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Dateline: Events/Week of October 1, 1994 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

New trade agreement - The U.S. and Japan reach trade breakthroughs in four key areas and the agreements will crack open the lucrative Japanese market for four major U.S. industries and generate billions of dollars in new exports.

Nelson Mandela addressed the General Assembly for the fist time as president of South Africa and pledges to wipe out racism in his divided country.

U.S. forces in Haiti take steps to stop looting and began searching for illegal weapons. Earlier – a mass demonstration celebrating the end of three years of brutal military rule here, disintegrated into despair and despair as seven were killed.

Consumer spending rose.9% in August – more rapidly than it did in six months.

Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy resigns – hoping to spare the Clinton Administration the embarrassment of an independent counsel’s investigation of allegations that he abused the perquisites of office and improperly accepted sports tickets and trips from businesses.

In an eleventh hour settlement offer in the Paul Corbin Jones sexual harassment case, President Clinton concedes that he may have met the woman in a hotel room and said he regretted “untrue assertions made about her.

President Clinton calls the Haiti mission a success and that it is worth continuing. Visiting the aircraft carrier Eisenhower, Clinton told sailors “Thanks to your efforts, the Haitian people are moving from fear to freedom.”

OJ Simpson trial update - Superior Court Judge Lance Ito upholds repeated law enforcement searches of the Ford Bronco. The searches turned up bloodstains, paperwork for the purchase of knives and an unscrewed light bulb which police call “suspicious.”

Judge Lance Ito schedules a hearing on whether to yank the television camera from the courtroom once testimony begins in the OJ Simpson murder trial. Ito is irked at some media conduct. A hearing is scheduled for November 7.

Volunteer firefighters responding to a farmhouse fire in the Swiss village of Cheiry, find 23 bodies and another 25 are discovered in the Chalets 100 miles away. The 48 were members of an obscure cult and died in an apparent murder-suicide. Deaths were caused by suffocation, gunshots and overdoses. 

A San Diego man breaks into the condominium of Nicole Brown Simpson and is arrested and charged with trespassing and assault. After he was arrested, Mark Street tried to kick an officer during questioning. He’s being held at $250 bail. 

 Americans Alfred G. Gilman and Martin Rodbell win the Nobel Prize in medicine for shedding light on how cells communicate and how failures in that communication can cause disease.

In Florida - Hugh Rodham - brother of first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton - wins the Democratic primary runoff for the U.S. Senate in Florida. He now faces Republican incumbent senator Connie Mack in November.

Top Forbes List of Richest Americans –

William Gates – $9.35 billion

Warren Buffet – 9.20

John Kluge – 5.90

Edward Crosby Johnson III – 5.10

Richard Marvin DeVos – 4.50


Auto News – October 1, 1994

Striking auto workers who said they were forced to build too many cars with too few people vote overwhelmingly to end their walkout in exchange for a General Motors promise to hire new workers.

The Honda Civic hatchback is ranked most fuel efficient by the EPA – at 56 miles per gallon highway and 47 mph city.


Fascinating Facts – October 1, 1994

“Princess In Love” by Anna Pasternak – purports to reveal a long intimate love affair between an army officer and the Princess of Wales – Princess Diana. He was James Hewitt – now a retired captain in the elite Life Guards of the Royal Household Cavalry.

For Halloween, OJ Simpson costumes (or parts of OJ) are selling briskly. Short Afro wigs - patterned after his hairstyle - and OJ masks, seem to be the most popular.


Music news – October 1, 1994

The Eagles postpone the remainder of their “Hell Freezes Over” reunion tour. Member Glenn Frey has a gastrointestinal disorder.

“The Rolling Stones” current “Voodoo Lounge” North American tour becomes the highest grossing concert tour ever this week. So far, it beat out the $103.5 million record set earlier this year by Pink Floyd.

At the 28th annual Country Music Association awards - Vince Gill becomes the first artist to win the “top male vocalist” award for the fourth time. Other winners - Pam Tillis - female vocalist of the year ... Top single went to John Michael Montgomery for “I Swear” ... Alan Jackson and Jim McBride won song of the year for “Chattahoochee” ... Brooks  & Dunn won their third straight vocal duo award ... Diamond Rio for top vocal group.


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – October 1, 1994

 “I’ll Make Love To You” - Boyz II Men, “Never Lie” - Immature, “Endless Love” - Luther Vandross/Mariah Carey, “At Your Best (Your Are Love)” - Aaliyah, “All I Wanna Do’ - Sheryl Crow, “Thuggish Ruggish Bone” - Bone Thugs, “Secret” - Madonna, “Another Night” - Real McCoy, “When Can I See You’ - Babyface, “I Wanna Be Down” - Brandi, “December 1963 (Oh What A Night) - Four Seasons


Top music albums – October 1, 1994

From the Cradle – Eric Clapton

Rhythm of Love – Anita Baker

II – Boyz II Men

Dookie – Green Day

The Lion King Soundtrack

Tuesday Night… Sheryl Crow

Smash – Offspring

Songs – Luther Vandross

Forrest Gump – Soundtrack

3 Tenors in Concert


Entertainment/Celebrity news – October 1, 1994

Whoopi Goldberg marries film industry union representative Lyle Trachtenberg.


Television news – October 1, 1994

Don Johnson will return to series TV next season. No word on what type of show it is.

Passing - actress/singer   Harriet Nelson (85) - matriarch of TV ... of congestive heart failure. Son David was at her side.

Passing - character actor Dub Taylor (87) - appeared in about 500 westerns - most recent was this year’s “Maverick.”

CBS debuts the first TV special from cartoonist Gary Larson this week - Gary Larson’s “Tales From The Far Side.” The animated Halloween half hour consists of 10 vignettes that become intertwined.

 Warren Beatty and Annette Bening conduct their first interview since they got married on this week’s “Eye to Eye’ with Connie Chung.

David Hasselhoff is set to star in a “Baywatch” spinoff - “Baywatch Nights.” He’ll play a moonlighting private eye. Most of the action will be after afterhours.

Saturday Night Television listings/TV guide – week of October 1, 1994

CBS - Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman, The Five Mrs Buchanans, Hearts Afire, Walker, Texas Ranger ... NBC - Something Wilder, Empty Nest, Sweet Justice, Sisters ... ABC - Movie, The Commish ... FOX - Cops, Cops, America’s Most Wanted


Something Wilder - stars Gene Wilder.

Sisters - Falconer’s ghost appears to Teddy - telling her she must recover from her hysterical blindness to find his killer.


Top movies – October 1, 1994

The River Wild


Forrest Gump

Jason’s Lyric

Terminal Velocity

Quiz Show

Clear and Present Danger 

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