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Dateline: Events/Week of March 1, 1994 In News, Pop Culture, Tech, Celebrity, Entertainment & Fascinating Facts


In The News

The Bosnian government and Croatian separatists – two of the parties in the three-sided war – sign a peace agreement to form a federated state. The U.S- brokered deal hopes that will put pressure on Serbs to reach a settlement.

U.S. jets attack six Bosnian Serb aircraft, shooting down four  - to protect the no-fly zone over Bosnia – imposed by the U.N.

President Clinton is on the road – trying to get support for rep. Dan Rostenkowski in Chicago. He talked about crime and health care reform and praised the lawmaker.

President Clinton reinstitutes a provision of U.S. trade law that will allow the U.S. to retaliate against Japanese imports of Japan fails to open it markets to American goods.

President Clinton appeals to PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat and angry Palestinians to resume peace talks with Israel, warning that a breakdown in negotiations would “had a victory” to the Jewish extremist who massacred 48 worshippers in a West Bank mosque.

A federal jury in New York finds four militant Muslims guilty of conspiring to bomb the World Trade Center – up to now – the worst terrorist hit in U.S. history. The blast killed six and injured 1,000 back in Feb. 1993.

The shuttle Columbia soars through a clear sky and slips into orbit with five astronauts who will oversee projects similar to ones planned later this decade for a space station.

White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum resigns. It marks an end to a yearlong tenure marked by controversy and accusations involving Whitewater.

Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell announces that he will not seek reelection this year.

Hugh Rodham – brother of the First Lady – is making a run for the senate in Florida. He’s trying to unseat Republican Connie Mack there.

Whitewater special counsel Robert Fiske Jr. subpoenas nine Clinton Administration officials, including White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum.

After the massacre of 48 Palestinians last week – 400 youths chant, “Arafat, Arafat, where is your peace”. Their anger was directed as much at Yasser Arafat as it was at Israel and the Jewish settler who had gunned down the Muslims as they prayed.

A judge in Singapore sentences Michael Fay of Dayton, OH - An American teen to be flogged six times with a rattan cane and to spend four months in prison for spray-painting cars and other acts of mischief.


Entertainment/movie/celebrity news – March 1, 1994

Passing – In Mexico -  Comedic actor John Candy (43). Candy was stricken with a heart attack during his sleep and was found dead in his trailer.  The production of “Wagons East,” in which Candy was playing the drunken wagon master of an 1860’s prairie schooner heading the wrong way, was suspended.  He most recently completed the Fox television movie comedy, “Hostage for a Day,” his directorial debut.


Sports news – March 1, 1994

Winter Olympics – Some are calling it the most exciting moment in Olympic history -  - the gold-medal hockey game between Canada and Sweden – as it went into double overtime! Sweden won the old medal on the second shot of sudden death!

Silver medalist Nancy Kerrigan’s has lined up endorsement deals with Campbell Soup, Disney, Reebok and Revlon.

Oscar de la Hoya – the 1992 gold medalist wins his first title and defeats Jimmi Bredahi in a TKO after 10 rounds.


Technology  news – March 1, 1994

TCI announces that it has chosen Microsoft’s interactive TV system for field tests.

Vice President Al Gore says that the federal government will spend tens of millions of dollars to help U.S. companies develop the computer chips of the 21st Century.


Music news - March 1, 1994

Grammy Awards – March 1, 1994

Album of the year – “The Bodyguard” soundtrack

Record of the year – “I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston

Song of the year – “A Whole New World” – Alan Menken, Tim Rice

 Best new artist – Toni Braxton

Female pop vocal – “I Will Always Love You” – Whitney Houston

Male pop vocal – If I Ever Lose My Faith In You” – Sting

Rock vocal – “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Wont’ do that) – Meat Loaf

Best rock song – “Runaway Train – David Pirner

Best country song – Passionate Kisses – Lucinda Williams

Best R&B song – “That’s the Way Love Goes – Janet Jackson


More Music news – March 1, 1994

Overdose - Kurt Cobain, lead singer for Nirvana, is rushed to a hospital in Rome after collapsing into a drug-induced coma.

Frank Sinatra is out of a Richmond, Va, Hospital  - three hours after he was wheeled into the emergency room following his collapse onstage as he was singing “My Way.”

MTV’s Denis Leary wants to be in the movies.  – and he co-stars in “The Ref.”

Rapper LL Cool J will play the title role of “Jimi” a historical fantasy film inspired by Jimi Hendrix.


Television news – March 1, 1994

ABC decides to air the controversial “Roseanne” episode this week in which Roseanne Arnold is kissed by another woman.

A four-volume “Tonight Show” set of episodes will be available on VHS beginning in May. The collection includes the best of Johnny Carson form the 1960’s through the ‘90’s.  

Top TV Shows/Ratings – March 1, 1994

Winter Olympics (Wed.) CBS – 48.5 million viewers

Winter Olympics (Fri.) – 44.1

Winter Olympics (Mon.) – 27.9

Winter Olympics (Tue.) – 24.9

60 Minutes – 23.4

Winter Olympics (Thurs.) – 23.1

Winter Olympics (Sun.) – 22.9

Winter Olympics (Sat.) – 22.8

Seinfeld – 17.0

Out for Justice – 15.3

Roseanne – 14.9


Top pop hit music singles(top-40) – March 1, 1994

The Power of Love – Celine Dion

 Whatta Man – Salt-N-Pepa

So Much in Love – All-4-One

The Sign – Ace of Base

Cantaloop – Us3

Bump “n” Grind – R. Kelly

Gin and Juice – Snoop Doggy Dogg

Hey DJ – Lighter Shade of Brown

Mmmm Mmmm… Crash Test Dummies

You Know How We Do It – Ice Cube


Top R&B albums – March 1, 1994

Doggystyle – Snoop Doggy Dogg

Music Box – Mariah Carey

Toni Braxton – Toni Braxton

Very Necessary – Salt-N-Pepa

12-Play – R. Kelly

Straight From Da Streets – Various

Lethal Injection – Ice Cube

Old School – Old School

The Bodyguard – Soundtrack


Top music albums – March 1, 1994

August and… After – Counting Crows

The Colour of My Love – Celine Dion

The Cross of Changes – Enigma

Music Box – Mariah Carey

 Reality Bites – soundtrack

The Sign – Ace of Base

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