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Dateline: Events/Week of March 1, 1995 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

U.S. Marines land ashore in Somalia to conclude an evacuation of U.N. forces.

President Clinton says that he wants to base federal affirmative action programs on economic need rather than race “where we can” and hints that his pending review of affirmative action programs may lead away from current programs that give preference to minority business people.

Senate Democrats kill a constitutional amendment, which would have mandated a balanced budget in seven years. The “contract with America” was the heart of the GOP’s campaign platform.

O.J. Trial update - Rosa Lopez concludes her testimony after seven days. The Salvadoran housekeeper lived and worked next door to Simpson. She testified without the jury present, but was recorded on video. During the week, she admitted under cross-examination that she gave contradictory statements and that her recollections of some times, dates, conversations and other events were cloudy.


Technology news – March 1, 1995

Computer news - the three largest Internet providers these days are Prodigy, CompuServe and American Online ... Need to look-up someone’s e-mail? A new service has just signed-on - the “Four11 Online User Directory.” It’s sort of a white pages for e-mail. The service trolls newsgroup posting for e-mail addresses and as of this month, contains a database of 500,000 entries. Send an e-mail to info@four11.com to get started. Searches and listings are now free, but you can pay $20 to obtain more benefits. 

Now at the computer store –

Apple Macintosh Performa 6112CD - 60 Mhz ... 601 microprocessor, 8MB RAM (upgradeable to 72MB) 250MB hard disc drive, Dual speed CD-ROM, 16-bi stereo sound, 14.4bps fax/modem, 15” .28mm color monitor - $2199.00 ... Hewlett-Packard DeskJet printer - $440.95


Best-selling  books – March 1, 1995

The Celestine Prophecy - James Redfield

Original Sin - P.D. James

Border Music - Robert James Waller

McNally’s Trial - Lawrence Sanders

Kiss the Girls - James Patterson

The Cat Who Blew The Whistle - Lillian Jackson Braun

The Hot Zone - Richard Preston

I Want To Tell You - O.J. Simpson

Men Are From Mars: Women Are From Venus - John Gray, Ph.D

Couplehood - Paul Reiser

The Beardstown Ladies Investment Guide - Beardstown Ladies Investment Club

Raging Heart - The Intimate Story of the Tragic Marriage of O.J. Simpson and Nicole Brown Simpson - Sheila Weller


Music news – March 1, 1995

Bill Berry - drummer for R.E.M. suffers a brain hemorrhage and undergoes surgery. Doctors say he’ll be able to pick-up his drum sticks in two or three weeks. ; He suffered no brain impairment and is expected to recover fully

It’s Sheryl Crow time - VH1 and MTV, capitalizing on the singer’s triple Grammy awards will feature “VH1 Presents: Sheryl Crow in Concert,” “MTV Unplugged With Sheryl Crow” and “MTV News Raw - Sheryl Crow” over the next few days.

Tupac Talks - Rapper Tupac Shakur - in an interview from a New York prison on a sex abuse conviction, tells April Vibe magazine that he’s changed: “Thug Life to me is dead. If it’s real, let somebody else represent it, because I’m tired of it. I represented it too much. I was ‘Thug Life.’” Shakur was sentenced last month to 4 1/2 years in prison, but is eligible for parole in 18 months.


Rock music from the Pacific Northwest is hot/Popular:

Rocket - a weekly paper from Seattle - polls its readers on the most important records to come from the Northwest and here are some:

Nevermind - Nirvana

Here Are The Sonics - The Sonics (an area classic)

Bleach - Nirvana

Ten - Pearl Jam

Superunkown - Soundgarden

Live Through This – Hole

37th Annual Grammy Awards - some winners:

