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Dateline: Events/Week of June 1, 1994 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

Congressman Dan Rostenkowski is indicted on 17 felony counts of fraud and embezzlement for allegations from taking kickbacks of government funds from a son-in-law to buying cars for his family with public campaign money.

President Clinton begins an 8-day European trip in which he will participate in D-day commemorations. His first stop – Rome to visit the Pope.

The national jobless rate falls to 6%, down from 6.4% in April.

President Clinton increases diplomatic pressure on North Korea, calling sanctions “virtually imperative” that the world community imposes economic sanctions on Asia’s nuclear renegade.

Speaking at the Cambridge (England) American Cemetery and Memorial, President Clinton honors the pilots, bombardiers and ground crews who gave their lives during WWII. The cemetery holds the graves of 3,812 Americans and thousands of others listed as missing in action.

President Clinton, Queen Elizabeth II and other allied leaders sail in a massive flotilla from England to France to observe the 50th anniversary of D-Day.

D-Day 50th Anniversary – President Clinton speaks at the U.S. cemetery in Normandy, France - honoring the many slain there. “They were the fathers we never knew, the uncles we never met, the friends who never returned, the heroes we can never repay.” 

Passing – Actor Barry Sullivan (81).


Television news – June 1, 1994

“TV Nation” from filmmaker Michael Moore, described as “a comedic investigative magazine show” will air July 19 on NBC. Moore is best-known for the documentary “Roger and Me.”

Don’t miss Tony Bennett’s “MTV Unplugged.” Tony goes it alone, and duets with Elvis Costello and k.d. Lang.

Radio news – Howard Stern’s E! show begins June 20. It’s actually excerpts from his radio show.


Top movies – June 1, 1994

The Flintstones


Renaissance Man

The Cowboy Way

The Crow

When a Man Loves A Woman

Four Weddings and a Funeral


Endless Summer II

Three Ninjas Kick Back

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