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Dateline: Events/Week of April 15, 1995 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The U.N. Security council votes unanimously to allow Iraq to sell $1 billion worth of oil every 90 days for the humanitarian needs of its people.

Israeli security forces ambush and shoot and kill three Palestinians on the Occupied West Bank. One is a key gunman for the militant group Hamas.

In Sarajevo - Sniper fire kills the second French U.N. soldier in as many days as the Bosnian capital slides closer to renewed all out-war.

A bomb shreds a federal building in Oklahoma City – killing at least 31 with hundreds injured. The blast sent a red-orange fireball into the sky and rocked the ground for 30 miles around. Shards of glass were hurled in every direction around a five-block circle.

The FBI asks the public to help find two men in the bombing of an Oklahoma City federal building. The government is offering a $2 million award.

Criminal investigators determine that several thousand pounds of a low-order, but highly deadly mixture of fertilizer and fuel oil was used in the explosion that blew apart the federal office building. The explosive materials were ferried in the back of a rented truck. 


Technology news – April 15, 1995

Walt Disney Co and three Baby Bell phone companies announce plans to invest $500 million over the next five years in a new type of television programming venture – to send programs over high-speed telephone lines.


Entertainment/Celebrity/ Hollywood/Movie news – April 15, 1995

Pamela Anderson on the big screen – The Baywatch gal is going to play comic book heroine Barb Kopetski, also known as “Barb Wire” in a film of the same name. 

After the success of the “Brady Bunch” movie – guess what? A deal to put “the Partridge Family” to a movie is made by Warner Brothers and show creator Bernard Slade.

Another TV actor to hit the movies - George Clooney – from NBC-TV’s “ER” will star in “From Dusk Till Dawn” a movie written by Quentin Tarantino.

Cheyenne Brando – troubled onetime model and daughter of actor Marlon Brando, commits suicide in Tahiti. In seclusion for months, she hanged herself at her home on the South Pacific island. She had been troubled by mental problems since her half brother Christian was charged with killing her lover in 1990.


Playing in Las Vegas – April 15, 1995

Eddie Rabbit – Bally’s Celebrity Room

David Cooperfield – Caesars Palace

Debbie Reynolds – Debbie Reynolds hotel

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Starlight Express – Las Vegas Hilton


Television news – April 15, 1995

Leeza Gibbons and soap stars Deidre Hall and Robert Kilker-Kelly will co-host the 22nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on May 19.

Michael J. Fox back to series TV? He’s been offered numerous series deals since leaving TV for movies. If it happened, it would have to be produced on the East Coast, where Fox now lives.

Chris Farley is on a movie (roll) with the success of “Tommy Boy.” His “Saturday Night Live” wraps-up in May and Farley wants to do another movie before returning for the last SNL season left on his contract.

The FCC recommends that federal regulators consider ordering Rupert Murdock, to restructure his Fox television network to comply with federal foreign-ownership laws. The proposal recommends that Murdoch’s Australian holding company, News Corp., reduce its current 99% equity interest in the Fox TV network to about 25%, a move that could saddle him with a huge tax liability.

The American Life League, a conservative anti-abortion group is miffed at Rush Limbaugh because his syndicated TV show won’t run their ads. They ran ads against the Walt Disney (Hollywood Pictures) movie “Priest” – a movie that depicts two sexually active priests. 

Top TV Shows/Ratings – April 15, 1995

Home Improvement – 21.0

Friends – 18.1

ER – 17.9

Seinfeld – 17.9

Grace Under Fire – 15.6

Coach – 14.2

PrimeTime Live – 13.6

Murphy Brown – 13.5

NYPD Blue – 13.2

Cybil – 13.0

60 Minutes – 13.0

Murder, She Wrote – 12.9

20/20 – 12.7

Movie – Thunder Alley – 12.6

Movie – Doc Hollywood – 12.3

Ellen – 12.1

Perry Mason/Jealous Jokester – 12.1

Dave’s World – 11.7

Movie-A Mother’s Gift – 11.5

Chicago Hope – 11.5

Hope & Gloria – 11.5

Full House – 11.4

Mad About You – 11.2

In the House – 11.1

Roseanne – 11.1


Wednesday night television listings/TV guide – week of April 15, 1995

CBS – George Wendt Show, Behind the scenes of Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye, Movie, Late Show

NBC – TV’s Funniest Families, Dateline NBC, Law & Order, Tonight Show

ABC – Ellen, Roseanne, Grace Under Fire, Coach, Prime Time Live, Nightline

Fox – Beverly Hills 90210, Sliders

PBS – The Human Quest, Great Performances

 WB – Wayans Brothers, The Parent ‘Hood, Unhappily Ever After, Muscle

CNN – O.J. Simpson Trial Wrap-Up

E! – Talk Soup, E! News Daily, The Gossip Show, F.Y.E.!, Videofashion Weekly


On the Wayans Brothers – The brothers start a cab company.

On Sliders – Landing in the 1960’s Earth, Rembrandt and Wade are mistaken for gods Arturo and Quinn.

On Coach – Christine’s co-host wants her replaced. 

On the Late Show w/David Letterman – Sandra Bullock, Romanian humorist Andrei Codrescu

On the Tonight Show w/Jay Leno  – Kevin Spacey


Music news – April 15, 1995

R.E.M. drummer Bill Berry says he is ready to get back on the road following his March brain surgery.

This week in MTV Unplugged  - Courtney Love and her band, Hole.

Stone Roses drummer and co-founder Alan Wren leaves the band over personal reasons.


Selena Day Proclaimed In Texas

Texas Gov. George W. Bush declares this Sunday (April 16) “Selena Day” in the state in honor of the slain Tejano singer who was shot to death on March 31. “Proclaiming April 16 as ‘Selena Day’ ensures that Selena will remain one of Texas’ brightest jewels and most successful role models.”


Top music albums – April 15, 1995

The Lion King – soundtrack

Me Against The World – 2Pac

Medusa – Annie Lennox

Tuesday Night Music Club - Sheryl Crow

Thank You – Duran Duran

No Need to Argue – Cranberries

Made in England – Elton John

Greatest Hits – Bruce Springsteen

Throwing Copper – Live

Hell Freezes Over – Eagles


Top Rap Music Tracks – April 15, 1995

Safe + Sound – DJ Quik

36 Chambers – Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Me Against the World – 2Pac

In A Major Way – E-40

Ready To Die – Notorious BIG


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – April 15, 1995

This Is How We Do It -  Montel Jordan

Keep Their Heads Ringin’ – Dr. Dre

I’d Rather Be Alone – IV Xample

Freak Like me – Adina Howard

Candy Rain – Soul IV Real

Lil’ game We Play – Subway

Red Light Special – TLC

Dear Mama – 2Pac

Baby – Brandy

Ask of You – Raphael Saadiq


Top movie tape/video rentals – April 15, 1995


The Specialist

The River Wild

Angels in the Outfield

Only You


Clear and Present danger

True Lies

Natural Born Killers

It Could Happen To You


Top movies  – April 15, 1995

Bad Boys

Rob Roy

A Goofy Movie

Jury Duty

Tommy Boy

Don Juan de Marco


Circle of Friends

Dolores Claiborne

Major Payne

The Pebble and the Penguin

Forrest Gump

Muriel’s Wedding

Pulp Fiction

Dumb and Dumber

Man of the House

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