Record of the year - “All I Wanna Do” - Sheryl Crow

Album of the year - “MTV Unplugged” - Tony Bennett

Song of the year - “Streets of Philadelphia” - Bruce Springsteen


Rock -

Male vocal - “Streets of Philadelphia” - Bruce Springsteen

Female vocal - “Come To My Window” - Melissa Etheridge

Rock Duo or Group With Vocal - “Crazy” - Aerosmith

Hard Rock Performance - “Black Hole Sun” - Soundgarden

Metal performance - “Spoonman” - Soundgarden

Rock Instrumental Performance - “Marooned” - Pink Floyd

Rock Song - “Streets of Philadelphia” - Bruce Springsteen

Rock Album - “Voodoo Lounge” - The Rolling Stones


Alternative -

Music Performance - “Dookie” - Green Day



Male Vocal - “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” - Elton John

Female Vocal - “All I Wanna Do - Sheryl Crow

 Pop Duo or Group With Vocal - “I Swear” - All-4-One

Pop Vocal Collaboration - “Funny How Time Slips Away” - Al Green and Lyle Lovett

Pop Instrumental Performance - “Cruisin” - Booker T & The MG’s

Pop Album - “Longing in Their Hearts” - Bonnie Raitt


Country -

Male Vocal - “When Love Finds You” - Vince Gill

Female Vocal - “Shut Up And Kiss Me” - Mary Chapin Carpenter

Country Duo or Group With Vocal - “Blues For Dixie” - Asleep at the Wheel with Lyle Lovett

Country Vocal Collaboration - “I Fall To Pieces” - Aaron Neville and Trisha Yearwood

Country Instrumental Performance - “Young Thing” - Chet Atkins

Country Song - “I Swear” - Gary Baker and Frank J. Myers songwriters

Country Album - “Stones in the Road” - Mary Chapin Carpenter

Bluegrass Album: “The Great Dobro Sessions” - Jerry Douglas and Tut Taylor producers


R & B -

Male Vocal - “When I See You” - Babyface

Female Vocal - “Breathe Again” - Toni Braxton

R&B Duo or Group With Vocal - “I’ll Make Love to You” - Boyz II Men

R&B Song: “I’ll Make Love to You” - Babyface songwriter

R&B Album - “II” Boyz II Men


Rap -

Solo Performance - “U.N.I.T.Y” - Queen Latifah

Rap Duo or Group - “None of Your Business” - Salt-N-Pepa


New Age -

Album - “Prayer For the Wild Things” - Paul Winter.


Television news – March 1, 1995

A new cable channel? “The Children’s Cable Network” is set to launch May 1. The channel works a little differently then a conventional cable channel. A new or current cable content provider (channel) charges cable operators for the privilege of carrying their programs, and the operators promote their lineup of stations to attract subscribers. Cable operators also sell commercials in certain slots during an hour. Children’s Cable Network works in reverse. Affiliates will instead lease access time on local cable outlets, but the cable company will not have any advertising inventory to sell - it all goes to the channel. The channel says it will take advantage of a law that says cable operators are required to make up to 15% of their channel capacity available for lease to the public. Some of the programming already line-up - “The New Zoo Revue” and “Dusty’s Treehouse.” Children’s Cable Network says it has 18 affiliates ready to go, but its goal is 1000.  (Note – this channel never made it)

ABC-TV’s “Full House” is coming to an end after eight seasons. ABC says it has become too costly to produce. The series stars Bob Saget, John Stamos and Dave Coulier and has made stars out of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Disney is still looking for the voice of Pocahontas - at least someone will sing the song “Colors of the Wind” - it’s sure to be a hit. So far Celine Dion has turned it down, so did Whitney Houston. Says Whitney - “Once you have don a hit as big as ‘I Will Always Love You’, there’s not much you can really do bigger. She says she also has scheduling problems and is currently in Arizona. Disney needs the singer now - the album is due out in three months.   

Passing - Ed Flanders (60) - Emmy-winning actor -best known for his work on “St Elsewhere” from 1982 to 1987 ... of an apparent suicide.


