1995

French Kiss

While You Were Sleeping


Bad Boys


My Family

Rob Roy

A Goofy Movie

Village of the damned

Kiss of Death

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