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Dateline: Events/Week of January 8, 1995 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Republican Pete Wilson is sworn in for a second term as California’s governor.

Cease fire? The U.N. Protection Force suspends flights into Sarajevo after gunfire struck two of its aircraft.

Russian President Boris Yeltsin sends thousands of troops to crush Chechen independence and a new ground assault on Grozny. He then ordered Russian forces to halt all attacks on armed secessionists in Chechnya for 48 yours and demanded that the rebels surrender by the end of that period.

First Lady Hillary blamed herself for the failure of healthcare reform last year and said she had politically “naïve and dumb.”

First Lady Hillary  hosts the Gingriches for a White House tour – that is – Newt and his mom.

Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said the Republican idea of “dynamic scoring” could harm government credibility in the financial markets. Current budget rules require that any tax cut that reduces federal revenues be offset with either a spending cur or a tax increase.

An American soldier was killed by Haitian civilian near the northern city of Gonaives, the first member of the U.S. military to die in a gunfight since American forces arrived four months ago.

Twenty-two Muslim insurgents are killed in Algeria’s 3-year-old civil war.


Technology news – January 8, 1995

AMD and Intel settle their court battle over rights to microprocessor technology. Intel will received $58 million to cover past damages from AMD’s illegal use of its 486 chip, and of a small portion of Intel microcode known as ICE or in-circuit emulation. And Intel will pay AMD $18 million for breach of contract and agreed not to contest rights granted to AMD in that proceeding. 

On-line computer services enjoyed another boom in popularity last year with the number of subscribers jumping nearly 40% from 1993. Total number of users is more than 6.3 million. America OnLine, CompuServe and Prodigy are the biggest of the 55 services surveyed. CompuServe subscribers rose 9% to 2.45 million.


Music news – January 8, 1995

Michael Jackson is ticked off and is speaking out on rumors that he has engaged in illicit sexual activities. “I will no longer stand by and watch reckless members of the media try to destroy my reputation. I intend to protect myself and my family.”

10th Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony – Getting together were Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones – and drummer Jason Bonham.


Television news – January 8, 1995

Debuting this week on USA – “TekWar The Series” starring Greg Evigan and William Shatner. “It’s the year 2045. Virtual reality can bring fantasies to life. But an electronic drug called TEK can turn dreams into death."

Mark McKinney is the latest to join the cast of “Saturday Night Live.”

Ross Perot tries his had at substitute host as he sits in for Larry King on his CNN program.

Debuting this week – “The Late Late Show” with Tom Snyder. Newt Gingrich’s parents and Candice Bergen are the first guests. Snyder may be doing a first – taking questions from viewers by e-mail via Prodigy. Address is CBSo30@prodigy.com

On “Saturday Night Live” – Host Jeff Daniels with Luscious Jackson.


Top movies – January 8, 1995

Dumb and Dumber



Little Women


The Jungle Book


Richie Rich


The  Santa Clause

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