Top Movie Video Rentals – March 1, 1995

True Lies

Clear and Present Danger

The Mask


Color of Night

The Client

It Could Happen to You

Natural Born Killers

The Shadow

Blown Away


Top TV Shows/Ratings – March 1, 1995

ER - 24.3

Seinfeld - 22.4

Friends - 20.0

60 Minutes - 18.9

 Home Improvement - 18.9

Frasier - 18.8

NYPD Blue - 17.7

Murder, She Wrote - 17.6

Friends #2 - 17.5

Grace Under Fire - 17.0

20/20 - 17.0

Movie - A Woman of Independent Means 2 - 16.8

Movie - Children of the Dust - 16.6

Mad About You - 16.5

Frasier - 16.4

Tom Clancy’s O Center - 15.8

Roseanne - 15.5

A Women of Independent Means 3 - 15.3

Ellen - 14.8

Mad About You (Tues) - 14.6

Wings - 13.8

Dave’s World - 13.8

Murphy Brown - 13.6

Falling From Sky: Flight 174 - 13.2

Dateline NBC (Tues) - 13.0

Nanny - 12.7

PrimeTime Live - 12.7

Cybill - 12.1

America’s Favorite Home Videos - 12.1

Chicago Hope - 12.0

Full House - 12.0

Walker, Texas Ranger - 11.7

Me and the Boys - 11.7

Beverly Hills, 90210 - 11.3

All American Girl - 11.2

Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper - 11.2

Married ... With Children - 11.2

Fresh Prince of Be-Air - 11.1

Dr Quinn, Medicine Women - 11/1

The Simpsons - 11.1


Sunday Night Television listings/TV guide – week of March 1, 1995

CBS - 60 Minutes, Murder, She Wrote, Movie

NBC - Figure Skating World Championships,  Earth 2, Movie

ABC - America’s Funniest Home Videos, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Movie

Fox - Great Defender, The Simpsons, The Critic, Married... With Children, Dream On

 UPN - Star Trek Voyager, University Hospital

PBS - Wagner Gala, Stana: Sacred Fire Live In Mexico

CNBC - Al Rokar, Rivera Live, Charles Grodin, Straight Forward


On Lois & Clark - Superman finds he is an unwitting accomplice in a plan to hijack a shipment of nuclear warheads.

On Married ... With Children - Al is force to participate in Kelly’s screen test after her acting instructor gets decked by Al’s boss. 

On CBS Movie - “Young At Heart” (1995) - A Widow’s love fro Frank Sinatra gives her strength. Olympia Dukakis stars.


Top Pop Hit Music Singles(top-40) – March 1, 1995

Take a Bow - Madonna

Candy Skin - Soul For Real

Creep - TLC

Baby - Brandy

You’re Lonely Now - K-Cl Hailey

Tootsee Roll - 69 Boyz

Foe the Love of $ - Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Big Poppa - Notorious B.I.G.

Funky Melody/Dream About You - Stevie B


Top Music Albums – March 1, 1995

Dookie - Green Day

Safe and Sound - DJ Quik

Ii - Boyz II Men

Throwing Copper - Live

Crazysexycool - TLC

Balance - Van Halen

No Need To Argue - Cranberries

Boys on the Side - soundtrack

Hell Freezes Over - The Eagles

Tuesday Night ... Sheryl Crow


Top movies – March 1, 1995

The Brady Bunch Movie - Shelley Long, Gary Cole, Michael McKean

Just Cause - Sean Connery, Laurence Fishburne, Kate Capshaw, Blair Underwood, Ruby Dee, Ed Harris

Heavyweights - Morgan Michael, Fottrell, Charles J.D. Schlissel

Billy Madison - Adam Sandler, Bradley Whitford

The Hunted - Christopher Lambert, John Lone

Legends of the Fall -

Pulp Fiction - John Travolta, Samual L. Jackson

Forrest Gump - Tom Hanks

Quick and the Dead - Sharone Stone

Roomates - Peter Falk, D.B. Sweeney, Ellen Burstyn

Walt Disney’s Man of the House - Chevy Chase, Farrah Fawcett, Jonathan Taylor Thomas, George Wendt

Hideaway - Jeff Goldblum, Christine Lahti, Alfred Molina, Jeremy Sisto

The Walking Dead - Allen Payne, Eddie Griffin, Joe Morton

Miami Rhapsody - Sarah Jessica Parker, Mia Farrow

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